Pain and Love

Tara is dating one of the One Direction boys, but when he abuses her will she turn to another guy in the band. Read to find out. THIS IS MY FIRST FANFIC. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!!!


3. Distress

Harry's POV

After Tara left I called a girl, Alejandra who had given me her number at Starbucks. When she came over I saw how beautiful she was with her brown hair and beautiful eyes. She asked why I had asked her here. I didn't say anything, I just leaned in to kiss her. We started making out, until someone knocked on my door. It was Liam and boy was he mad. He started yelling " WHY DID YOU ABUSE TARA!" "I abused her because she was cheating, but I regret slapping her I swear." " REALLY HARRY, REALLY CAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE THE ONE CHEATING SHE NEVER CHEATED! Then I left.

Liam's POV

I get to Harry's and I walk in seeing him making out with another girl. We get in a fight and I leave.



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