Save Me Tonight

Bella a regular 17 year old girl who goes to school and of course she is quite popular.But when she goes to a single concert everything changes.


1. A New Day


 Bella's POV.

Today was just a regular day for me , i woke up to the annoying beep of my alarm clock, I woke up to see her house empty for yet another month . My mom Alexander past away almost a month ago , but I still doing her life the way it always was. I rose up from my bed showered , brushed my long silky smooth brown chocolate hair and pulled out a outfit. I chose a Peach shirt with black skinny jeans and peach vans. I looked at the time and i just wanted o go back to sleep . Then a song came on I think it was called "What Makes You Beautiful" From some british boy band . I raced downstairs to the kitchen and had a bacon sandwich , Or should i say burnt toast with bacon .... Anyways, I went to my car and drove off . I arrived at Central high School where my Best Friend Selena was waiting for me . Selena - "Hey Girly Girl". Me-"Whats up"? Selena looked at me with a REALLY BIG smile. Me-"I'm not liking this". Selena-"You know that hot  boy band i love"? Me-"What about them?" Selena-"They are in town and they are ding a concert tommrow night and my Mom got me some front row tickets to their show. Me-"Ummmm.... And this involves me how??" Selena-"Why else your coming with me." I just stood there silent.


Selena's POV.

Bella just stood there silent. Me-Hey Bella you still there? Bella-You want me to go don't you? I nodded. Bella just sighed. Bella-Okay but only for you. I got so excited Me-Oh btw Backstage passes too .So we meet them too!! Wear something nice but not too dressy up Ok. Bella nodded 

Bella's POV.

I cant believe that just happened ! But i think it could be fun The day went by really quick and i went home. When Selena called.


S-Wanna go for a walk?

B-Yea lets meet in the park in 10


I walked to the park and ended up singing that song from the morning

Me- Your insecure dont know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door.

???-Don't need makeup to cover up

I turned back and looked at him . ???-And u are Me-Bella ???-Well Bella see you tommrow

The stranger walked away leaving me confused.

_________AT THE PARK_________

Sel-Hello girly. Me- Hey. Sel-Ready for tommrow??!! Me-Idk. She frowned and time went by . I didnt tell Selly about that cute stranger but see me tommrow ? What does that mean?

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