It will Happen One Day

Well every day she dreams of meeting her favorite band, she knows as her inspiration. One day something comes up. But her past still haunts her. What happened?


3. Here!

   ***5 hours later*** 

  "Excuse me passengers we are about to land so please be seated and buckle up" The captain said over the speaker.

I go back to the bathroom and reach out into my bag and pull out a picture of me and Liam. God I can`t wait to see him. I haven`t seen him since he became in One Direction. I`m a huge fan and I love Louis soo much but he has a girlfriend and my sister loves Zayn. I love having a cousin in One Direction but I hope it doesn`t change out relationship. Me and Liam have a pretty strong relationship and he`s more like an older brother than a cousin.

The plane flew into the landing zone and landed. I`m here...:D

I get off and go and try to find my bags. I see where they are all coming out but i can`t find my razor red suitcase with the yellow stripes. Ugh. I look around to see if someone had taken them by accident. Sure enough i see this big hand with my suitcases and i run up to him.

"Excuse me sir! Excuse me but those are my suitcases." I turn him around. "You cant just go and ta-" I swear I almost stopped breathing to find out that Harry Styles was holding on to my suitcase. I can`t breath. Stop Stop I`m having one of my panic attacks. I`m not in any panic I just can`t believe I am standing next to Harry Styles. I shouldn`t be freaking out this much. I mean I am going to look really creepy. Okai calm down and breathe.

Harry`s P.O.V

I am rapidly turned around. Liam said she would probably do that. I just stare at her. Her eyes re moving quick like she has no idea who I am. She looks confused. Wait no she looks scared. Is she okai? She`s breathing heavy now. God she`s pretty. Just say hi Harry.


"Uhh hello." I say awkwardly.

Mia`s P.O.V

I`m shaking now. What!  Did he just say something to me? Am i fangirling or dying?! Oh jesus. Say something. What do I say if I don`t even know what he said to me? For all I know he could of asked a question or just said hi.

"E-e-excuse me w-what did y-you say?" Oh god I`m stuttering horribly. He may think I have a stutter problem when I don`t.

"I said hello." He says staring into my eyes.  "Oh hi. I`m Mia." My voice is shaky. "Yes I know Liam told me. I`m Harry." He said. I know this but I don`t want him to think I`m creepy by knowing this. Harold Edward Styles is his full name. How would he think thats creepy it`s just his name. Like seriously.

"Yeah I know who you are" I say looking down smiling. "Oh so you know One Direction?" He asked. "Yeah I`m a fan. Actually I`m a directioner." I say smiling.

"Mia!!" I hear Liam`s voice from afar. "Liam!!" I run up and hug him. "Gosh I`m so happy to see you" We both say at the same time. I can`t believe it. There he is. Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan standing behind my cousin and Harry Styles standing behind me. Woah.

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