Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


4. Nicole

 ~Harry's POV~
It's been over two weeks and there is still no change in Daniella's health; she is still so fragile and broken. I haven't visited her in over a week, but it's not because I don't care, but because I can barely stand looking at her knowing it was completely my fault. If I hadn't cheated on her she would in my arms safe and sound, but I had to go and mess things up with her. I felt so much guilt and anger at myself every time I visited her or at this point even thought of her. Now a days I am usually locked in her room at her house, usually just sleeping or trying to at least. It seemed no matter what I did my guilt seemed to followed me everywhere. I would always have dreams no I couldn't call them dreams they were nightmares. These nightmares were nothing like normal nightmare these seemed to be made up of pure pain, sorrow, and betrayal leaving me in a pit of depression afterwards.
The sound of my phone ringing seemed to wake me up out of my half sleep state I was in. It seemed that was the closest I got to sleep these days, but I seemed to finally wake up enough to unlock my IPhone and answer the call.
"Hello." I said my voice slightly cracking at the end due to the lack of using my voice lately.
"Harry, why are you ignoring me have you already forgotten that I am your girlfriend!" I hear Nicole shout from the other end of the phone. I had no energy to yell back at her so I respond to her in a dull and broken tone instead.
"First of all when someone ignores you it means they don't want to talk you so you persisting that I talk to you isn't helping you. Second of all, you aren't my girlfriend. My girlfriend is sitting in the hospital dying, because of the mistakes that I MADE WITH YOU!" I shout at the end getting a sudden surge of energy. I can hear her heavy breathing she is probably trying to calm herself down to a reasonable level so she doesn't go utterly crazy, but Nicole always had mood swings and right now I felt one coming.
"Harry, please just listen I love you. I always have please just give me other chance to prove to you how much I love you." She said sweetly through the phone; I don't respond to her I just sit there and think. If I go see her will I once again end up betraying Dani or will this be the end of whatever I had with Nicole. After what seemed like forever I finally make up my mind,
"I am in California how do you except me to see you?" I ask trying to sway her into changing her mind about seeing me.
"I am in California silly, a course I thought about that before calling you." She said ending with a sweet innocent laugh. I sigh loudly finally accepting my decision; this was going to end whatever happens afterwards I would deal with after Daniella gets better.
"Where do you want to meet up?" I ask pushing myself out of Dani's bed that I had been sleeping in a lot lately since it still held her scent. Sleeping it in made me feel as if I was holding her in my arms still, sometimes it made the nightmares better, but sometimes her scent also made them worse.
"How about at your hotel?" Nicole asks stunning me out of my thoughts and back into reality.
"I am not staying at a hotel, I am staying at Daniella and her friend's house." I said hoping she would just give up and let the whole meeting go possibly our entire relationship with it.
"Fine we'll meet up at my hotel room I'll text you the address in a little bit, bye Harry." She ends the call with a kiss and hangs up on me without giving me even a chance to agree. I groan and throw myself back into Dani's bed as the springs slightly squeak at the impact.
"Sometimes you can be so stupid Harry." Louis said from the doorway his eyes still bloodshot from all the crying he has been doing. It seemed that lately no one's eyes could go back to their normal shade they were always bloodshot from crying or cloudy with sadness.
"I know." I simply reply getting up and walking to Dani's bathroom. Her stuff still laid out all around the bathroom I could never bring myself to clean it up even when my small case of OCD kicks I never seemed to clean it up. To me it helped me think that she isn't at the hospital dying, but just out and about; it makes me feel as though she will be walking through those doors soon asking me what I want her to make me for dinner. That's one of the things about Dani I just loved the way she didn't treat me like the intentional superstar I was but instead she treated me like a normal guy. She helped keep me grounded and normal unlike Nicole who only saw me as her chance to get in the papers. Whenever we planned to go out somehow everyone would find out and by the time we left paparazzi would be there swarming us when we left. Nicole would always wave and smile as if she was best friends with all the random strangers, but she didn't care what their names were. As long as they added to her fifteen minutes of fame she loved them...kinda like she loved me. She only cared about what I brought not about me, but I really didn't care I still felt that urge to make her happy and buy her everything she wanted. Nicole took advantage at the fact that all she had to do was point what she wanted and not even five seconds later I would be swiping my credit card paying for whatever she wanted. Daniella on the other hand hated it so much when I would pay for her she would always sneak money into my wallet afterwards, but I would always find out and give it back.
"Welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?" Asked the blonde cashier.
"Hmmm...I'll have a..." Daniella started to say but trailed off trying to finish her sentence. "Sorry, Harry why don't you order while I think about it." She said making me smile as I look at the cashier.
"Just a regular grande ice coffee with cream and sugar." I order while Dani was still debating what she wanted.
"Maybe a no, Oh I'll get a no...I GOT IT!" She said excitedly half the people in the small cafe where staring at her. She blushed knowing she had just drawn so much attention to herself.
"That will be $3.68." the cashier announced handing me my ice coffee; I hand her my credit card and she hands me my coffee. "Debt or Credit?" She asked.
"Credit and I would like to pay for her coffee too." I said pointing at Dani who stood slightly behind me with a huge smile on her face.
"Okay." The blonde said with a small pout with made her look like an overgrown two year old. She swiped my card and then asked for me to punch in my pin; I quickly do and step aside for Daniella to order.
"I'll have a zebra hot chocolate." She said as I stood about a foot away sipping on my iced coffee watching her as her brown eyes sparkled with the small hints of gold that the get when she is happy.
"HARRY!" She yelled snapping me out of my trance.
"What babe?" I said smiling at her as she frowned at me with the money she was going to use still in her hand.
"You know I hate it when you pay for my stuff here." She said handing me the money in her hand.
"Nah, I am good I would much rather want a kiss." I smirked at her as she just kept the money stretched out at. I didn't make any movement knowing that she would eventually give up and put the money away. After a few more seconds she sighed and stuffed the money in her back pocket and walked towards a table in the back while sipping on her drink.
"I don't like you." She said with a frown on her pink lips.
"No you loooovvvvvvvveeeeee me!" I said making her frown turn into a smile and instantly hid it by sipping on her drink. After a while we left and decided to head back to the hotel room I was currently sharing with her. It was a short walk only about a ten minute walk from the small cafe.
"I am going to go take a shower." I announce as we walk into my room.
"Okay I am just gonna watch a movie." She stated climbing into my now newly made bed and turning on the t.v.
"Haha, okay I won't be long kay." I said kissing her cheek and placed my wallet on the nightstand next to the bed before grabbing a pair of sweats and a tshirt and heading off to the bathroom. When I walk back inside the room Dani had changed into a pair of black pj pants and was wearing one of my shirts. She had fallen asleep watching Mean Girls; I guess she still was jet lagged from her flight. I pick up my wallet to place my credit card back into and noticing Dani's money in inside.
"Dani I told you I don't want your money." I whisper down into Daniella's ear which made her groan and flip to her other side.
"You know I hate it when you pay for me." She mumbled with sleep clouding her voice. I chuckle at her before taking the money out of my wallet and getting up to slip the money back into Dani's purse.
~End of Flashback~
I seemed to have these random flashbacks to the good times so often now and every time I do I seem to feel as if I am losing her more and more.
~ Louis's POV~
It going to three weeks on Tuesday. Three weeks without Daniella. It seemed as if it was only yesterday that greeted us at the airport when we arrived from Europe. I missed her everyone did; I found myself hating Harry and even sometimes Sheridan for making her run off. If they hadn't started screaming at Harry cheating on Dani then she wouldn't have driven off, but then I see how broken both of them are and I seem to forget all about my anger. Harry seemed to only sit in her room and just stare at absolutely nothing, but today he's meeting Nicole. I don't understand him at all sometimes he knows that she is only using him for the money and fame, but he still sees her. He did yell at her when she called though admitted he made a mistake. They same admitting you have a problem is the first step in making a recovery maybe Harry admitting he made a mistake will make him finally leave Nicole. No one in the bad seemed to like her, not even Liam could tolerate being nice to her and he was nice to absolutely everyone! Actually now that I think of it Liam even told Harry that he didn't like her and that he shouldn't be with her. Harry just dismissed Liam's opinion and now look at where we're at. Daniella's in the hospital fighting for her life and Harry hasn't visited her in over a week!
"I'll be back in an a little bit Lou." Harry said as he entered the living room. He was now wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a white v-neck and his curls were still wet from the shower he took.
"Are you going to go visit Dani?" I question him hoping he said yes, but he only lowered his gaze and shook his head.
"No, I am going to go see Nicki." He said turning away from my glare and walking out the door.
"KEEP YOUR PHONE ON!" I shout as he nods and walks out the door. Poor Daniella her heart and body have been broken and her boyfriend won't even go and see her. Instead he goes and visits the girl who has destroyed our lives. Harry didn't know but the fans found out; they found out that Daniella was Harry'a girlfriend long before he even met Nicole. They barely knew Daniella but they loved her so much more than Nicole. When they found out that Harry has been dating Dani for over a year now and he was seeing Nicole they sent him hate. I had received many tweets too, telling me to straighten Harry out make him see how much better Daniella was.
*Not real Twitter names I just randomly made them up*
From: @1DIsMyLife:
Louis you need to fix this! Show Harry how amazing Dani is over that tramp Nicki!
From: @HarrysFutureWife:
I never liked Nicki! She is such a horrible human being!
From: @NiallsFuturePrincess:
Yay! I hated nicki anyways -.- #TeamHani
Only a few minutes after that fan tweeted that, every seemed to catch on and #TeamHani started trending. Management was beyond pissed off at Harry for his action, but somehow Liam talked them out of calling him in for a meeting. I really hoped that Harry would come back finally done with Nicki cause if he doesnt then we were gonna have a huge problem. Fans were going to go into a frenzy and along with that management. I was going to have a huge problem too since right now many fans are questioning if any of the other guys and me have ever been unfaithful to any of our girlfriends. This was not just ruining Harry's reputation, but the entire band's.
||: A/N
Umm...Hello there? I am the new co-author FallingForYou21... so i wrote this chapter so i really hope you guys like it! :)

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