Pain and Love

Tara is dating one of the One Direction boys, but when he abuses her will she turn to another guy in the band. Read to find out.



6. Wake Up You Guys

Tara's POV

Then I saw both Harry and Alejandra wake up at the same time. Harry started yelling for Alejandra then Liam suddenly hugged me. Then I told Harry Alejandra was next to him. I was happy he found who he loved.    Then he apologized for everything and then told me he loved Alejandra. I told him I forgave him and that I was happy for him. Then I went to talk to Liam he said" Look Tara I love you, I loved you even before you were with Harry, and every time I saw you and Harry together my heart would break so what do you say will you be my girlfriend?" "YES I will," I said. We kissed then head back to Harry and Alejandra's room to see them making-out. They stopped when they saw us. "I'm so sorry Tara", Harry said. I told him it's ok because we weren't going out anymore and that I was with Liam. Harry was shocked, but then congratulated us. Then  Alejandra asked to talk to me alone. Everyone was confused, but left anyway. Then she said" Hey Tara look I'm with Harry now so back off ok." "I'm with Liam now didn't you hear," I said. Then she said" I know, but just saying you stay away and will be the close friends." Weird, but I decided not to tell Harry because I didn't want to hurt him.

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