Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


9. Drama

When i woke up Niall was nowhere to be seen, i rubbed my eyes and got out of bed.  I didn't have a hangover which was good. I chucked one of Niall's jerseys he left on the floor and made my way down stairs. My god , my apartment was a mess. Glass and cups everywhere." Here we go " i said starting to clean up.


I heard the door open and shut , i looked over and seen Niall coming over towards me , " what are you doing " He asked confused , " Ahh cleaning up " i said trying to pick the glass up. " Why is there blood everywhere" he asked putting two coffees down, " oh " i looked at my hands " it appears that i have cut my hands " i said looking at them , " I taking to to the doctors " Niall said looking at me " Im fine , let me finish cleaning up. you have to pack your bags anyways  " i said trying to carry on cleaning up, " I'll pack after i take you to the doctors. "  " Can i just finish " i asked hoping he would say yes, " Nicole get in the car " He said " Fine i said standing up walking walking towards the door.


We arrived at the doctors and i went into the waiting area while Niall talked to the front desk people. Soon after ,my doctor came out shaking his head at me , " What have you done to yourself nicole " he said. I told him what had happened last night and picking up the glass. He pulled out the glass and bandaged up my hands, sending me on my way after he had done that. I went back into the waiting room and sat back next to Niall, " Can we go home now " i said pretending to be mad. " yes we may " he said laughing.


The car trip was quiet, we stopped at his house. "Hey babe " Niall said sweetly " Yes " I said confused as why he was talking like that , " can you help me pack " he said with the biggest smile spread across his face." Okay , only if i get a kiss " i said smiling as well. Niall leant over and planted his lips on mine making me smile halfway through.


we got inside and went straight to his room, " babe can you go down to the spare room and grab my suit cases please " Niall said opening his draws. I walked down to the spare room, it was massive. A queen sized bed sat in the middle of the wall. I couldn't help but jump on it, spreading across the bed like a starfish. I cracked myself up.


Niall's P.O.V 

I was waiting in my room for Nicole to return with my bags, Then i heard a thump and her crack up laughing. I got up and walked to the spare room seeing Nicole spread out on the spare bed. " What are you doing " i said leaning against the door way giving her a fright " Omg niall you gave me a fright " she said grabbing her heart, didn't really work that well as she has massive boobs. " Come join me " She said moving over a bit. 

I jumped on cuddling into her. We lay there for about 10 minutes. "Babe , your distracting me from packing" i said pouting my lip out. " Okay , drop me off then come see me before you leave " She said looking into my eyes.



Nicole's P.O.V  

Niall dropped me off home and i carried on cleaning up. I had two big rubbish bags full of rubbish from last night. Found Zoe's bra outside in the garden. Think she went home with Harry and Louis, wonder how that went down. She'll end up telling me when she comes over later.

My hands were kinda sore after i had finished the house, I sat down on the laptop and played on twitter. There was pictures of last night of me and Niall kissing. That guy that i kicked out had taken pictures inside of my house. I started to feel sick.

I seen i had a mention from josh, Nialls friend, the drummer

@JoshDevineDrum " Thanks @NicoleAshleeeeee for the party last night , what a way to end our time at home.

I laughed and replied @NicoleAshleeeeeee @JoshDevineDrum Was a good night until my table got broken :/  

I got instant retweets , favorites and comments My favorite was 


"Ws zayn dancing on the table" , I cracked up laughing and closed my laptop down. " Wonder when Zoe's coming around " i said looking at my phone.


1Hour later.....

I just remembered Niall was coming back around to say by before he left. I heard the doorbell rang and i got real excited. When i went over and answered it and big wave of shock came over me, "Brad, what are you doing here " i asked getting scared, "If come back for you" he said coming closer to me. "You don't own me " i said backing away. " Your mine and that Irish bastard can just fuck right off " He said getting angry. "He has a Name , and He's my Boyfriend " i said standing my ground. He didn't like that, he grabbed my arm pulling me towards him. I couldn't fight him, "I love you Nicole " he said trying to get closer, " How the fuck do you love me you evil prick. You locked dme up in your house for a week abusing me " i spat at him. He had that same evil look on his face as he did back when that happened, He pulled me closer holding my arm tight kissing me.


"GET OFF OF ME BRAD" I yelled causing him to let go of my arm. I seen Niall running up the stairs looking angry as hell. " Back off " he said sounding as he looked. " not this twat " Brad said getting up in his face. I slapped his face hard causing him to look at me, "he's not a twat, he's my boy friend you leave him alone.I like him very much  and i hate you.Go away and leave us alone. " i yelled getting angry. " you don't like him. how can you like some so ugly.You're perfect for him , you're ugly too. i never loved you. " he screamed knowing he lost this battle.  Next thing i know Niall had knocked him out. And he had rang the police. " who is he Nicole " he said pulling me over to him , " ahh that would be my crazy ex " i said feeling ashamed.


As the police took him away he yelled out " you better watch out " 

I kissed Niall for the last time and  said our goodbyes. I told him i was going to be fine, and  that i'll be going to stay at my aunt's for awhile so brad doesn't come back.
Niall agreed with me and to kissed me as he left. I couldn't help but let a small tear run down my cheek. 

I was still scared and now i was lonely. I rang Zoe and told her what happened and told her not to come to mine as i wont be there. I got in my car starting my 5 hour drive to my aunt's. "so much drama " i said turning on my radio driving through London.






Sorry haven't posted all week, still haven't got my laptop back >:( stupid viruses. Anyways tell me what you think XXXXX 



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