Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


8. Missing

~Harry's POV~  

I walked out of Daniella's room feeling lost and alone as I tell everyone else that she wanted to see them. I painfully walk towards the elevator and wait for the familiar "ding” which I had become very familiar with signaling the elevator had arrived. I slowly trudge my way into the elevator and press the lobby button. It seemed to take hours before the doors opened releasing me out into the cold, open, lonely world. When I got to my car, I stared at it for a few minutes before deciding to finally get in. How many times had I sat in this very car not realizing what any girl amazing would sit in the passenger seat. Dani's smile and laugh quickly surfaced from my thoughts. Her laughter rang throughout my brain and soon tears where streaming down my face. I have made so many mistakes in my life, like that time I decided that straightening my hair was a good idea; or the time I let Louis convince me that running away from Paul an hour before our show would come with no consequences. Those were horrible mistakes, but this one, letting Dani go, has to be classified as the worst. Why? Why did this have to happen to me of all people why me? Why did I ever go to that party and meet Daniella? Why did I let myself fall for Daniella so quickly? Why did I go out to that club with Niall that one time and meet Nicole? Why? It was the one question spinning in my head and no matter how hard I tried to push it away it kept coming back. I sat in my car and cried while I thoughts slip away to Daniella and the time when we first met. It had been only a few months after we had wrapped up our first tour. We had gone to the party to have some fun and relax from all the stress of the tour, but I wanted a break from the party so I went out and sit on the beach. That's when I saw Daniella her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail the loose hair falling in loose waves. Her red sun dress standing out against the darkness if the night as her yellow converse laid next to her as her toes where curled into the sand. She looked so friendly and the kindness just radiated off of her. She didn't even know I was Harry Styles until her friend told her, she didn't treat me like a celebrity at all. Just normal person who had nothing to do with fame and fortune. She was the time of person who stayed home and cooked us dinner instead of going out to eat as some expensive restaurant. That's why I fell so in love with her, she made me feel like I was more than her fifteen minutes of fame. She treated me like a person not her own walking ATM, that she can just pout at and get as much money as she wants. Nicole was the complete opposite of Dani; it made me so angry at myself that I could so easily let Dani go. She was absolutely perfect, I know she has her faults, but even with them she was perfect. I needed some time to myself, to clear my thoughts and finally think of a way to finally get Dani back. I drove back to Dani's house and grabbed a duffel bag, that I always had packed in case I ever needed to quickly leave since management had the tendency to call random meetings. I grab my laptop and log on to the airline website. I search for the location that I was looking for I press a one way ticket and grab my laptop and phone off of Dani's bed. As I grab the door knob of door I feel all the guilt and pain return and hit me full force which only caused me to move faster. I was on my way to the airport, which I was soon gonna be taking off on an airplane going back home to England for a while.  


~Daniella's POV~ 


"DANI! Where were you!" Nathan yells as I walk through the door from my walk. God, Nate was making me feel like I'm pregnant, not that I just have some bruises. Yeah, I know I just got out of a coma, but I can still go out and do stuff, I am not disabled just bruise. 

"I went out for a walk." I shrugged as I sat down on the black couch that Nate had in his living room. He didn't bother scolding me today, since he knew I would probably just yell at him. So as soon as he walks out of the room and back into the kitchen where I assume he was making dinner, I allow my thoughts return to what I had been thinking about for the last few days. Harry Styles. I hadn't even know they called him until he was standing in room almost demanding a chance to explain. They had called Harry even when I didn't want them to, but I guess I was partly to blame since I never told them not to call him. I had just assumed that Sheridan, Darna, or maybe one of the guys would tell the nurses not to call him. Other thing that had been swimming through my thought was why Nathan wanted to take me. I thought he would let me go with Sheridan or Darna. Yeah, we have been friends for like forever, and I love being his friend, I just want to know why he took me in. 

"Hey Nate?" I ask walking into the kitchen where he was standing near a pot trying but completely failing to make some macaroni and cheese. I giggle at him before taking control of dinner, much to his dislike. 

"Oh! Did you need something?" He asks finally realizing that I had asked him a question. 

"Yeah, I wanted to know why you took me and not just let Darna or Sheridan take me?" I asked him. He stood there for a minute his eyebrow tightly knitted in thought before he answered. 

"Well, for one thing, you are my best friend why wouldn't I help out my best friend and please don't be angry with me, but I knew that if you went with one of them, they would let Harry come see you. He hurt you Dani and i would make me angry not only at them but at myself for not doing anything to prevent him seeing you. You need a break from him, so I brought you here away from him and all his dram. Why? Do you not like it here?" He asked me suddenly panicking at the thought I wasn't happy or comfortable here. 

"No! I like it here. I was just wondering." I say calming him down just as my phone rang.

"Don't touch the noodles!" I tell Nate sternly before grabbing my phone out of the pocket of the sweats I was wearing . 

"Fine mom." He says to me. I just laugh at his childish behavior and answer the phone.

"Hello?" I ask still giggling as Lou’s panicked voice makes my giggles instantly stop. 

"Hey Dani, its Lou. Have you seen Harry lately?" He asks me urgently almost panting as if he had been running around my entire house looking for him.

"No, why?" I ask him suddenly worried making Nate look up from his phone at me with worried eyes. 


"Don't finish that sentence." I said sternly at Louis who seemed to lighten up a little bit at my tone. 

"Fine mum." He says playfully as I heard Nate laugh at me since I had put my phone on speaker so I could stir the noodles. 

"Do I really sound like everyone's mom?" I ask him and Nate raising and eyebrow at him, but he only shrugs as Louis answers my question. 

"You sounded like mine." He says still laughing at me. 

"So, what happened to Harry?" I ask changing the subject from my motherly instincts to the whole reason that Lou had called me. 

"We don't know. We got home from the hospital and he was gone." He said suddenly sober from his previous laughter. He was gone, had I caused this; did he leave because he couldn’t stand seeing me anymore? Or had he left to hook up with Nicole since he didn’t need me anymore?

“Daniella are you still there?” Louis ask making me grab the phone and walking into the living room where the news where currently on. 

“Louis turn on the TV channel 12.” I said without emotion in my voice as Nate comes in and sits next to me on the couch.   


“Yes, Directioners Harry Styles was seen leaving early today with his duffel bag in hand and plane ticket in hand. There are many rumors going around that his now recently revealed girlfriend Daniella Frank has left him since it was recently revealed that Mr. Styles was being unfaithful with his UK girlfriend Nicole. The two had been seen a lot out in the streets of England, how Styles managed to keep this from his girlfriend back here in the States will forever be a mystery. But many directioners have already taken to twitter stating they the majority of the guys fandom is and I quote “#TeamHani” which after the relationship between Frank and Styles was brought out to the public was quick to trend on Twitter. BUT!! Styles is rumored to be leaving with his mistress Nicole who left on the same flight as Styles! What do you think Directioners? Team Hani or Nirry?”    The young about twenty something gossip reporter said as I shut off the TV, to listen to what Louis has to say about the segment. 

“I’ll call you right back Dani.” Lou says as we exchange quick goodbyes and I go back to making dinner. 

“Dani, are you okay?” Nate asks looking at me angry yet sympathetically in his eyes. 

“I’ll be fine Nate.” I said lying easily to him before making adding the rest of the ingredients and serving up two plates. We sit in silence as my mind races with thoughts while this one specific questions stands out in my mind. Did Harry really even like me?   


||: A/N   

So what do you guys think? Team Hani (Harry and Dani) or Nirry (Nicole and Harry)??    


Dani and Toria :D 

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