There are no words to explain this story.

"I was taught one thing; to Hate. But from that I taught myself to Love." I told Joey.
"......And you have learned it right." He replied.


2. Coop

School was... School. Most everyone knows me. What type of girl I am. I'm the sad, lonely, quiet, depressed girl. But, no opposite sex was this type. So I didn't have a soul match. Others did. But I was weird. So me and Coop were great friends. I met him when I was eleven and my best friends when I was nine. Most people thought we were couples.

But it was just: He liked me; I liked him.

He asked me to be his girlfriend three times, but I refused. I mean, seriously, there is no difference if we were a couple or so close friends. We might brake-up after a few years or sometime, so it was better to be just friends.

I hanged out with Felicity and Melany, my best friends. But, mostly Coop. Only Coop, Felicity, and Melany knew the secret behind that little depressed girl. They did their best to make me happy and cheerful. He did his best. It worked. But, as soon as I was home the happiness faded away... So, Coop started texting me 24/7 and calling me whenever my mom wasn't home. He always kept me happy. So after a fight with my mom, and I read Coop's texts; I smiled. My mom though I was a biatch for smiling after we fought. But, she didn't know anything at all! She judged. She judged her daughter.

Days, months, and years passed on since that day I called my self a grown up -age 8.

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