Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


11. Surprise visit


(if you are under the age 16 i do insist you don't read this, may be offending to some.)



After I packed my bags I pulled them  out into the hall way for the morning. The hard thing about leaving is leaving my family behind again. I went down to the kitchen and found Jenna there cooking something, " hey " I said sitting on the bench next to her, " what's up kiddo" she asked laughing to herself, " i'm heading off early in the morning, i'm going to surprise Niall" I said smiling away to myself. " oh " jenna said looking at me worried, " its okay jenna ill be fine, I can look after myself" I said getting off the bench hugging her " well you have a safe trip darling , when are you going " she said carrying on with when she was doing , " um around 10 I think " I said playing on my phone.


she didn't say anything so I kinda just walked to my room and turned on my laptop. I went on twitter and looked through everything , wow not much hate today I said to myself reading it all, There was photos of my from today up already. that was fast I thought to myself, " Nicole Dinners ready " I heard Jenna yell from the bottom of the stairs.


After tea I rushed back to my room because I heard my Skype ringing, " ohh Niall im coming " I yelled running to my room.

I could see harry in the background smiling away at me making me smile, well I tired not to smile but I couldn't help myself

" you must be excited to see me babe, you cant stop smiling " Niall said smiling hard out,
" ummm yes that too " I said smiling at Niall that time
Niall looked behind him and seen Harry making funny faces, He cracked up laughing like always. aww he's so cute. " your soo cute Ni " I said laughing to myself some more.

I felt my phone go off and I had  got a text, it was from Harry,
Niall looked confused as to why I was smiling texting someone, " who was that?" he said sounding jealous
" um it was Laura " I said smiling trying to keep the laughter in,
but it was really harry asking  if i've packed my bags yet. I texted back saying I did earlier

I seen him get the message and Niall turns and looks at him. Me and Harry both laughed because Niall has no idea  was going on.

I had been talking to Niall for 2hours now, I was so tired.  " alright babe you need to get some rest , for when i get back. " he said winking, Louis and Harry were sitting on the couch behind Niall and they both looked at each a little confused but ended up cracking up.

"yes well  i do need my sleep, Cya later babe, ill dream of you " I said blowing him a kiss
" cya later Nicole " Harry said winking at me

I fell asleep about 2 minuets later...


I woke at 9;28am " fucccck " I yelled getting out of bed in a hurry. i ran to the bathroom and got changed quickly into

 And ran down stairs dragging my bags behind me. "Jenna , i woke up late and i have to go now " i said walking over to her giving her a massive cuddle and a kiss on the cheek. " okay kiddo, drive safe chicken pie " she said laughing to herself.

 I got in the car and drove off to the airport.It took about 30minuets to get there from Jenna's house, i quickly checked in and sat down by my gate. I was running late and almost missed check in time. Thank god i charged my ipod last night , cant go anywhere with out it. 


After boarding the plane and taking my seat i plugged my headphones in and fell a sleep listening to my music. I got woken up by the and sitting next to me, the plane had landed and i was in NewYork. I got butterflies in my tummy just thinking about seeing Niall. I got in a taxi and pulled up outside a little diner next to the hotel. 

I rang harry and told him i was next door eating,
"Hey Harry, Im in the little diner next to the hotel. Make sure Niall is in his room alone." i said getting excited,
" ok babe, were there now txt me when you on the floor " harry said sounding happy.


I finished my meal and paid. The hotel looked amazing, i stood outside for like 5 minuets just embracing it, smelling the cool NewYork air, listening to the cars and people around me. I grabbed my bags and pulled them inside, My jaw dropped. this place was amazing, it was massive.  Their rooms were on the 28th floor, i got in the elevator and pressed the floor number. as the numbers ticked up i got even more excited. I texted Harry and told him i was on their floor, 


To Hazza :

Hey im on the floor come met me !!! :)


From Hazza :

Okay babe be right out :)


I heard his door open and his head popped out looking for me, Once he seen me he ran over hugging me. " good to see you cole " he said. I got butterflies walking up the hallway to Nialls room, "aww you so cute " harry said smiling at me, i smiled and put my hand on my tummy, " okay well his rooms that one there" he said pointing to the door that was about doors away form me. I hugged him and said thanks. I pulled my phone out ringing Niall. 

"hey babe , what are you doing? " 
"Just had the boys were just over , but just left." 
" oh cool, have fun ?"
" yeah was sickk, what are you doing babe?"
" oh you know , out and a  bout " i tired so hard no to laugh

I stood out side his room,i could just hear him on the other side of the door I slowly brang  my hand up, knocking on the door 3 times standing back a little after knocking 

" hold on babe someones at my door." Niall said , i could hear him walking to the door. 
" okayyyy " i said giggling to myself 


The door handle turned and niall appeared  in the door way, His face turned from serious to a massive cheeky grin. " Ah babe gotta go, there's a beautiful woman at my door " he said hanging up his phone looking at me. I put my phone i my pocket, running up to him hugging him, legs around his torso.


" Hey " i said holding him tight,

" what are you doing here" he said looking into my eyes 

"Well ive come to surprise you ' i said winking 

"best surprise ive had so far," he said.

I smashed my lips into his, felt so good to be kissing him again. He pushed me up against the door, gripping my bum squeezing it then giving it a little smack. His tongue begging for entrance, i quickly obliged letting him in. his hands wondered up and down my thigh making me get goosebumps all over. 


we made our way to his bed room crashing into all the walls and tables on the way. He slowly lowered me onto the bed crawling on top of me as i moved back getting comfy. His hands made there way to my back rubbing me gently unclipping my bra. He pulled both my singlet an bra off exposing my naked chest.   " oh how i missed your DDs " He said kissing down my chest.


I rolled him on the bottom and took off his top, kissing down his chest and stomach, unzipping his jeans while i was down there. Soon all our clothes were spreed over the floor, " your such a sex god " i said looking at his body," I could say the same about you my darling" he said kissing down my body stopping at my belly button, He looked back up asking for permission with his eyes to go further. i looked deep in his eyes giving him a little smirk, my head fell back hitting the pillow, my hands reaching for the sheets around me.


he kissed my inner thighs teasing me, slowly getting closer. Using his index finer he rubbed circles on   my clit making me gasp for air grabbing the sheets again. He licked and penetrated my vag.  He could feel i was close " Niall im going to cum " i said breathing deeply enjoying every moment, he looked up at me and gave me a cheeky smirk, i tightened up in side. "NIALL " i screamed as i gushed all over Niall and the sheets " that's my girl " he said crawling on top of me making his way up to my face.


He was fully hard now and i was throbbing for more, " hurry up " I said between kisses, He winked and sorted himself out. He slid a condom on and climbed on top of me again. He grabbed the tip of his cock and rubbed it on my clit teasing me making me want him so bad. " come on " i said looking into his eyes. He loved the fact he was doing this to me. 


he slid the tip in making me gasp for air again. I missed this so much. A mix of pain and pleasure swept across my body as he thrusted deeply in me. "you like that " he said sticking this tongue down my throat.




I felt sorry for the people in the room next to our. The whole hotel probably knew his name by now, we both were loud tonight,  i could tell he was near, his cock throbbed inside of me. The walls of my vag started to throb as well. " N-niall " i said weakly " not yet " he said trying to last a little longer. i was getting closer and closer and so was he. " now " he yelled and we both climaxed screaming in pleasure.


Both hot and sticky with sweat. some of the best sex ive ever had . I lay in his arms slowly drifting off to sleep. i felt niall kiss me on the forehead before i fell into a deep sleep.













Hey guys sorry i haven't posed in so long, been really busy with work and Christmas. But i hope this chapter makes up for it lol. 



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