Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


10. Planning and Flying

Lost Love: 

Chapter 9: 


~Louis's POV~ 

"Hey, I am not available at the moment please leave a message and I'll call you back later." Harry's voicemail announces as I groan in frustration. 

"He probably turned his phone off cause I have been calling him and he's not picking up." I whine walking back into the living room where Niall, Zayn, and Liam sat all huddled around Liam's laptop.

"Nope, his phone is on he's just not answering anyone's calls." Niall says while turning Liam's laptop in my direction so I could see what they were looking at. "He just posted this in Twitter so...it's on he's just ignoring us." Niall says frowning at the screen. I look at the tweet that was posted only a minute ago.


Heading back home to clear my mind a bit 

I sit down in the recliner in Dani's living and place the laptop on my lap. I quickly log off of Liam's twitter and log in to my own where I am instantly spammed with tweets. I hit the new tweet button and type a simple, vague tweet. 

Louis_ Tomlinson: 

@Harry_Styles Call me or one of the lads once you land 

I follow a couple of fans while I am on and quickly regret since I am quickly spammed with tweets which seem to overwhelm Liam's computer causing it to crash.

"Sorry Liam." I mumble while he just stares at it and shrugs before getting up to probably go grab mine or Zayn's laptop. 

"Why did he take Nicole with him?" Niall asks suddenly disrupting the moment of silence we had. I had been wondering the same thing, Harry was smart. He knew that if he and Nicole got on the same flight the media would quickly find out, and if the media found out then so did Dani. Did he no longer care what happened to Dani or had something Dani said anger him so much that he wanted to cause her pain. No, it couldn't have been something Dani said, he would have come to me to tell me what happened or at least the old Harry would. 

"I honestly don't know Nialler." I excused myself before grabbing my phone and calling Abby. After a few rings she finally picks up the phone, but stays silent for a few second before answering.

"Hello?" She asks as she yawns loudly into the phone. 

"Hey, Abs it's Louis." I pause to hear a response, but I only get a yawn in return. 

"Louis, it's...1:26 in the morning here this better be important." She said slightly irradiated at the fact I called her so early. 

"Oh! That's right the time difference I completely forgot about that, but this is important anyways." I state grabbing her attention as she seems to slightly wake up more. 

"What's going on Lou?" She asks with concern coating her voice. 

"Harry is missing, well actually we know where he is, but we don't know why he left." I said voicing all my questions. 

"Where is he?" Abby asks probably getting out of bed and heading towards the living room. 

"Well we know he's heading back to the UK, so either London back to his flat or back home with his mom." I sighed loudly trying to think of which place, Harry was more likely to show up at. He could head back to London to just get away from Dani, but he could be heading back to Cheshire if the break up was that bad.

"When did he leave actually a better question is do you know when his flight arrives?" Abby asked as she shuffled around on her end of the line. 

"He left about five hours ago and he left from California so in probably eight or ten hours?" I said throwing myself on the bed, and staring at the white, plain ceiling while listening to Abby type on her laptop. 

"There are only two flights to the UK that departed in the last five hours, from LAX, one was to London and the other was to Manchester so I am gonna take a wild guess and say he's heading to London." She says suddenly making me jump up and run back into the living room. 

"Do you know when that flight lands?" I ask grabbing a random piece of paper that I think was a song that Niall had been writing. 

"Ummm...let me see...it says that, it lands at around 9 in the morning in UK time." Abby states shuffling around on her side of the line again.

"Hold on Lou, someone else is calling me, I'll call you back in a little bit okay? Love you." I mumble a quick goodbye to her before I hang up and slump down on the recliner in the living room. Harry was heading back to London, so he is heading back to his flat, but I still want to know what caused him to leave. 

"Zayn! Niall!!" I scream as the two burst through the kitchen door with poptarts in their hands. 

"What?" Zayn asked with a mouth full of brown sugar poptart; they had both had taken a really strange liking to poptarts lately and it was actually kinda creepy how they never got tired of them. 

"I think I am gonna head back to London and go check on Harry." I said getting up to go and start packing. 

"Lou, you have to stay here what about Dani! How about me and Zayn go instead." Niall suggested as he tired to steal a piece of Zayn's poptart, but Zayn only slapped his hand away. 

"Nah, I am good Niall. I think I want to stay here." Zayn said while glaring at the still hungry little leprechaun. 

"I'll buy you a ten boxes of poptarts of you come with me, plus you just have to go with me I'll go talk to Harry alone. If it makes you happy." Niall said trying to compromise with Zayn who only looked at him before shaking Niall's hand in agreement. 

"Well, Harry's flight lands in a about eight hours so you might want to leave soon so he doesn't escape too far." I suggest as I head towards the door. 

"Where are you going?" Liam asks from the kitchen. 

"To Nathan's house I need to talk to Dani." I shouted shaking my head at Daddy Direction while I walk out of the house. Car keys in my hand and about a million questions in my head just waiting to be answered. 

~Harry's POV~ 

"Hello?" Louis's girlfriend picks up the phone on about the third ring and her sweet feminine voice fills my ears. 

"Hey Abby!" I ask into the phone as I shuffle around in my seat in first class. Although these are the best seats on the entire plane, they are still really uncomfortable to sit in especially for the last six hours. 

"Hey! Hazza, so I heard your headed back to London. We need to definitely need to hang out if you're gonna be in town." Abby said in her American accent while I continue to try and get comfortable, but I only get glare from some of the business people around me.

"Yeah. We should do you by any chance have any time to come and pick me up from the airport? If you want we can stop and get breakfast after you pick me up. I'll even pay." I offer a little too loudly since I receive more glares from the business men and women who were trying to sleep. 

"That sounds great actually, what time does your flight land." She asks me. 

"I don't know I'll text you when I land, gotta go people are ready to kill me for interrupting their sleep." I whisper into the phone trying to be as quiet as I can. 

"Okay, bye Harold." She says as I return the goodbye before hanging up and slipping the phone back into my pocket. I lean my head back against the seat and try to let sleep take over my mind, but I sit there for about fifteen minutes before deciding that sleep was not gonna come. I knew exactly was keeping me from it and until I am able to work things out sleep will never come. Daniella absolutely hated me, and it hurt me to know that now I can't see her and just kiss her whenever I want. I had no one to blame for this except myself, I was the one who made every little choice and action that lead me to this point. I missed her, her smile, her laugh, the way she bit her bottom lip when she got nervous or was in a awkward situation. I missed waking up to her next to me sound asleep and safe in my arms; the way she would always cook my meals and then make me clean the dishes. I even missed the way she would nag at me for always distracting her when she was cooking. I had lost one of the most amazing things that has happened to me since, joining One Direction. Dani made me feel like I did back when I was just Harry Styles not like now that I was THE Harry Styles or the just the one curly haired kid in One Direction. She had made me stay humble and under controlled, and I had left her alone in California. 

"I didn't expect to see you here, Hazza." A overly sweet voice whispered into my ear as her hands crawled on my shoulder. I didn't make any moment, I guess playing dead at this moment was my strategy. After a few more seconds of staying completely she whispers in my ear again.

"You know, you are single now...so what's stopping you from having me." I snap my head in her direction and glare at her with hatred clear in my eyes since she seemed to shrink slightly. 

"Nicole you really want to know what is stopping me. I am tired of your games, of the way you treat me like your own personal walking bank account, and I am mostly tired of your over clingy, horrible personality." I whisper shout to her as she stands silent in the same spot she was in when I turned my attention to her. 

"Why are you here, I thought I made it very clear that I wanted nothing to do with you Nicole." I said still glaring at her. 

"Babe, you were just angry. You say really stupid stuff when your angry, like that one time you said you didn't have time to takin me shopping or that other time you said you would rather eat at home." She said smiling as if she knew every detail about me. I was tired of this of Nicole. I grab her hand and lead her into the bathroom which was rather large since I was flying first class. 

"Look, Nicole I don't like you this isn't me just temporary mad at you. This is me telling you that we are done, the choices I have made with you have destroyed my life. Can't you see I want nothing to do with you. My fans, my friends, my one true love, and probably even my own family hates me because of the choices you lead me to choose. I don't want a relationship with you Nicole, you were just a mistake I made and learned from. I am sor- actually you know what I am not sorry, because the entire span of our relationship was solely based on my money and fame. So you know what just leave me alone and when we get off this plane I never what to see you again. Do you understand that now Nicole I want nothing to do with you." I rant to her as she stands still leaning against the door of the bathroom with an impatient look on her face. 

"You know what Harry you want your freedom? You can have it, but this isn't the last time you'll hear from me. Trust me I will make your life a living hell, from and now until the end of time if that's necessary. You clearly have no idea who you're leaving behind and trust me when I say this: You will regret the day you met that girl." She said before walking out slamming the bathroom door on her way out. Great going Harry, you just released the even more mental side of Nicole. I walk out and sit back down in my seat and try to let sleep take me away, but nine words seem to float in my head. 

"You will regret the day you met that girl" 







Super sorry for taking so long to update you guys, but I started school again this week from fall break (which I found out almost no one else has??!??) and well...I am trying to get my grades up in my classes...soo i was so busy working on homework! And I have like a billion other stories to write so I should go do that...aha! Well me and Dani have been talking and are trying to decide what to for the next chapter...but! Yes there is a but!! (Aha! I said "butt" lol! Sorry I am feeling hyper) WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS:) so comment or contact me or Music <3 aka. Dani or you can hit me up on Twitter @FallingForYou21 or Kik same user name as twitter:) Can't wait to hear your ideas:) 


FallingForYou21 & Music<3 

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