Save Me Tonight

Bella a regular 17 year old girl who goes to school and of course she is quite popular.But when she goes to a single concert everything changes.


3. Backstage :D

 The Concert was once finished after that.And that meant we go backstage now.

Bella's POV. 

To be honest i was shaking a bit and was scared for some reason. (Thinking) ~Why am i scared if i don't even like them.I wonder was it really the "Liam" or someone else? Selena's voice snapped me back t reality.

Me-Huh what?

Selena-You weird ... Anyways don't even think about getting  Harry or Zayn they are mine !!                 She said while nudging me with her elbow. We walked int this room and saw 5 guys sitting there just chatting.Once we stepped  foot into the room they looked up at us.

"Why hello there and who you just might be ?" A curly haired guy asked

Selena replied "I'm Selena.." 

"No no not you ...Her" Harry pointed and looked at me with a cheeky smile.

I blushed a little.I heard Selena fake cough and Harry was awaiting.

"Um. I'm Bella." I said breaking the silence.                                                              

"Well i'm harry and this is Liam,Zayn,Niall,and Louis."  He each pointed to each boy while telling me their names.

I Had to admit they were drop dead hot.

"Huh?" I heard them say.

"Well.This is akward." I managed to say. And they just started laughing

"Come sit down loves" I seated between Harry and another guy who i thought was Zayn. Selena Sat on the other side of Zayn. I noticed every once in a while Selena would do something to get Harry and Zayn's Attention ,But their focus was on me and i felt special. While i wasn't paying any mind i felt a warm hand intertwine with mine i looked and it was Zayn. I blushed and saw the jealousy in everyone's eyes. I was shocked. As we were going All the boys asked for me and Selena's number.We all exchanged numbers and left.

Silence was all we heard in the car on the way back.As we Selena's house I  realized it was late and asked if I could stay over the night and she replied yes. As we went inside it was boring it was not like other times when we talked and laughed it was ....... awkward . "Do you mind if i put music on ?" Selena Said. I shook my head no and i hopped in the shower.

*Harry's POV*

Selena was pretty and cute but Bella she was Beautiful and amazing. I wondered if she knew it was me the other day but whatever. I forgot i had her number and i quickly texted her. And left to the hotel with the boys to the hotel for the night. It has been time and i was wondering why she hasn't replied to my text. I was hurt maybe she didn't feel how i did . But i knew we all had a little competition on who got Bella. I knew we all loved her when we all looked at her when she stepped foot into the room. I got jealous when i saw Zayn hold her hand in front of us and i even knew Selena was upset the most. I knew Selena liked me but i didn't feel the same way for her i had a thing for Bella.I just cant wait until she responds.

*Zayn's POV*

I liked Bella ever since i saw her.I felt sparks when i grabbed her hand and it just felt right. I saw the boys were mad at me but especially Selena who was sitting on the other side next to me. But i all knew we were having a little contest  about the Beauty Bella. When i worked up my courage and texted her.I wonder will she feel the way i did i actually liked her  . It was everything about her she was awesome and just stunning  I knew Selena liked me but i didn't like her back i had a thing about Bella and i knew it.After that i shuffled over with the lads.

*Liam's POV*

Those girls were .. I cant even explain it .The beautiful girl Bella and her friend who LOVED Zayn and Harry but i knew they had something with Bella. I Liked her she was just kissable and lovable.Was i catching feelings?? I guess so .I played back the whole time they were in the room and noticed i had their numbers i quickly texted Bella.And hurried away with the mates

*Louis's POV*

Carrots are good but so is Bella. She was just gorgeous. I texted her right away and left with the boys.   

*Niall's POV.*

I love food but i think i might love Bella. I grabbed my phone and texted the Beauty.And went back with the lads.

*Selena's POV*

As Bella was in the shower i thought about what happened with the boys backstage and with Harry Bella And Zayn. Ugh how could she do this and she knew about my crushes on them but i could always try .... Bella came out the shower when she was getting ready she heard her phone ring 5 times and she said

"Sel please get that for me?" 

"kayy"I looked at her phone and i was so mad .

"Bella you will pay for this !! I will get revenge just wait until you see whats in store for you" 

With that i ran out my house knowing what to go after.


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