Pain and Love

Tara is dating one of the One Direction boys, but when he abuses her will she turn to another guy in the band. Read to find out.



4. Shortcut


Tara's POV

I quickly got up and followed Liam I realized he was going to Harry's so I took a shortcut to get there before him. I got there and I was heading up to Harry's door when I heard him say I love you tho a another girl. At first I was crushed heartbroken and then I was relieved that he wasn't going to come back asking for my forgiveness because I wasn't going to give it to him anyways. I stood up to live when when I saw Liam's car pull up I quickly ran and hid behind some, some bushes by a window so I still heard and saw what was going on, at first I saw Harry making out with some girl, but I didn't mind anymore because by the way he looked at her I could tell he actually loved her. Then I saw Liam barge in yelling and screaming at Harry. The girl Harry was with seemed terrified I felt bad for her, but I quickly got up, ran to my car and drove to Liam's again. Once I got there I ran into the bed pretending I was sleeping the entire. Liam then came and supposedly woke me up. He told me everything that happened that I actually saw. The weird thing is when he said it, it hurt a lot more than seeing so I started bawling my eyes out. He held me comforted me and then he kissed me, and I kissed back. It felt so right. Liam then called everyone in the band except Harry to come over, he also told Louis to bring El. Once everyone got here Liam explained everything that happened and El comforted me the whole time. Everyone was so mad. Then there was a knock on the door. Liam went to see who it was it was Harry. Everyone stood up like they were going kill him then he just ran to me kiss me, but I slapped him when he did. Then I said  "How does feel being the being hurt". Then I just ran to my car and drove away and harry started following me I looked back to see if he was catching up and I saw that girl he was making out with was there. I got so mad he had some nerve to bring her with him when he was trying to apologize to me. Then I heard a loud boom. I looked behind me and I saw Harry had gotten into a massive crash.

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