Pain and Love

Tara is dating one of the One Direction boys, but when he abuses her will she turn to another guy in the band. Read to find out. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!!!


7. What?

Alejandra's POV

I was with Harry Styles the boy I was in love with for 3 years. It has been 3 months since me and Harry have started going out and it has been great. Liam and Tara are also a really cute couple. I really felt bad about threatening Tara a few months ago she ignored it yet stayed way from Harry and we actually became best friends. " Hey Tara I just want to say sorry for threatening you and with out out of the way I hope we can be closer friends."

Hey guys this isn't the end of the chapter will add ore tomorrow!!!:):):):)

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