There are no words to explain this story.

"I was taught one thing; to Hate. But from that I taught myself to Love." I told Joey.
"......And you have learned it right." He replied.


3. Surprise!!!

Days dragged on endlessly and hopelessly. Sometimes Coops couldn't even help me. Only writing my feelings, repeating myself helped. Pretending like there was some imaginary spirit inside the cover and behind the pages of my notebook.

My thirteenth birthday came in November. I refused to celebrate and another fight for that with my mom fallowed. I refused to celebrate because I knew that in the end somehow it will be the worst birthday of my life. Every year it got worse so I refused to celebrate this year. But, I still knew that it wouldn't be the best day either. When the days passed on fast and came the 14th, my mom made it the worst morning of my life.

She started talking crap about how other people cry because they don't have their birthday celebrated. She just doesn't understand that I have a different life and a different feeling than them! I ignored her and walked out the door as soon as I had my clothes on, slamming the door behind me. Or in her face. I had to grow someday right? I had to get strong. I had to stand up for myself. I had to have the power to ignore her and her lack of discourage to me. True friends will help you do that. And my friends helped me. When I reached the school Felicity, Melany, and Coop made a surprise and yelled "Happy Birthday!!" to me. I got scared at first, but then I smiled. Of course, they would remember!

"Blow out the candle!!!" Melany said.

"No, no!!! Wait!" Coop alarmed me as I was about to blow out the candle.

"What?! You scared the crap out of me." I got mad at Coop.

"Sorry... Make a wish!" He made a silly face. Oh, yes! I had forgotten to make a wish! I don't really know what to wish for. My life getting better? No, I spent my one-wish limit as far as I can remember every year on my life getting better and it only got worse. So what do I wish for?

Thinking, thinking... Decisions, decisions...

I closed my eyes and wished my wish. I can't say my wish to anyone or even write it down, right?  After I said my wish inside my head, I blew out the candle; first eye I meet is the most calming, relaxing one. Coop's. I smiled. He looked at me for a second, then hugs me.

"Congrats!" He said smiling. He kissed near my ear and hair while hugging me. He did it quick so know one would see. No one did. I blushed, and found myself grinning. Felicity, and Melany hugged me both at the same time saying their "Congrats!!!" Today Felicity and Melany were the hyper and energetic ones.

All three of them had raised money and brought me the set of Harry Potter Books. I put them in my locker and thanked them.


The bell rang...


After, school Coops dragged me to the Rose Garden by our school. I asked what was up. He just smiled and dragged me, holding my hand. When we reached Rose Garden he covered my eyes with a black cloth. He helped me walk, he stopped me somewhere after a minute or so.

"Ready?" He asked me.

"Yes." I answered. He removed the cloth from my eyes and...

I was facing dozens of different flowers and in the middle was wood cut from trees and the letters made out: Happy Birthday Abby! This was artwork -yes- done by Coop. I was so happy! This thing was incredible. I guess everything's really possible.

"Thank you!" I said and gave him a big hug.

We both knew this wouldn't stay like this forever because the flowers would eventually die, so he took a picture of it and us in it. He sent them to my phone later and I told him to take the artwork to his home because my mom would throw out. He took it home and promised he would take care of it. I trusted him. Of course!

And to ruin the moment............

A mom calls wondering where the hell I am.


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