Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


4. breakfast

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing, i looked at the caller ID and smiled. It was Niall, my heart started to race when i pushed the answer button.

"Hello "  i asked even know i knew who it was,

" Hey , its um Niall. " he said sounded happy.

" oh hey " i asked smiling to myself.

" I was just wondering if you wanted to come out for breakfast today at Starbucks with me " he asked

I smiled and couldn't help thinking about him. 

" Um yeah sure , what time " i asked looking at the clock

" how about 11:30 " he said sounding giddy 

I hung up and quickly got in to the shower washing my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked back into my room. I quickly checked the time, it was 11:02pm. " Shit better my things sorted" i said to myself. I put on my peach bat-winged top on with my light blue denim high waster shorts. I slipped on my brown ankle lace up boot on and headed to my car locking the door to my flat.


I felt my heart beating as i approached the Starbucks car park. I entered Starbucks and looked around looking for Niall. I felt a sight disappointment when i didn't see him. " I knew it , " i said to myself turning around getting ready to walk out. As i walked out the door i bumped into someone on the way out, " Sorry " i said looking down at my feet. " Nicole , where are you going " Niall asked as i looked up into his blue eyes. " I thought you weren't coming " I said looking back down at my feet. " Don't be silly , of course i was coming , just got a little help up in traffic " He said walking over to a booth at the back of Starbucks.


We sat there for about 5 minuets before the waitress came over. I could tell she was interested in Niall because she kept looking at him and smiling. I was getting really jealous and annoyed.  " Will you excuse me for a second , i have to use the toilets " i said getting up and walking away. 


" What's her problem " i heard her saying to Niall. 

I stood in the bathroom not knowing what to do. I quickly txted Alicia, " Hey , just having breakfast with Niall :D omg omg omg " i quickly sent it and waited for a reply. " OMG hows it going? " she replied " Well , the waitress wont leave and i got piss and went to the bathroom " i replied looking into the mirror , " Nicole , go back out there your having breakfast with him not her, Show her who's boss " she txted back. I couldn't help but laugh. 


I went back out to see Niall sitting there looking around looking bored as. " Oh thank god your back thought you must of jumped out the window or something " he said  jokingly " I thought about that " i said looking at him seriously but then laughed. " I'm kidding " i said laughing at his face. " I ordered for you he said smiling. " How do you know what i like to et " i asked " I um don't " he said blushing. 

 A different waiter came out handing us our food. We both had the same things on our plate Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap. " Ive never had one of these before " i said looking at Niall already digging into his. 

He smiled and finished his mouthful, " Take a bite and tell me what you think " he said waiting for be to take a bite. I slowly bringing the wrap to my mouth and took a bite, " Hmmm this is so good " i said smiling at him. " Im glad you like it " He said taking another bite,

Breakfast was good but then people started to look at us and take pictures, I was getting so annoyed and i guess Niall noticed it as well. I watched as he walked up to the counter and paid. It was the same waitress that served us earlier. She was flirting with him and it looked like he wasn't enjoying it. He turned and faced me,  He gave me a smile smile  as he walked back to me. " Hey Nicole , lets get out of here " He said to me helping me up. 

I got into his car and left mine in the car park. He slowly pulled out of the car park and drove onto the highway. We listened to the radio. Little things came on , i couldn't help but to laugh. I could see hew was watching me laughing so he started singing to the song. I stopped laughing and listened to his beautiful voice.  


He pulled up to a beach. Nobody was around , no cameras, no fans. Just us two. I sat down on the sand next to him.

We played around in the sand for a while before he got a phone call, " sorry , i have to get this " he said standing up walking over towards his car. I sat on the sand facing the sea watching it roll in to shore. I watched as the birds bobbed over the waves when they hit them, it was entertaining. I looked back to see Niall smiling away still talking to the person on the phone, i wonder who's he talking to. 


I felt the sand sink a little as he sat back down next to me. " Is everything okay " i asked him looking into his eyes. " Yeah that was just Zayn asking what i was doing " he said blushing looking down in between his legs at the sand. 
" I was just wondering , if you would like to come back to mine " he asked smiling at me again, but this smile was different , he seemed more shy. " um sure " i say smiling back at him, My heart was racing and i had butterflies in my tummy again. What was happening to me , i think i'm falling for him. " Awesome " he said with a big grin on his face, " What are we going to do" i asked confused a little , " Wait and see " he said standing up helping me up as well.


I couldn't stop thinking about what he meant about bout what we were doing,  I was so excited to go to his house. I wonder if the boys are going to be there. What if i make a fool out of myself while i'm at Niall Horans house.


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