Love is real

Nicole is a school student , she gets a surprise when shes in her English exam one day. Will she learn how to fall in love again after what her ex done to her? will he be her true love?
read and find out


3. Ally way

I was all cuddled into Niall when i heard screams. I didn't take much notice until i heard foot steps and people yelling out Niall. " oh great " i heard Niall say grabbing my hand.

They ran towards us, climbing over the seats and over people, Niall looked at me and mouthed RUN. He stood up fast and pulled be behind him. We ran out of the movies fast. This has never happened to me before so it was really scary. We made it out of the theater, we looked both ways to see what way would be better to go. " Left " Niall yelled turning right. We ran past an ally way and hid in it. I was so scared.

WE watched as the screaming fans ran past the ally way screaming his name. I was still scared. I saw Niall looking at me from the corner of my eye. He didn't look happy at all. He looked furious. His eyes were big and i couldn't see much blue in his eyes. 

" What wrong Niall " i asked stepping in front of him.

" This night turned to shit, all because of me " He said looking away

" it wasn't that bad " i said trying to not make it obvious 

"Look how scared you are , your shaking " he said pointing to my arm.

" i'm fine , Niall " i said putting my hand on his arm.

 " Are you sure " he asked

" yeah im fine , just cold " i said fake smiling.


He smiled and took off his coat placing it around my shoulders. "Thanks 
" i whisper into his arm as he hugs me tight. we walked out of the ally way. He walked me to my car kissing me on the cheek. I couldn't help but blush

" thank you for the exciting night Niall." i said leaning on my car

" Your welcome. I'm still sorry about the fans. " he said getting closer
 I smiled and unlocked the door. 

" okay then well,, good night " he said hugging me again.

I quickly got in my car turning it on so the heat would turn on as well. I realized i still had his jacket on. I smiled to the thought that i just went on a date with Niall Horan.

He walked to his car , i could tell he was smiling. He got in his car and drove off with a big smile on his face. 

I drove home with a smile on my face, i turned the radio on. " You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door " I couldn't help but sing and dance along. 

when i got home i check my phone , ohh two new messages, One from Alicia and one from Niall.

Alicia: hey babe,i hope you had a good night with him. ring me when you get home.

Niall: Thanks for the wonderful night beautiful.

I smiled and walked up the stairs walking into my room. I pulled my curtains and hopped into bed. I turned my side lamp off and snuggled into bed. 

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