It will Happen One Day

Well every day she dreams of meeting her favorite band, she knows as her inspiration. One day something comes up. But her past still haunts her. What happened?


4. The Car Ride

 Ohmigosh how is this even happening right now. One Direction in the present. I hate myself right now. I shouldn`t be acting like this is creep and Liam is in One Direction and I`m not treating him any different than how I always have.

"Hey! It`s been ages since I last saw you. I can`t wait. The next 2 months with my favorite person!!" Liam said. "Ahem" Niall said behind him then smiling. "Oh don`t worry Nialler." Liam said laughing. These boys are soo cute and they seem really fun. I hope they will be staying the whole time I`m here. How exciting would that be?! I`m a little jittery from seeing all them and the whole awkwardness with Harry and Liam knows it too.

"Hey Mia why don`t you go to the bathroom. You`ve been on that plane for a while." Liam says. I love Liam he always sends me to the bathroom to calm myself or something. He never just comes out and is rude or anything he just knows. "Okay" I say kind of looking around for one and Zayn must of knew what I meant because he goes "it`s right over there to your left love." God his accent is amazing!

I walk into the bathroom and see a couple girls giggling and looking at the phones. Must of taken some photos with the 1D boys. I walk over to the end where there is nobody and I look in the mirror. Calm down Mia you are fine. I took some water and splashed it on my face. God it felt so good. I took my purse and grabbed out some pills and a cup and took 2 of them. They help me calm down.

I walk back out to see the boys are waiting with my stuff. I see everyone but Louis.

"Where`s Louis?" I asked being curious. "He went out to start the car come on." Liam said. 

Liam sat with me in the back while Harry sat in the passengers seat and Niall and Zayn were in the middle.

"How was the plane ride?" Liam leaned over and whispered. "Long" I say. SHIT! I still have to call my mom.

"Liam can I use the phone?" I asked. "Yeah sure. Hey lad can I see my phone its in the right cup holder." Liam asked Harry. Harry grabs it and hands it to Zayn who hands to Liam who hands it to me. I dial my moms number.

"Hello?" My mom answered. I got excited to hear her voice again. We may have only been apart for a couple hours but I miss her alot. "Uhh mom..." I say.

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