Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out



   I went on twitter and notice i have even more followers. I really wasn't surprised, but this time its not just hate there's more love tweets about me and Niall which made me smile.

There's lots of picture of us from this morning and last night at dinner , and some of the boys in their pj's outside my apartment block thi9s smorning. I couldn't help but laugh a bit because they look so funny.
There was still a bit of hate but i just ignored it. There was lots of nice tweets to me from fans. Its being a fan of them and now being friends with them. 


 I remembered that i was meant to be going over  to Niall's place , I quickly grabbed me shoes and left my place. I got to Niall's and noticed his door was open a bit. I looked around and couldn't  see Niall at all. I called out his name but no reply. I was getting a little worried at this point, Like what if someone had broken in or something. I walked out on his deck and seen a table set up with strawberry's cream and chocolate and a very happy Niall.

" Niall whats this???"
" well you made me breakfast this morning , and i though id return the favor."
" aww Niall this is cute."


We fed each other the strawberry's and have a good time smearing the chocolate and cream all over eachother.
Niall's phone rang again , he answered and looked sad. He didn't talk for long before hanging up.
" Niall babe whats a matter? "
" that was Paul , i forgot were doing a small tour, well promotion next week."
" ohh.. For how long?"
"1 month. "
"where is it?"
"we're going to the USA."
"oh , there's different time zones too"
" its ok ill call you everyday and we can skype."
"yeah , i guess so "
" im going to miss you lots."
": im going to miss you too. "
"Its okay ill just get Zoe to come stay fro a while " i said smiling looking at my phone 

"We leave in tow days, bit gutted " Niall said putting his hand on my thigh. 
I'm kinda  upset that Niall's going away and  wont see him in 1 month but thats his job. And if it was for his job we wouldn't of met.

" can we have a leaving party for you? " i said getting excited
" cool tonight then yeah " 
" yeah okay. ill call the boys and invite them over." 
" yeah, tell them to bring all there friends " i said smiling hard out. Ill be meeting some cool people tonight.

i go back to my house and set up for the party , one of my best mates is a DJ so i invite him and a couple of my other mates like Zoe and some of the other girls. 
I'm really excited that i'm going to meet some of Niall's mates and the boys mates.

It's 8:30 all my mates are here but Niall and the boys are not here yet. I was wearing a short tight black strapless dress that has sequences all over it. It made my boobs look massive even know they're D's already. My bestie Zoe wore a short white dress that was lace up the top. I heard the door knock so i rushed over to answer it seeing Niall and Josh standing there , both looked shocked as "Wow Niall you didn't tell me she was this hot, i mean you said she was hot but wow "Josh said looking me up and down. I cleared my throat and looked at Niall, " shes mine don't touch " Niall said . "Anyways , come on in " i said stepping away from the doorway. "Hi boys "Zoe said placing something on the table. 

"Im going to have fun tonight " Josh said walking over to her. 
i rolled my eyes at him and laughed. Half an hour later everyone was here.

" thank you Nicole " Harry said coming over
"what for? " i said confused
"we haven't seen Niall this happy for a while, and for inviting your friend over there" pointing at zoe
" oh well your welcome ."

I could see Harry and Louis were flirting with Zoe, They both wanted her. She kinda just laughed them away seeing as she had a boyfriend, He was fit.His name was vinny.
I welcomed everyone that came to the party and showed them the drinks and foods.

The music was pumping and every one was having a good time. I seen Niall's face, he didn't look happy at all. Made me feel kinda sad to.
you grab his arm and take him outside . I went over and grabbed his hand taking him outside.
" babe what's a matter? "
" its just that you did this for me and i'm leaving and i'm going to miss you so much."
"I'm going to miss you to."
"i don't want to leave."
"i'll be fine. you have to do your job. and zoe's staying for a while to keep me out of trouble, 
Oh did i tell you i got another modeling job"

He's staring into my eyes with his deep blue eyes. " your just simply beautiful." he said kissing me deeply, i could feel a tear run down my cheek. I think i'm falling for him.

I hear a crashing and scream , i break away from Niall and we both look at each other and run inside.
Some one had tripped and fallen on my glass coffee table. I look at him and scream at him.
"That was my grandmothers table that she gave me when she died." i screamed , i didn't recognized this person. It was a reporter.
" get out of my house." i said sooo pissed off.
"look what you have done , you've wrecked my girlfriends coffee table and wrecked her party she threw for us leaving tomorrow. " Niall said so angry.
i ran off crying to my room, i feel destroyed.


Liam came in after me
" Niall kicked that guy out and he's getting rid of everyone. " Liam said rubbing my back.
"that guy wrecked your leaving party. " i said sniffing 

" i just wanted to have one special night for guys before you left.  and Now its ruined." i said getting worked up again
" it was good in till that guy came. its ok. i had a good night anyways. " He said comforting me


Niall came in taking Liams place.
" thanks Liam." i said hugging Niall looking up at Liam. He walked out and started talking to the others.
" I'm sorry Niall , the party turned out bad. " i said looking at him
"its not your fault. "

I feel a sleep once again in his arms , i didn't want him to leave at  all , but he has his life and job.





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