Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


6. I Miss You!

Lost Love:   



~Louis's POV~   



Harry wanted to talk, probably about me and his disagreement on the fact he went and saw Nicole. I hadn't even realized that during my rant Dani had waken up. I felt so bad since here is poor Dani almost dying and that is the first thing she hears when she wakes up for a three week coma? Oh! Your boyfriend is out with his mistress, but hey make sure you give him a chance. Really smooth move I pulled off there, honestly I don't even know why I asked Daniella to give Harry a chance. Maybe it was the fact that is what I would want to happen if me and my girlfriend Abigail where in their situation. I don't know, or maybe it's the fact I don't want either Harry or Dani to miserable and unhappy.

"Hey Lou." Liam greeted me as I walked into the cafeteria of the hospital with Sheridan at his side. She just smiled at me before whispering into Liam's ear causing his smile to fall. "Louis you really need to learn to listen to the people around you during your rants." Liam scolded me as I sat down in front of them sighing loudly at how exhausted I was feeling. I look up and see Sheridan had her arms wrapped around Liam for support as his right arm was wrapped protectively around her waist. She looked exhausted as well probably because it was always us two who never left Dani's side unless been basically dragged out. Sheridan leaned her head up from Liam chest and kissed his jaw making him smile at her sweet gestures. Seeing the two of them together made me miss Abby a lot more than I did before leaving Dani's room. I hadn't talked to her in over two weeks, she understood that Dani was my first priority right now so she gave me my space. But not talking to her has really made me miss her. 

"I'll be right back I have to call Abby." I announced quietly hoping not to interrupt the two's quiet eye flirting session. Liam just nodded signaling he heard me before I walked away towards a secluded hallway I had found a week ago. I pulled out my phone and quickly unlocked it; I was so nervous to hear Abby's voice. It's been a while since we talked and I really missed her sweet innocent voice. I went to my contacts and pressed her name which in my phone was: My Abby:) xx   

I pressed the phone to my ear as the ringing starts, it was around 2 so I don't think she was busy plus it was a Monday. I listened and listened to the ringing until she picks up the phone. 

"Hello?" She ask as her sweet tender voice answered the phone, making me smile. 

"Hey Abs." I said smiling.

"Ummm...who's this?" She asked suddenly making my smile drop; had I really not talked to her for so long that she had forgot my voice. 

"Have you forgotten about me so soon?" I ask her half joking and half serious. 

"Umm... I don't know who this is." She answered honestly. 

"Abs, it's me Louis? Your boyfriend?" I said hoping she would at least now start to recognize my voice. 

"OH!! LOU! I didn't know it was you! Did you change your number again, cause you're calling me from a different number."

"Oh! Yeah! I forgot to text you telling you I had Paul change my number again because a fan called me a few days ago. It was pretty scary, I honestly believed that they where going to track my location down through my phone!!" I over exaggerate making Abby laugh at me and my paranoia. 

"Lou, I swear you have issues." She said in between her giggles. 

"I know and that's why you love me." I said proudly making her scoff on her end of the phone. 

"Haha! You wish Lou, Haha! Oh by the way Nicole called me earlier, apparently her and Harry worked things out." She said with a slight amount of disgust in her voice. Abby knew that Harry was with Dani, but she pretend not to know a thing to get us information on Nicole. She was my little spy ninja, who told me all the things Harry had slowly stopped trusting me with. 

"Huh, well he already seemed to screw up any chance of him and Dani working things out if she finds that out." I mumble into the phone trying to forgot about how heartbroken Dani was when I told her about Nicole.  "I saw the fans found out about Harry and Dani, everyone instantly changed their minds about her you know, they went from: Who's the girl that Harry is hugging!? To Why is Harry dating Nicole when he has Dani? In like two minutes." Abby paused and then started laughing loudly into my ear. 

"What's so funny?" I ask her utterly confused. 

"Hani!! Haha! Wow, Lou I really do love your fans, but our ship name is so much better." She said very conceitedly. 

"A course it is Abs...Abis is most amazing thing ever!" I said laughing at her. 

"Hey, I have to go Lou I promise to come out and visit you soon okay, boo." She said sweetly. 

"Yeah, I miss you." I say honestly feeling the loneliness set in my chest. 

"I miss you too boo, I have to go. I love you." She said making the biggest smile form on my lips. 

"I LOVE YOU TOO! ABS!" I said loudly making her squeal at my sudden loudness. We exchange another good bye, before we hang up with the promise to talk soon. I felt better finally being able to talk to Abby all my stress about Harry and Dani seemed to fade away after talking to her. I couldn't wait until she came to visit me, which would be in a few days when she took her break from her job; until I have be satisfied with talking to her over Skype or the phone.   



~Zayn's POV~  


"Yeah! We're leaving right now. No we won't call him, ugh! Sher I will make sure Zayn doesn't call him! NO I DONT EVEN WANT TO SEE HIM! Yeah! I LOVE YOU TOO! SHER!" Darna said she hung up with who I am guessing from her screams was Sheridan.

"ZAYN!!" She ran into the kitchen were I stood making her some lunch.

"Yeah, what's up babe." I said turning towards her as she jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist making me grunt at the sudden impact of her body. After I grip onto her legs so I know she wouldn't fall I turn and face her. "What's up babe." I addressed her again. 

"OH MY GOD ZAYN! SHE'S FINALLY AWAKE!" She screamed at me so loud that she made me go deaf for two seconds. I stood there silent until Darna's words finally sunk in. 

"DANI'S AWAKE?" I screamed. Darna just giggled at my sudden change of personality. 

"Yeah, come on go get dressed we have to go see her!" Darna commanded hopping off of me and back onto the ground. 

"Okay, babe be right back." I said kissing her forehead and heading towards the room we have been sharing for the last few weeks. I had stayed with Darna since Dani's accident to help her calm down and not go insane. I also did it for myself, since honestly right now I could barely look at Harry without having the feeling of wanting scream at him. Dani had been there for him through everything, she didn't care that he was rich and famous, she only cared about him. Nicole on the other hand was a control, money and power obsessed girl, who only cared about the money and social status Harry brought along. He clearly didn't see what an amazing girl stood in front of him and according to Louis who had called me earlier he still hadn't realized it. I walked into my room and slipped some shoes on not bothering to change out of the pair of sweat and hoodie I had been wearing. 

“Let’s go Zayn.” Darna commands me as I grab my phone and keys off the coffee table. The drive over to the hospital was never silent, since most of the time was talking about all these plans that she had to do with Daniella got out of the hospital. 

“Calm down babe, she just woke up you need to let the poor girl rest before you start pulling her everywhere.” I said laughing as I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and parked in the visitors section. We got out and silently walked towards the elevator that lead us up towards Daniella’s room. On the way here Darna told me that she had strict orders from Sheridan to not tell Harry about Daniella being awake. When we finally arrive on Dani’s floor Darna heads out to find Liam, Louis, and Sheridan who were somewhere around.

“K, I am going to go get a drink from the vending machine by Dani’s room.” I told Darna as she walked off to ask the nurses if they had seen any of the rest of the group. I head down the hallway, that I had become very familiar with the last three weeks, about five feet away from where Dani’s room was the vending machine stood. 

“Will you at least give a chance to explain!” I hear a strong voice yell from Dani’s room who I instantly recognized as Harry. What was Harry doing here I thought no one was supposed to call him, at least that’s was Sheridan’s order to me and Darna. 

“Explain? Explain what Harry! The fact I trusted you to go out and tour with your friends thinking you were faithful, but only to find out that the entire time you had been lying to me!?” Daniella yells, but the door muffled her yells making it sound as if she was just speaking only slightly louder. 

“Dani please, just give a chance to explain.” Harry pleaded; I could already see him trying to seduce her into giving him a chance to explain. I was tempted to throw open the door and pull Harry out, even if he hated me for it afterwards I didn’t find it fair, how he was basically demanding a chance to explain his stupid mistakes. Instead I turn around and walk down the same hallway I came through counting to ten trying to relax as I put more and more space between me and Harry.     












||: A/N    Helloooo…Wonderful and Beautiful readers : ) I hope you all really like this chapter it’s a little bit longer than usual! And I know you guys probably hate me and Dani for making you all wait for the big confrontation between Harry and Daniella!!! I know we are horrible people…we should be ashamed! Aha! Well…you guys are just gonna have to wait til we update again! Aha!! Well til then our amazing readers: )    Love,    FallingForYou21 xx  and Music <3  

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