It will Happen One Day

Well every day she dreams of meeting her favorite band, she knows as her inspiration. One day something comes up. But her past still haunts her. What happened?


2. Lost it

I got out of the shower and headed over to wear I had my makeup and clothes set out on my dresser. I had already packed a suitcase and 2 little bags to hold on the plane. I got dressed grabbed my stuff and walked downstairs. 

"Hey sweetie. I have some eggs, bacon, and toast for you." My mom said putting a plate of some food to where I sit.

"Thanks mom. Smells delicious." I start to dig in.

"Hey!! No fair she gets more bacon than me!" Kayce says about to grab my bacon strips.

"Uhm.... No!" I slapped her hand away.

"Stop it Kayce. Aunt Kate said she will make some extra bacon for us when we get there. Now-"

"Yay!" Kayce said jumping out of her seat and into her room to start carrying some things out to the car.

"As I was saying you better go get your stuff. We have to be at the airport 2 hours early." My mom said cleaning up Kayce`s food.

"What?! I said nearly spitting out my eggs and toast. "Why so early?!"

"Because you never know how long it will take to get through security. So hurry and eat so we can get going." My mom started to walk up stairs to help Kayce.

I walked upstairs looking at my almost empty room. I had to take alot of stuff since I will be gone almost 2 months. I don`t know why. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs where my mom, and sister were ready.

"Come on lets go!" My sister said running out the door.

"Hey don`t run to far ahead just wait in the car." My mom said yelling out the door.

I grabbed my things and asked, "Mom why are you guys gone for so long. You are gone longer since I went."

"Well we take your sister to Disney World. Then Sea World. Same places you would go to when you were a kid." My mom said as shes walking down the porch.

"But why so long?" I say following her.

"Because your sister gets tired easily and we take a ton of breaks so if we were there for one day she would only ride 2 rides." She got in the car.

"Ohh okai." I sat in the passenger seat while my sister was in the back seat. I turned the radio on quite loud listening to 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen. Me and my sister sang really loud to it, as it is one of our favorite songs at the moment. 

We soon got to the airport and actually didn`t take that long to get through security. Better be safe then sorry though. My mom took my sister to get some snacks for the plane as she gave me some money to go get some snacks as well. Also took a bathroom stop before we headed back.

Our flight was called. Well my sister and mom had to stay back because they were going on a different plane. My mom called me back and started crying.

"Make sure you call me every night and when you land call me. Oh and if something happends call me and-" My mom stopped talking gave me a huge hug. "I love you" Her sound muffled in my hair "I love you too" Giving her a hug back. "I have to go or else I`ll miss my flight. Bye mom!" I gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran off. 

I got on the plane all safe and sound then relized something very horrible. I left my phone in the bathroom in the airport. I called for a flight attendent and told her.

"Sorry ma`am but the plane is about to take off. Nothing we can do about it." She said giving crackers to the people sitting on the other side of me.

I slouched back in my seat and gave a big huff. It will be fun at Liam`s but my mom will freak when I don`t call her. I hope I can use a phone. 


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