Pain and Love

Tara is dating one of the One Direction boys, but when he abuses her will she turn to another guy in the band. Read to find out. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!!!


5. Hospital

Tara's POV 

I pulled over and ran to Harry's car to see he and the girl he was with whos name was Alejandra were both  unconscious. An ambulance came and took both of them away. I called Liam and told him and he told everyone else. We were at the hospital when the doctor told me that both Harry and Alejandra were in coma, and see they had limited rooms they had to stay in the same room. I went to their room and sat next to Harry then I saw his hand move across the bed. Then Alejandra's hand moved in the same direction. The next thing I knew they were holding hands I knew that was sign of true love. I called the doctor in and she told me what happened was very rare and only happened when people truly love each other. I felt crushed the Liam walked in and saw them holding hands and started comforting me again. then he kissed me then that led to us making-out. Then we stopped and looked into each other's eyes. I realized Liam was the one I truly loved.

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