Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


7. Breakfast fun time

I woke up and Niall was still fast asleep in my bed, Awww he looks so cute sleeping. I was still in his arms, Both still naked. I didnt really wanna wake him so i slipped out of his grab and grabbed his top and some put some clean undies on. I thought it would be nice to invite the boys over for breakfast seeing as they helped me yesterday. 
I grabbed some bacon,eggs, sausages and some bread out and turned the oven on. I seen their car pull up outside the apartment block, I wait about 5minuets before going over to the door. I could hear them laughing and talking as they walked up the stairs. I could see they were still in their PJ's. I quickly opened the door so they wouldn't wake Niall ringing the door bell.
"Well hello Nicole" Harry said winking at me , " I invited you's over for breakfast to say thanks for last night" i said letting them in
. "Where's Niall " Harry said smiling looking at me " Ahhumm In bed " i said kinda
They all ran into the bed room, i could hear them jumping on the bed and jumping all over Niall.
"Get off me " Niall yelled
"never" Harry yelled laughing
I walked down to the room and seen they've messed up the bed, and poor Niall is under harry louis and Zayn, They all cracking up laughing 
"Where'd Liam go " i said standing in the door way
" he's under here too. " Zayn said smiling holding Niall down"

Hey babe " Niall said poking his head out from under the blankets

" hey , morning. " i said smiling 
"ok boys get off me , im hungry and i want my morning kiss. " He said struggling to get out.I couldn't help but laugh at how hard it was form Niall to get out, But he finely got out coming towards me. I felt playful and ran off yelling "well your going to have to catch the kiss first" 
Niall's running after me, laughing and smiling trying to get me "nicole..... he moaned pretending  to give up . I was running around the kitchen table and laughing and trip over on your on my bum. Niall Looked kinda scared and ran over to me "are you ok? " H e said racing over to my side, and the others watching from the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't say anything i was laughing to hard. I had to fan my eyes to keep the tears from coming. " The was the funniest thing ever " i said wiping my face.


I got up and served everyone breakfast. 

"  hmm this is great " Niall said licking his lips. everyone else looked like they were enjoying themselves too. 

I Finnish first and went back into the kitchen to clean up. i felt Niall hugging me from behind. I turned and gave him his morning kiss. Liam standing behind us slightly cleared his throat. I turned and faced him feeling embarrassed, " Oh ermmm, where should i put this " He said holding his plate up. "Oh in the dishwasher " i said pointing at it. He just smiled and walked over there.


I heard laughing and things getting thrown around, I looked by the table and Harry, Zayn and Louis were having a food fight. "EXCUSE ME " i said pretending to be angry.  "sorry " Harry said looking at his plate.

" well im going to have a shower, you better clean your mess up before i get back" laughing away to myself. 
I brought some clothes into the bathroom so i wouldn't have to walk out in front of the boys half naked. I got in the shower and did my thing washing my hair and shaving me legs.When i got out of the shower i tried looking for my clothes but they had gone. 

I poked my head out the door yelling to Niall " Niall , wheres my clothes?? "
I could hear him laughing " I tooke them " 

" Niall that's not funny " I said getting annoyed
" it is to me " he said laughing.

" come and find them." 
"  okay look out when i find them you're in big trouble. "
" come and you have to find me first."
I looked around the house but still couldn't find Niall or my clothes.
" i give up!" I yelled
I walk into my room, there Niall was sitting on my bed with my clothes. I  laugh at him and go jump on him. He gave me my clothes kissing me on the cheek. I quickly take them and get changed in the bathroom. I go back in my room and Nialls still on the bed. I go over to the mirror  looking in it,pulling weird faces.

" what are you doing? " he asked confused
" looking for flaws."
" don't be silly you don't have any."
i look at him , looking so innocent, run over and jump on the bed beside him.
"Well that was a bit cute " i said looking at him.
he gave me a look and climbs on top of me and starts tickling me. I ended up  laughing really hard it started to hurt.
" ouch." i said clutching my sides
" oh sorry did i hurt you?"
" no no , im fine " i said smiling at him.
"i'm just going to pop over to my house and have a shower and get changed do you want to come? "
" oh i'll stay here and clean up then ill come over? " 
"Okay , cya soon "


Soon after Niall left , leaving me. I texted Zoe and Alicia telling them what happened last night. I was so excited telling them. I still cant believe this is happening to me ........

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