Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


3. Sorrow

Harry's P.O.V

"Oxygen mask!" a doctor yelled. I was sitting outside of Daniella's hospital room. Her friend Darna saw a car crash into hers. She said he was speeding and looked drunk. I couldn't even drive because I was crying so hard. This has to be my fault. She must have found out about Nicole. God, please let her live. The doctors were still going. Everyone was here. Darna, Sheridan, and I have been crying forever. All the boys wern't crying as hard as us, but the were crying. Everything went quiet. Doctors and nurses come filing out, none of them talking. When the final doctor comes out, he stops and looks at all of us.

"Are all of you here for Miss. Ferrell?" He asks us.

"Yes." We mumble.

"She is alive but... she only has a 30% chance of living. By now, all we have is hope. I'm sorry I can't do more." Sheridan and Darna are in a state of shock with tears rolling down their faces and I am no better. The boys are all trying to stop the tears, but it's not working.

"Can we see her?" I ask quietly.

"You may, but she might not be able to see you. She is in a coma. I'm sorry." He said.

Daniella's P.O.V

I looked around. All I could see is black. I walk aimlessly around, but I never get anywhere. Out of no where, memories flash in front of me. My 6th birthday party, the first day of middle school, my first concert. Oh no! Bad memories! Skipping school, Asher, Harry cheating, the accedent. I just watched them. My mistake.

Harry's P.O.V

When we walked into Daniella's room and I saw her lying on the bed, I wanted more then anything for her to get up and talk to me. She looked so fragile, and her breathing was verry shallow. She was so pale and looked... scared? I walked over to her and sat down to talk to her.

"Daniella, I know you can hear me. I need you to wake up. You are everything to me. If you don't wake up, what will Sheridan do? Your her best friend. She needs you. Darna's here to. She saw what happened. She's really scared. She need you to wake up. Were praying for you, so please get up!" I had tears pouring down my face again, the girls were outside the room crying, and the boys wern't holding back anymore.

Daniella's P.O.V

Where did all the good memories go?! All I see are all my bad memories. There was the time when Asher embarresed me in front of all his and my friends by saying a stream of words I will never repeat in my life and then cut me really deep. That knife he carried around, everywhere. Small, yes. Painful, heck yeah! It still haunts me. That knife. Everywhere I look. Go away!

Sheridan's P.O.V

Why did this have to happen?! To my best friend of all people! I just hope she doesn't leave us. I just need to keep praying and sending out good thoughts now.

Harry's P.O.V

I needed something to do, so I went on Twitter and read tweets from fans.

"How r u and @Nicole_Henderson doing?" One said.

"What r u doing in the states?" Said another.

"Who were u with at the airport? Looked like u 2 were REALLY close." There was paparazzi there?! Security was supposed to keep them away. Ugh!

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