It will Happen One Day

Well every day she dreams of meeting her favorite band, she knows as her inspiration. One day something comes up. But her past still haunts her. What happened?


1. Leaving

"Come on you buttcheek!" My younger sister says climbing on my top of me in my bed. We are face to face now.

"Get off!!" I yell as I push her right onto the floor.

"Ow!!!" She starts to cry holding her knee.

My mother comes running into our room. Looking at my sister, Kayce, then looking back at me giving me the 'disappointed' look. She walks over to help her up and looks at her knee. She knew what happened. This happends every morning.

"Mom, stop shes fine." I say getting out of bed.

"I hit my knee!!" My sister yells back. "Why did you push me! Again!!!"

"Don`t act like you didn`t know it was coming. You do this EVERY morning! You know I hate it and I always push you!  Besides where would you hit your knee! This carpet is soft and as thick if 700 pillows  put together and I have know dressers or anything near by!" I said folding my arms.


"Exactly!" I say looking at my clock. "5:30!??! What the hell am I doing up." I lay back down in my arm and turn my light off.

"Your going to your cousins house. Me and Kayce are going away to your Aunts house. Remember?" My mom  says turning my light back on.

"Oh!" I shot out of bed and went to my bathroom. I wasn`t going to my aunt because thats my sister and mom`s thing. I went with my mom until Kayce came along. Now since I barely ever saw my favorite cousin since he moved I go there from now on when they go to my Aunt Kate`s

I could hear my door shut. Knowing my mom and Kayce were out of the room. 

I undressed got in the shower and looked down at my leg. God how I hated that scar was there. I looked away because thinking about it would bring back tears. I started washing my hair and rinsed it and thought about how much fun it would be at my cousin, Liams.


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