Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


5. Wake-Ups

Daniella's POV

I am still having memories, most of them bad. How could I have so many bad things in my life? Maybe this is the way the lord is telling me it's my time. I just don't want to go yet. I'm only 18! I still have my whole life to live. I just want to hear and see everyone one more time. Occasionally, I will hear a word or two from a conversation, but I can never identify who is saying it. I wonder if Harry misses me. I know Sheridan is out there now, I heard her say it. I need to get up. I have been here for a long time, I don't know the exact time though. While I'm trying to wake up, the voices get louder, my body feels weaker, and I can start to feel the hurt. My eyes open a little, then all the way.
"Sheridan?" I whisper.

~Sheridan’s POV~

“He left just walked out and left to go see her!” Louis exclaims while I sit in the stone cold plastic chair that I seemed to never leave. “I asked him if he was coming here and he didn’t even look at me he just said no!”
“Sheridan?” Daniella whispered as Louis keeps ranting on and on about Harry going out with Nicole.
“LOUIS SHUT UP! Dani's finally awake!" I yell trying to get Louis attention, but he was too keep into his rant about Harry and how stupid he was for going back to Nicole.
“He’s with her right now isn’t he Sheridan?” Dani asks her voice cracking at the end maybe due to the tears that she was shedding or maybe due to the lack of use.
“ARE YOU EVEN LIS- Dani hey how are you feeling?” Louis asks finally taking notice that Dani was awake.
“Louis please tell me is he with her?” Dani pleads to Louis who only lowers his head and looks away. “LOUIS TELL ME!”
“Yes.” He pauses and turns back to face Dani who is just staring at the door to her room probably wishing that Harry would walk into the room and shout surprise.
“I am going to go call the other guys that you awake.” I say slipping out of the room and heading into the waiting room where I could call everyone.
“Sheridan, Dani doesn’t want you to call Harry.” Louis says frowning at me while I nod my head and call Liam first.

~Daniella’s POV~

He doesn’t even care, enough to visit me; Louis said that he was here for the first two weeks and then he just stopped coming. I was almost dying and even then he did care, all he cared about was Nicole. I let myself waste so much time with him almost an entire year with someone who didn’t even care about me.
“Ah. I see the rumors are true then?” A short chubby woman in a white lab coat says walking in with a huge smile on her face. “I am Dr. Monroe, I have been in charge of you for the last two weeks, so how do you feel?”
“Like poop.” I said honestly as Louis chuckles from my bedside.
“Well, all of your friends have been notified that you are okay even your boyfriend who said he would be here in a ten minutes tops. He sounded really excited knowing that you are okay now although you have many cuts and bruises you got lucky no broken bones.” She said smiling as I start panicking that Harry found out about me being awake.
“Did you say you guys called Harry?” I asked her with a frown on my face which seemed to confuse her.
“Yes, but if you would like we can ban him from entering.” She said with a walkie talkie in her hand ready to give the order to the nurses.
“No, it’s fine I need to talk to him.” I said shifting in my bed feeling stiffness from the lack of use of my limbs. Louis grabs my hand and gives it a small squeeze that even though it sent a small stab of pain up my arm it still felt nice to know that he was there for support.
"Alright, I'll come back in a few hours to do some final tests and then in a few days if everything is okay you can go back home. Try to get up and walk around get your blood flowing again, but make sure that there is always some next to you until you get a hang of walking again." Both me and Louis nod at the doctor who smiles and excuses herself out. I try to bring myself to ask Louis some questions about Harry and his other girl, but I always chicken out. I start to think of something to ask him, but then I get scared of the answer and the words get stuck in my throat. I want to know as much as I can when Harry walks in, but who really wants to sit there and listen to stories about her boyfriend's dates with someone else.
"The fans support you." Louis said breaking the thick wall of silence between us.
"What?" I asked completely confused since as far as I knew the fans didn't even know I exist.
"The fans they found out who you are...they are sending Harry a lot of hate right now because he-because of his mistake." Louis said smiling for some reason. Count on Louis to smile at something completely bad, isn't he worried about Harry's image or the entire band's at that.
"Louis why are you smiling I thought hate was a bad thing?" I said tilting my head to the side in confusion.
"I guess it is, but the fans barely know you and they absolutely love you, although there is the occasional Nicole lover but the majority like you a lot better." He says laughing as i sit there and twiddle my fingers. "Dani what's wrong isn't that funny?"
"Her name is Nicole huh?" I ask, causing Louis's laughter to instantly stop and his bright smile to turn into a deep frown.
"Yeah, look Dani I am not saying you should instantly forgive him what he did was wrong very very wrong, but at least give him a chance to explain."

~Harry's POV~

"That will be $18.83" the cab driver announces as be pulls in front of the hospital. I hand him a crumbled up $50 bill and tell him to keep the change. I ran into the hospital and went over to the elevator.
"Hurry up!" I said to myself. When I got into the elevator I went up to Dani's room, and when I got there, Louis was waiting at the door.
"Dani didn't really want to see you, but I got her to at least let you explain. Don't ruin the chance." He said frowning at me before walking off.
"Lou, look we need to talk later." I said frowning at my best mate who only nodded and walked away. I take a deep breath and grabbed the door knob, but something stopped me.
"Do you know how much you hurt her?" Said a voice behind me.
"I know." I answer honestly turning around and facing an upset Liam. "Look, Liam can we have the whole lecture thing afterwards?" I ask since i was very anxious to finally be able to see Dani awake and alive.
"No, we cant Harold what you did is horrible and what makes it even worse is that you continue seeing Nicole." He said his voice turn slightly angry and protective. He never called me Harold unless I did something really bad or he was frustrated with me; I think that at this point he was slightly both. I knew he was absolutely right though I knew from the moment I walked into Nicole's hotel room that what I was doing was wrong. I loved Daniella, but Nicole was just there I guess feeding my ego. I did partly blame her for everything, if it wasn't for her I would have never cheated on Daniella, but she made me feel good and powerful.
"Liam please just let me go see Dani and we can talk as soon as we get home." I plead to him hoping that he would just let it go and save his lecture for after I see and talk to Daniella.
"Fine but as your done we are leaving so we can talk." He demands as he walks away but before he turns the corner he turns around and says one more thing. "If you hurt her anymore than you already did you better plan a very long vacation at home."
Liam was very protective of both of the girls and honestly I was thankful he was because that meant, if I wasn't there to protect her at least Liam would be. I was also thankful for Liam's protectiveness right now because he is trying to protect her from me. I knew I was the one thing that was hurting her the most, but I couldn't bring myself to leave Nicki; something always made me go back to her.
"Stop stalling Harry just go in." I command myself since I knew all the thoughts going through my mind were just there to distract me from what was right in front of me. I knock twice on the door the way I used to always knock on Dani's door to let her know it was me.
"Come in." I heard her weak raspy voice command as I take a deep breath and walk in.






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Hello....our lovely readers how are you all today? Well It's FallingForYou21 btw...haha! sooooo... mine basically sucked I was doing reviews for my midterms all day...I am gonna fail my algebra 2 midterm I can feel it!! So this is chapter 5... i know we suck we just kinda left you all hanging there in a cliffhanger...BUT!! I have fall break next week so...me and Music <3 will try to upload soon! Soo...what do you guys think is going to happen?? Hmmm?? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HANI (Ship name for Harry and Dani)!! Well...i want to know what you guys think:) Comment below!! LOVE YOU ALL!! 



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