Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


5. Left out



As we pulled up to his house i was breath taken, " wow you place is amazing " i said smiling looking at it.He quickly ran around to my side of the car and opened the door for me , " what a gentleman " i said bowing in front of him laughing.  

They all jump out of harrys car and run over.
" ohhhhhh Nialls got a girlfriend " Zayn said laughing with the others,
Niall and you both started blushing." hi , what's your name babe? " Liam said looking up and down at me "Hey , im Nicole " I said smiling "Well nice to met you Nicole " Liam said shaking my hand
Harry and Louis came over and pulled me into a bear hug, They both smelt really good. After a while it was getting really hard to breathe, " Ahhh I cant breathe " I said laughing as they let me go, " Sorry sweet cheeks " Louis said winking at me

"so boys , what made you come over here? " Niall said standing next to me again, " well when you told us on the phone you were with someone so we thought we should get to met her to. " Liam said smiling at me. I think these boys really like me. I was sooo nervous, cant believe im hanging out with one direction. " Oh yeah " Niall said shaking his head at them making them laugh. I don't see whats so funny but okay.
" can we go inside? its a bit cold now. " I said rubbing my arms trying to warm them up a bit more.
"Oh yeah , sure thing babe " Niall said winking at me . omg he just called me babe in front of the boys, fan girl moment. Inside I was screaming and jumping around but on the outside I was calm and playing it cool. I looked over to Harry and he kinda just giggled at me

"ohhhhhhh , babe now is it Niall " They all said Laughing and pinching Niall's cheeks.
Niall started to go bright red and couldn't stop smiling at me."come on lets go inside this one here is getting cold  he said pointing at me.

We all go inside and they all run to the couch turning tv on just leaving    me  standing there in the door way feeling kinda awkward not knowing what to do. Niall Looked at me "You alright " He said looking worried, "Yeah im fine " I said lying but trying to cover it up by fake smiling. I didn't know what to do, felt awkward standing here. Its not like they wanted me over there. Feel like I wanna go home.

 "Babe come here. come sit on me , sorry the boys took up the whole couch" Niall said patting his knee smiling at me. He gave me butterflies, aww hes so cute. They all turned and  look at me, smiled then turn to look at the tv again. I kinda just smiled and blushed walking over to him, As I sat down I felt his hand wrap around my waist pulling me closer to him.
I couldn't help but giggle to myself, They all Looked at Niall and I and grinned at him.

"what are you grinning at? " Niall said smiling looking at them funny. Harry Whispered something to louis and started to laugh  "oh nothing" He said covering his eyes laughing.
Niall just looked at them and shook it off " HMMMM im hungry " He said
" do you want me to make you something?" I said looking back at him smiling. They all turned from the tv and looked at me " YES " they yelled looking happy, " Uhh think she was actually talking to me " Niall said being sumg, " its okay Niall " I said getting off his lap.

"YAY" zany cheered looking at me , " o um what do you want me to make " I said looking at them all, they were all looking back at me. Hello butterflies. " surprise us babe " Liam said smiling, wow they looked so happy I was making food. " You don't have to " Niall said grabbing my hand looking up at me " No its alright " I said looking into his eyes.

I walked into his kitchen and looked around, Right I thought to myself , im going to make Chicken macaroni and cheese, they'll love this I said rubbing your hands together. As I got some pans and ingredient's out You felt someone breathing on my neck and a little kiss, I giggled and turned around to see Niall standing there smiling away. "Yes " I said smiling back at him, " What are you making " "Its a surprise " I said placing my hands over his eyes laughing to myself. " Ahhhh not fair " he said poking his bottom lip out, "Don't work you'll like it , now shooo, go watch some tv " I said smacking his bum on his way out.

" Not long now boys "I said loud enough for them all to hear me, they all cheered. I plated up 5 bowls of Chicken macaroni and cheese and seasoned it with salt and pepper. "Let me help you with that" Liam said helping me carry the bowls out to the boys. I stood and watched them as they all took a mouthful.

"so do you like it " I said watching them still, "its fuckin amazing Nicole " Louis said shoving more into his mouth. "HMMMM " Liam said holding his plate and fork up. "Well don't fill up on that , there's apple pie in the oven as well" I said walking back into the kitchen. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, "its Alicia " I said clicking the answer button.

Me: whats up???
Alicia: um im on twitter.
Me:oh cool , im just hanging with the boys.
Alicia: umm Nicole
Me: yeah?
Alicia: when was the last time you were on twitter?
Me: about a week ago why?
Alicia : well i think you should have a look. people are saying some horrible stuff about you.
Me: oh great
I was leaning up against the kitchen counter, Niall came in and looked worried at me. Im hoping it isn't to bad, don't really wanna cry in front of the boys.
Me: like what?
Alicia: that your a slapper and all this stuff about Niall and you.
you knew you would get hate but , not this quick.
Me: ok... i got to go . talk to you when i get home. I hung up the phone, My heart fully sunk now. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.
" whats up? are you ok? " Niall said coming closer to me , " Um I um have to go " I said fighting the lump in my throat. " What do you mean " He said getting closer to me. " I JUST GOTTA GO " I said pushing past him starting to cry now. They all looked at me funny as i ran out.


I ran and ran until I reached my apartment, I kept running until I reached my bed. I collapsed on my bed letting it all out, mascara all over my face. Total panda face now. I grabbed my laptop and logged into twitter,"Wow I have 14,365 new followers, and over 100 DM's " I said wiping my face with a top I found in my draw. It was all hate, SLUT,HOE, WHORE, UGLY, FAT , IT they all were. I felt my heart sink I little more, just because I was with Niall. I was crying so hard. I looked ta my phone I had 5 missed calls form Niall.
I feel so bad and just want to get off twitter but I just cant stop looking at all the hate.
I hear the door knock its Alicia. I run down and answer it. she hugs me tight and I cry all over her making her jumper.
" do you want me delete it " She said grabbing my laptop, I just nodded. "Wow some people are just fuckin cruel " she said clicking on something, I was still crying hard.
"lucky I brought my pillow she said smiling down at me.



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