Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


11. Don't Trust Me

Lost Love: 

Chapter 10: 

~Harry's POV~ 

"Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing shortly." I overheard in my dreams, but I didn't even bother waking up. 

"Harry, babe wake up." I heard her sweet voice whisper into my ear as I mentally smile at her and wait for her to sigh. She always fall for this, I would wait pretend to sleep until she finally kissed me wake. She would always kiss my cheeks first and then my lips which was brave of her since I usually had morning breath. 

"Sir." She said gentlest shaking my shoulder trying to get me awake. She had called me sir, which seemed to stunned me. Dani finally sigh loudly which signaled I had once again won. Soon her hand rest softly on my shoulder as she fastened on my seat belt? I heard it click and soon her footsteps walked away. I open my eyes only to get stunned by the bright light in the plane. Had I dreamed about Dani being here? I look around for her but saw no trace of her. A air stewardess walked down the aisle and I stopped her. 

"Excuse have you seen the girl who fastened my seatbelt?" I asked looking at the young woman who was probably in her early 20's. She had her blonde hair up in a right bun which showed off her bright brown eyes. If I would have seen her before I met Dani I would have stopped her and asked for her number. But now she was just another face, she wasn't Dani and no where compare to her. 

"Oh, that was me I am sorry if I woke you up, but we are going to be landing soon." She said with a sweet smile which I just nodded to before letting go back to whatever she was doing. In only about thirty minutes I was going to be able to go back to my flat. Alone. I frowned and dug my iPhone out my pocket which was off. I sat and waited for the passcode screen to pop up. After a few minutes it does and I quickly type in my passcode before I am spammed with tweets, texts, missed calls, and voicemails. I ignore all of them and focus on what I was doing. I find Abby's contact and send her a quick text telling her I was arriving soon. I wait for her response which appears only a few minutes later. 

From: Abbbbbyyyyyyy!! 
Kay! I'll head out to pick you up now!
Abs!! Xx

I turn my phone off again but before I do I receive a text from the one person I longed to see. 

From: Dani<3 
Harry, everyone is worried...can you at least call one of us? 

No signature, no hearts, no kisses, just a simple message. I decide to call her back after I get back to my flat. I slip my phone back into my pocket and lean my head back against the head rest. 

"Welcome to England and please exit in an orderly fashion and thank you for flying with..." I drown out the rest of what the captain says. Soon we after land and I stay in my seat while everyone around me gets up. After a few more minutes only a few people were left behind and I decide to get up. I grab my carry on and head out the door. As I walk towards the door to get out the same air stewardess who I had mistaken with Daniella stops me.

"Thank you for flying with us, plus come back soon," she paused and leaned up towards me. "Or you can call me." She said slipping a small piece of paper into my back pocket. I frown of her and take it out while placing it back into her hand. 

"I am not interested." I haul my bag higher up my shoulder and walk away from the plane feeling empty and alone. Soon I am able to make it down and I to the airport to wait for Abby. I sat down in one of the cold chairs and sit the beanie on my head so it covers almost all my recognizable curls under it. 

"I know who you are, and if you don't come with me I'll scream." Someone whispers in my ear before grabbing my hand and pulling me away. After a few more steps she pulls me into a small Starbucks in the airport. I couldn't tell anything about her except that she was very fit and had her hair which was the same shade of brown as Abby's pulled into a bun. 

"One venti iced white chocolate mocha." She said while looking straight at the cashier. 

"Okay name?" She asks which cause me to listen in for her name. The young girl only laughs before turning to me. "Abigail." She said with a huge smile on her face as she stares at me 

"You are horrible you know what! I honestly thought I was going to get kidnapped." I said quickly while pulling her into a hug. 

"You and Lou are the most gullible people on earth since you two always fall for that trick." She said laughing throwing her head back laughing. I glare at her before letting a small chuckle leave my lips. 

"Are you done laughing at me now?" I asked raising an eyebrow at her. 

"Are you going to order-Oh. My. God!!" The young cashier screams grabbing the attention of someone of the people in the small cafe. "YOU'RE-"Abby cuts her off by slamming her hand over her mouth as the girl mumbles my name under her mouth. I smile shyly at her and mouth sorry, but she nods her head while waving her hands around saying that it was okay. After being assured she wasn't going to scream she removes Abby removes her hand, before wiping her hand on my sleeve. I frown at her as the cashier just giggles at us. 

"Is Louis her too!" She asks looking around the cafe trying to spot him, but soon failing. 

"No, it's just me and Abby, the rest of the boys are in the states, helping out ...Dani." I said frowning down at the ground. Abby nudges my side making me look up at her. 

"How about you order something and we can talk?" She asks, but I only nod my head in response. 

"Can I have the same thing as Abigail." I said using Abby's full name which makes her slightly frown, but soon her smile appears again. 

"Yeah sure wait here I'll get you your drinks." The young cashier said as I read her name tag, which read Sylvia. Abby notices me looking at her name tag and she too soon is looking at her name. 

"Oh, you're name is Sylvia? One of my best friend's is named Sylvia too, she's Puerto Rican!" Abby says proudly while grinning at Sylvia. 

"Yeah, I follow her on Twitter, I also ship Hani." She said looking at me while handing is our drinks.

"Dani is so much nicer that Nicole...I've met Nicole before and seems so rude." I stare at her wide eyed that she even had the courage to say that. “I am sorry, you know maybe she's really nice but she was just having a bad day or something. But I thought she was slightly rude to the fans." Sylvia said looking down at the ground hiding her face from view. Abby grabs her drink and pays while laughing uncontrollably at her. 

"Trust me when you met her that is about as nice as she gets." Abby said before grabbing her debit card back from Sylvia. Who is looking at me for confirmation or denial to Nicole's behavior. 

"She is nice to an extent, but Dani is just overall kind." I said smiling at the mere mention of her. Abby nods and bid Sylvia goodbye as we walk out of the airport to Abby's white Camaro that set about 100 yards from the entrance. I throw my carry on into the backseat and get comfortable in the front seat next to Abby. We drove for about twenty minutes in a comfortable silence before arriving to Abby's flat, which was in the same building as mine. 

"Wanna comes over and make me food?" She asked looking at me before I nod and she does some weird dance in her seat.

"You and Louis are so much alike that it's scary. It's like he's dating himself in a way." I said shaking my head and grabbing my bag. I feel a sudden whack against my head that makes me yell in pain. As I turn around to glare at Abby, I notice that she is gone. "Yeah let's hit Harry over the head for telling the truth then run away." I mumble to no one in particular. I decide to take the stair which after the fifth flight of stairs I start to regret. After what seems forever I finally arrive at door of my flat which was on the 8 floor of the building. I haul myself up to my door an unlock the flat and let myself in. It was cold and lonely as I walk in alone with no one by my side. I place my bag down and walk back out taking the elevator down to the fifth floor where Abby lived. 

"HAROLD!" She said opening the door and leaving it wide open for me to walk in. 

"ABIGAIL!" I shout letting myself smile for a spilt second, then I notice her laptop which was logged onto Skype.
"HAROLD HOW DARE YOU LEAVE WITHOUT LETTING ANY OF US KNOW!" Louis screamed at me from the computer as I sat down in front of it. 

"I just need a break." I said sighing as I take in his surroundings it didn't look like any place I knew.

"Where are you?" I ask looking closer at the screen trying to figure out where exactly he was, but nothing looked familiar. 

"Louis why are you talking to my laptop?" Asked a sad broken voice of the girl who I longed to see. 

"Ummm...cause your unicorn was busy and didn't want to talk to me?" He said more like a question than an answer. Her soft laughter fills my ears as I watch climb into the bed next to Louis before looking at the screen. Dani's eyes go wide in surprise before looking away and focusing on her fingers instead. 

"Say hi, Dani." Louis said quietly almost too silent for me to hear. 

"Hi...Harold." She says quietly before looking up for a spilt second to get a glance of me. Her hair was up in a tight bun while she wore a simple spaghetti strap shirt and from what I could tell a pair of sweats that she ha stolen from me. 

"Hello, Dan- erm I mean Daniella." I said correcting myself. I had suddenly remembered how she had told me that she didn't want me calling her Dani, since only people she trusted could. She frowned at me before looking back at her moving thumbs.

"DANI!!" Abby screamed from behind me grabbing her attention from her fingers to the loud girl behind me. This didn't feel right seeing her on the screen with Louis instead of me. I should be in Louis's place and he should be in mine, but he had stayed to help her get through this and I trusted him. He was deeply in love with Abby and I knew that knew how deeply in love I was with Dani. He wouldn't betray both me and Abby so I trust him to help Dani get over me. Honestly I wanted her to get over and move on to someone better someone that would never even think of betraying the way I did. I would her from here to the end of the universe, but I knew she would never trust me and honestly I didn't trust myself. I believed that I ha changed my ways, that breaking poor girl's hearts was in the past. But seeing Dani's broke and torn like she was right now made realized something. I hadn't changed at all, I had jus gotten better at lying not only to Dani, but to myself as well.

"Hey, Abby." Dani replied with a bright smile which in return made me smile. She blushed when she saw how I was straight at her through the screen and hid her face from the view of the camera. 

"ABS!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" Louis screams into the screen making Dani slightly jump at how loud Lou had screamed. 

"I miss you too Boo." Abby said in a calm tone as she smiled brightly at my best friend. I turn to look out the window at the cloudy sky here in London, which I had missed so much. 

"Umm...Lou I'll be right back gotta go potty real quick okay." I grimace at the amount of personal information Abby was sharing before laughing at my expression and walking off. After a few second Louis excused himself saying that Liam was calling him and soon left too. Now it was just me and Dani, me staring her flawless face with out any makeup add her twiddling her thumbs together. 

"And then there were two." She said quietly breaking the silence between us. 

"Yeah." I said chuckling at her comment making her smile down at her hands. We let another wave of comfortable silence fall over us, before I break it. "Are you feeling better umm...with all the bruises and stuff?" I ask making her smile before looking up at me and letting we smile drop a little.

"Yeah, I would have better a lot sooner if I had someone to help me out." She said pausing looking around the room she was in before looking at me or better said the computer again. "You know if you would have stayed we could have talked this out and I would have forgiven you." She said calmly, straightening her back against the wall where the bed against of. 

"That's the thing Dani, I know you would have...and I am not worthy of your forgiveness. I don't deserve it after what I did to you." I said feeling my eyes get watery, but I blink away the tears not allowing for Dani to see me so weak. 

"You made a mistake Harold we all do." She said calmly before sighing and continuing. "Maybe its not that you don't feel worthy, but you don't want my forgiveness. Harry do you love the other Nicole?" She asked making my head snap up at her and start vicious shaking no. 

"No, no, no, no! I don't love her...I can barely tolerate her." She giggled at me her sweet innocent giggle that caused a bright smile to form on my lips, but soon they ended and she was back in a serious mood. 

"Then why don't you want my forgiveness?" She asked. 

"Cause I don't trust myself." I said looking into her eyes and seeing years form in her eyes. It was breaking my heart seeing her sad and broken. I wanted nothing more than accept her forgiveness and wrap her tight in my arms, but if I did that then I was allow the chance of breaking her heart again. And I don't think I could live with myself knowing that I had broken it twice. 

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