Save Me Tonight

Bella a regular 17 year old girl who goes to school and of course she is quite popular.But when she goes to a single concert everything changes.


2. The Concert

Bella's P.O.V.  

I awoke with my phone vibrating . I looked at my phone and it was Selena. 


Selly-You ready for tonight girly?

Me-I hope.

Selly- Lol come on start refreshing up and getting ready . 


Selly-^.^ Just do as i say

-End Of Convo-

I opened up my closet and i wondered. I suddenly remembered that stranger who sang with me , i wonder who he was.... I gathered my outfit -----> I had planned to wear a long Maxi skirt ,with black boots with a heel , Some accessories peach colored , with a high low button down shirt. I went straight to the shower and i came out a half hour later , And straightened my hair. I quickly rushed to my room and changed i put on some makeup and i was finished !! Selena arrived at my house we were both ready . Selly looked so pretty i knew she was gonna catch the boys attention <--- Her outfit was stunning. We arrived at the arena early so we wouldn't be in a crowd. We got some snacks as we were there we saw the guys pratcing me and Selena just looked at them with our jaws dropped. The guys tried to pay no attention but it seemed to difficult but the urge was controled. 

The concert begun and fans piled in . As we were there They sang all their songs From, Torn to I want , Then Tell Me A Lie , Next was Same mistakes , After that was I wish to , More Than This Then they managed to do One thing but they all looked at me and Selena the whole song. Lastly they did WMYB. I began to sing Your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walked through the door.Then A boy from the band came towards me and sang Don't need makeup to cover up . I recognized his voice I asked Selena who was that guy and she said Liam Payne.

So it was him ?


 Authours Note ~Sowwie it was short Cliffhanger Lol Spread the word about my series


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