There are no words to explain this story.

"I was taught one thing; to Hate. But from that I taught myself to Love." I told Joey.
"......And you have learned it right." He replied.


1. Imaginary world

"Whatever!" I yelled to my mom in the living room who was arguing with me, while slamming my rooms' door. And my 8 year old sister reading The Hunger Games while eating in the kitchen table, not knowing what to do. I seriously did not want to think of anything we argued about, or think of anything at all. I went to my bed and started some loud Christina Perri songs that I couldn't even hear Susan yell at me when she was 3 feets away (like always). I took my pen and notebook, and started to write my story.

Okay so I'm a writer, even thought not many people have read my writings -actually none. I mostly wrote about romance and sci-fi.Writing was the only way to let me be in a imaginary world, where everything was easily possible. Where me nor my living characters had to care about anything at all. I loved writing, making up stories that had my hearts feelings or touches in them. But, somehow I always had to hide it from everyone. Even from my sister.

The story I was currently writing was about a couple who really love each other marries. And they have a baby. Her husband dies in a car accident when their kid was eight, so she had to stay on earth for their kid. When their kid was nineteen he gets a disease and dies. And the mother shoots her self in the brain by her husbands and kids' grave yard, because she knew there was no reason to be on Earth now that everything that mattered for her was gone. After the punishment day was over, she found her son waiting for her. So in Heaven they started working in a Arts Bakery, where her husband works. But, apparently it seems she has lost her memory when she shoot her brain on Earth. Her husband has to regain her love and asks her millions of questions that get her thinking. Like, why their rings matched. But, she always shook her head, but deep down in her heart she was wondering...

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