Lost Love (Completed)

'This is a sequel to I Love You, Too' One Direction is back from there European tour and going to California to stay with Daniella and Sheridan at their new house. Harry has been acting strange and Sheridan can't stand to be near him. Things are said, tears flow, and then, someone comes back.


7. Break Ups and New Homes

Lost Love

Chapter 7   


~Daniella's POV~


  “Explain? Explain what Harry! The fact I trusted you to go out and tour with your friends thinking you were faithful, but only to find out that the entire time you had been lying to me!?” I yelled. I honestly couldn't even believe that the hospital called him, but it was partly my fault for not giving the order earlier. Earlier you were almost dying earlier; I mentally scold myself. All I wanted was for Harry to leave and everybody else to come and take his place. I didn't want to look at his glittering green eyes and fall into his trap; I was honestly done with him and his lies. 

“Dani please, just give a chance to explain.” Harry pleaded again trying to move towards me as I kept taking a step away from him as he took one towards me. 

"Harry, you don't have anything to explain. You went out with a girl, and hoped I wouldn't find out, but I did and now you regret your mistake. End of story." I gave him a fake smile then turned away from him.

"Come on Dani, please!" Harry begs, tears glittering in his eyes. 

"Don't call me that." I roughly mumble at him. 

"Why not?" He asks me with pain in his strong features. 

"Because only people who I know I can trust and would never lie or cheat on me can call me that, from now on you only have the right to call me by my actual name. Now leave me alone Harry." I stated as he stood there silent and still as a statue.

"Dani, I love you and I don't have any right to deny you what you want and if you want me to leave then... I have no right to deny you that. But Dani know that I will always love you! And I will always fight for our love." That’s all he said before I left. I didn't realize what I said until after I said it. I didn't mean to hurt him that bad. I know he cheated on me and it hurt but now I hurt him just as much. I fought fire with fire, I felt absolutely terrible. Just as my doubts and regrets start to grow more and more, everyone walks in with small, timid smiles on their faces. 

"DANI!!" Darna screamed as she ran to my beside and tackled me into a huge hug. 

"Dar...still busied." I simply said as Zayn pulled on his girlfriend's arm. 

"Nice to finally see you awake, you gave us quite a scare." Liam said from the right side of my bed. I tried to look him in the eyes, but I had to slightly arch my head towards him. 

"But at least she allowed us to finally get a break from touring." Louis stated shrugging his shoulders as everyone scolded him. I laughed and tried to look around him, to see if there was everyone was here, but as I look over Louis's shoulder; I see a familiar blonde walk in panting as he throws himself next to me in bed. 

"So-rr-y I am la-te. Was eat-ing- lun-ch!" Niall said panting between words. 

"A course Niall that totally is the perfect excuse for everything. Sorry I am late for the concert you guys just stopped to get a bite to eat don't worry it's not like I'm two hours late." I reply sarcastically to the panting little leprechaun laying next to me smiling sheepishly at me. 

"Nothing can get between Niall and food when he's hungry." Zayn said laughing at Niall ruffling his hair which now we're barely blonde as his rare roots were starting to show. Had I really been gone that long before the accident Niall had gotten his hair redone only about two months ago. He usually dyes it when his roots grow about an inch or two, now his roots were a good three or four inches grown out. 

"Niall your roots are starting to show why haven't you gone and got hair dyed?" I ask him running my finger through his soft hair. I suddenly stop, my fingers deep in his hair as I remember the times Harry used to lay next to me as I ran my fingers through his curls. I would always find a small knot in his hair and I would sit there for hours unknotting it and making sure his hair was knot free. His hair was always soft and warm, every time I ran my fingers through his hair it made me feel warm and cuddly inside. Harry never let anyone touch his hair it was his one demand to the rest of the guys, but I was sometimes openly encouraged by Harry to touch his hair. As the memories about the past seem to fall into my train of thought, I instantly scold myself. No Daniella, you can't fall for him, he broke you, doesn't deserve you.

"So, Dani. When can you come home?" Darna asked me. 

"After they run a few tests on me and until I feel better to be up and around on my own." I said looking at Louis who confirmed what the doctor said.

"So, are you better yet?!" Darna practically yelled at me. 

"Darna, she just got out of a coma. Let the girl breath." Zayn said. 

"It's okay Zayn. I fell good enough to go home. Just a few bruises and cuts. Just need to let theme run some test to make sure I won't randomly die or pass out on the way home." I joke laughing at myself. 

"Well, we wouldn't want that now would we." I heard a strong voice call from the doorway, for a second it sounded like Harry; but as soon as I peered from behind Louis I saw it was Nathan. He walked into the room with the petite doctor from before with a couple of nurse behind her. 

"Okay Daniella we need to get some x-rays and CAT scans done on you to make sure everything is okay, and if everything turns out okay and you feel ready to go you can leave by this evening." She said as the nurses nodded. 

"That sounds-" I started but got cut off by Darna. 

"SHE READY TO LEAVE!" Darna yelled earning a couple of laughs from the people in the room and a slightly scold from Zayn telling her it was my choice not her's. 

"Nah, it's cool Zayn I would actually love to go home." I said smiling at the doctor who looked towards the ground. 

"Actually you can't home, since you live alone...ummm...you need to stay with someone for the next six month to make sure everything is okay." She said smiling sheepishly at me as my jaw drops open. 

"She won't be living alone we'll stay with her." Niall said from beside me on the bed, but I quickly shake my head at him. 

"None of you can, Niall cause you guys have to go back on to-erm I mean to...to...umm...Tokyo...and yeah I can't have you guys stay with me and lose your erm...friends and jobs." I said trying to cover the fact that the four boys standing in my room were big international superstars. 

"You can stay with me!" Darna said.  "Or me!" Sheridan said throwing her hand in the air as if she this was the Hunger Games and she was volunteering as tribute. 

"Nah, she'll stay with me. I won't kill her with shopping and gossip sessions and if she falls or something I can actually lift her up." Nathan said smiling at me as Darna and Sheridan shoot glares in his direction, but he seemed oblivious to them. 

"We're big girls Nathan we can take care of Dani just fine by ourselves." Sheridan earning a "yeah" from Darna. He just shrugged as he turned to the doctor as she started telling him all the instructions to take care of me. The nurse quick started to work as the wheeled me out to get all the test done, I knew I was fine I felt fine except slight case of fatigue. After a few hours the doctor comes back, with the discharge papers in her hand and a wheel chair being pushes behind her. 

"So everything is fine, I am letting you leave with your firmed Nathan today, I have prescribed you some pain, and muscle relaxers in case you need them. I want you to rest a little for the rest of the week, but by next week I want you to try to get back to your regular schedule." The doctor commands as Nathan nods his head and walks out behind her leaving me alone to change, into some clothes Sheridan had brought me earlier. She and everyone else had left about an hour ago stating they wanted to go get showered and changed, but promised to meet us at Nathan's house when we left. Harry hadn't called or texted either me or anyone else, I still left the small sting of regret deep in my chest knowing I was the one who had pushed him away. Really Daniella you feel regret for letting go of guy who lied and cheated on you even while you were dying how stupid can you get. I mentally scold myself making me frown to nothing in particular. 

"Ready to go Dani." Nathan said from the other side of the door as I slipped my gray Jack Wills hoodie that Harry had bought me only a few months ago on. I wore a simple turquoise Coca Cola tee shirt with a pair of black skinnys, and a pair of peach lace flats on my feet which still were somewhat stiff from lack of use. “Here it’s a little chilly since it rained a little last night.” Nathan said placing my gray beanie in my head as I placed it on my head using the window in my room as mirror to place it properly. 

“Ready, let’s face the new big bad world.” I said letting Nathan lead me down to the main entrance of the hospital before placing me on the bench near by and going to go get his car. He finally drives up to me as I slowly get up and Nathan jumps out of the car to help me in. “Stop doing everything for me Nathan I am bruised, not pregnant.” I mumble to him as he laughs and helps me anyways. As I drive away to the hospital, I felt like I was driving away from my past and into a new future without Harry by my side.         




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Helllloooo!!! ^_^ Yeah I have really nothing to say…haha!! So…yeah…btw here is the link to Dani’s outfit!    http://www.polyvore.com/daniellas_outfit_lost_love_chapter/set?id=60698429#fans      Yup…that’s it…I know this chapter is pretty long so hopefully you guys like it ^.^   



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