Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


10. catching up



I arrived at my aunties around 11:30pm, i was so tired and ready to go to bed. When i pulled up the drive way i seen my aunt waiting on the driveway with a massive grin on her face. Her and her kids are the only ones i keep in touch with. Im planning on catching up with them , while i'm in town. She was three daughters, Kathrine who is 17 , Mhelia 19 and Laura who was  16. We got on good, all of us. We use to get in so much trouble when we were younger, id always run to their house when my parents were fighting, i could never understand why mum would always have bruises or be bleeding. She would always take it out on me, but once i grew up and seen i understood.


Jenna my auntie looked down at my hands and gasped , " What have you done to your hands " she asked grabbing them, " Oh i was cleaning up my flat after we had a party and i got glass in them " i said smiling now feeling like a silly blonde for trying to pick it up in the first place. " and then Brad came over so that's why i'm here " i said " that little prick, what did he want " my auntie said helping me inside with the bags, " Not sure he said he loved me , thank god Niall came to the rescue " i said smiling thinking about Niall. " Where is he now " she asked sounded worried , " its okay the police have him " i said " okay well i'm glad you okay and im off to bed now see you in the morning sweetie " she said walking up the stairs 



I walked up the the spare room and sat on the bed opening up my laptop. I stayed up longer waiting to call Niall. About half an hour later i heard my phone ring, 
your mum went to bed. you stayed up because you were waiting for a phone call from Niall. He rang and we talked for a good hour, It was late when we hung up. I went to sleep straight away dreaming about Niall.

 I woke up to the smell of pancakes cooking , Jeanna would make the best pancakes in the world. She would always make them for me when id be there. I slowly made my way down to the kitchen. I seen uncle tom there. He wasn't my cousins dad but he still treated them like he was their father and treated me like his daughter as well. 

I sat down at the table starring at the stack of pancakes in front of me, " well good morning " i said smiling , " morning darling ,  sleep well " Tom said looking at me , " yeah was alright " i said taking my phone out clicking on my camera. I took a picture and sent it to niall, getting a reply almost instantly " yum save me some x"   

"good sleep last night " tom said shoving a mouth full of pancakes into his gob, " yeah was alright " i said smiling, " whats your plans for the day " jenna said putting some plates in the skin, " going out for coffee with the girls" i said smiling trying to finish off my pancakes. " oh bummer there're at their dads this week " jenna said washing off the bench " yeah " i said putting my plate in the sink. 


i walked back to my room getting changed. I put on this 

And did my hair like this 

I made my way downstairs passing ant jenna and  tom in the lounge saying bye as i left. I texted Laura and told her to meet up with me a Starbucks. It is only 20 minutes away so its not that far. I got in my car an drove. The radio was on and best song ever came on. I cracked up laughing and sang along to it.


When i arrived  i seen her sitting in the window booth playing on her iphone, her dad must have brought it for her i thought. I walked inside and her face lit up.  "Nicole " she yelled walking over to me. "So nice to see you again " i said sitting down at the booth. " wow you phone case is interesting " i said looking down at it " yeah its cute dont you think " she said holding her pink bunny case up.

We just talked for a wee bit drinking or coffees." so you never told me your dating Niall Horan from one direction " she said looking on her phone smiling. " yeah ha ha "  i said blushing " soooo, is he good in bed " she said leaning over the table smiling hard out, " um mm Laura your 16 , and i cant tell you that about me boy friend " i said smiling hard out as well. She just cracked up laughing,  

 a little girl comes up to us  and said "hello , your Niall's girlfriend right? "

i smiled at her " yeah i am sweet "
" can i have an autograph? " she said looking nervous 
"ahh i guess so " i said looking at Laura.

After i had signed the paper she gave me she rang off in excitement.

When i got back to my aunties house i tweeted saying what a good day i had had with laura. I got 50+ retweets , wow i was amazed. Ive never had this happen to me before. 
I  Notice i have a tweet form Niall , it said : I love you  babe, miss you so much.

god i miss him , i got a bright idea. I rang harry and talked to miss him so much.
you had a good idea , you ring harry.
Harry: hello???
":Hey harry is it a bad time?"
Harry:" oh hey ,no not really."
"are you with Niall?"
Harry:" yeah why?"
" don't tell him its me."
Harry: "why?"
"i want to come over and surprise him."

Harry: "oh righto "
i could tell he walked out of the room and went  outside, i  could hear the fans screaming.
"oh god is that your fans?"
Harry:" yeah. Niall's looking at me."
" oh um don't say it was me on the phone ok?"
Harry: "ok. so what did you call for again?"
" i'm going to do a surprise visit."
Harry:" oh good idea. Niall's been a bit moody since we left."
" oh i hope he's ok. well i'll see him long are you staying int he hotel your in now?"
Harry:" just one more night then were going to New York."
" ok , what hotel are you going to? "


Harry tell's me where there going to stay at, i quickly wrote it down.
" thank you harry . i guess i'll be seeing you soon."
Harry:"yeah i guess so. ok see you then"
" ok harry see you then. oh and remember don't tell Niall."


i hung up the phone and stared to pack me bag, here we go again , more travelling. I got into bed early because ill be leaving early in the morning. 

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