Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


6. More tears

When i woke my head was pounding, Hate getting headaches from crying i said to myself looking around the room. I found myself looking in the mirror Oh god i said looking at how shit i look. I slowly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Nothing some warm water and face wash wont fix i said gently wiping my face down. I brushed my long blonde hair the reached just above my butt crack up into a messy bun. I had blue/green eyes, most people would often ask if i had contacts in. They kinda were blue around the green so it made them stand out. I was around about 164cms tall with a petite body shape. I have olive brown skin and tan very easy, so i was always brown. 

I didn't even bother with make up today seeing as i'm  not seeing anyone today. I chucked on some denim shorts and a baggy top tucking it into my shorts, to even bothering to make myself look good, Put some white socks on and headed down stairs.


I poured myself some muesli and fruit in a small bowl and ate it in the kitchen sitting on the bench. As far as i can remember I've always sat on the bench, even when i go stay at Zoe's or Alicia's house, They were my besties. They played in my soccer team, won almost every game we played.

I heard the door open and seen Alicia walking in with two starbucks cups. "here's a vanilla Latte " She said handing me my cup ,. " and this is why you be my best friend " i said hugging her. " So you feeling better today " she said sitting on the chair in the living room. " think so " i said half smiling. " Whats the plans for today " " um dont know , thats why i look like shit , didnt think i was going to do anything " "Lets go to the mall, wanna get a new dress" She said grabbing her keys.


I let my phone at home so i didn't see any hate and have to answer any calls. The ride there was silent wasn't much to say. I just sat there looking out the window as we drove past peoples homes. When we got to the mall it was packed, as normal. I pulled my raybans down and walked inside with Alicia. I got so many looks from all the teenage girls, Thank god i was wearing sunnys so they couldn't see my eyes. "dont worry about them little sluts Cole, they don't know you " Alicia said giving them evils.

Got back to my house and i my heart started to race. Niall was sitting on my door step with his head between his legs. He seen the car pull up. He looked up at us and i could tell he had been crying. I slowly got out of the car and walked over to him , Alicia had just dropped me off and left. He stood up and straightened his top "Hi " he said sniffing "Hi " i said back looking to the ground. "Look Nicole " he began i knew where this was heading , you felt your tears coming back. "I dont think i can do this anymore " He said still looking down. You felt your heart sink. He looked at me and ran to his car, driving off in a hurry.  

I grabbed my house kep and jammed it into the door trying to open the door as fast as i could. The door finely opened up so i raced inside slamming it shut as soon as i was inside. My knees were shaking from crying hard out that i collapsed on the floor , crying even harder now.


I was on the floor for what seemed hours, My phone started to ring, I wiped my eyes and sniffed my nose before answering it, "HELLO? "

" hey babe it's Liam."
"oh hi"
"can you tell Niall , we've been trying to call him all day and he hasn't answered. where are you guys anyway"

 i broke down into tears again not knowing what to do.
", hey, hey whats a matter" 
i  cant get any words out , just sobs. My chest started to hurt now
"Us four are on our way hun, don't go anywhere.Test us your address "

10minuets later I heard the door knock " its open " i said sitting on the couch playing a game on my phone. Seconds later they all walked in. I got up and yep i started again " awww babe " Liam said pulling me into a hug. I sat back down on the couch grabbing a tissue, Liam and harry sat by me and louis and zayn sit opposite me on the other couch.


I Told them what happened , and they had the same confused loom on their faces. " me and zayn will go over there and talk to him. " Liam said rubbing my back " Are you sure, like he must of done it for a reason " i said blowing my nose on a tissue. " I dont know whats going on with him , it seems like he really like you Nicole " Zayn said smiling at me making me feel better. They leave , leaving me with Harry and Louis. They come over and tell jokes making me crack up laughing forgetting everything.

" do you want a coffee or tea? " i ased getting up
" um coffee please" harry said smiling
" same thank you." Louis said 
I made them a coffee and take down a batch of cookies that i made earlier this week.


"hmmm yum , your such a good cook " Louis said licking his lips
I smiled cleaning up my tissues. "Do you live on you own " Harry asked looking confused why i was home alone. " um yeah, got kicked out of home last year after i turned 16" I said walking back into the kitchen. "What did you do " Louis said trying not to laugh , " mum was an alcoholic and told me i was a teenage dirtbag and sent me packing " " What about your dad " Harry said looking at me " He, well hes a druggy " i said sitting on the couch.

I got a text from Zayn saying they were down stairs coming up with Niall. "Here we go " I said standing up looking at the door.

"Its going to be okay babe " Harry said standing next to me. The door handle turned and they walked in, Niall looked like shit. "Nicole im sorry , " Niall said walking closer to me. "I hated seeing you so upset over something i caused" "Niall its fine " i said smiling. He looked up at me and grabbed me hugging me tight. "AWWWWEEEEE cute " Louis said coming over joining in "Group hug "Zayn said hugging us as well.

After the boys left Niall took me out for dinner at a really flash place.
after we went back to my house and he kissed me,the next thing i knew we were in my room kissing on my bed.

"do you want to go further? " Niall said stopping looking at me
" hell yes i do " i said laughing 
after 1hour we both out of breath and tired, he kissed me on the forehead and said goodnight.
i fell a sleep in his arms that night. what a night to remember.










Sorry wont be posting in the weekend and don't know when i will be posting next because my laptop is in the shop getting fixed :( anyways tell us what you think of this chapter xoxo love ya 

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