From a Nightmare to a Dream

Lisamarie just got out of a serious relationship. She broke up with him, he wanted her back, she didn't. But one night she found herself missing him so they hung out and she felt like she wanted him back, he didn't. She knew what it was like to be officially heart broekn. To get her mind of him she started listening to some new music. The group was so adorable, funny, attactive, 4/5 British, and 1/5 Irish. Also known as One Direction. She become obsessed. This was to get her mind of him and it was working. She was finally happy. But could she get anymore happy after a concert and meet and greet? It's very possible... Could there be any more drama in her life? That was for sure... Could one boy of her most wild fantacies take her out of her nightmare and bring her into a dream? You'll have to read and find out ;)


48. Today is the Day

     Today is the day. I'm leaving America and starting a new life in London. This was so exciting. Everyone was over helping me pack the last things. Yesterday we had five boxes shipped. This was very expensive. And no one else knew about this, so the boys were in for a huge surprise when they're supposed to pick Harry up at the airport. As soon as I get there I want to get settled and unpack. Then the nest thing I'll do is look for a school to enroll in for spring semester so I'll still have a couple months off. And even though Harry said not to get a job I probably will just so I can buy things for myself. This is going to be a very interesting experience.

     When we got to the airport a million emotions started to flow between everyone. We were all mostly sad. Harry was sad about leaving Melanie, I think they might be more than friends. I was said about leaving Melanie and my family and they were sad too. But they were already talking about me coming back to visit or them coming to visit. But I said it was Harry's place and I would just come back. We were walked to security with some officers and my family.

     We got to the gate and I started shaking a little bit. I was so nervous about this, I really was. As much as I wanted to do this and was ready for change, this was still huge. I told Harry that I was just going to listen to music so he wouldn't try to talk to me and ask me what was wrong because I could feel his eyes on me. We boarded the plane. We had to sit separately because we purchased our tickets at different times, but that was fine with me. I wanted to be alone. I kept myself up all night so I could sleep on the plane. And I actually did for ten hours of it. I couldn't believe how drained I was from the past couple of days.

     Landing. What a rough landing. I got up and walked off the plane when we were finally connected to the airport. I rushed off the plane and looked for the baggage claim. I was startled when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Forget about me?"

"Yes!" I said laughing.

"Can't leave behind the person who has the keys to your new home." Harry said smiling and linking his arm with me.

"Very true."

     Security helped us through the airport and unfortunately paps were there taking pictures. I'm sure this didn't look good and would be spun into a negative light.  But I'm just not going to care, and I'm not going to read what anyone has to say about me. I just hoped I would see Niall before he saw the pictures. Once we got through the airport and into the parking garage there was a car the pulled up to us, and Zayn got out.

"Zayn!" I yelled and jumped into his arms.

"Oh my god! What are you doing here?!" He said so surprised but with a huge smile on his face.

"Um I kinda live here now."

"You what?!"

"Yeah, Leese is going to be living with me while she goes to school." Harry said.

"Wow! Uhh does Niall know?" Zayn asked.

"No, you didn't even know mate!" Harry said laughing.

"Right! Well lets get you settled in. We should go out tonight if you're feeling up to it." Zayn suggested.

"As much as I want to see Niall, so badly I don't know if I'm ready."

"Yeah Harry let us know what was going on. But you look great and we'll make you gain some more weight babe."

"No Zayn. I'm fine. It's actually really hard to eat after you're used to not eating. If I force myself to eat I'll just throw it up. So I try and eat a little more every week."

"Alright, well I'm here for anything you need. But I'm sure Liam and Louis want to see you!"

"They can drop by if they want. But we'll just have to keep this as a secret from Niall for a little bit." Harry said.

"Cool, I'll text them."

     We got back to Harry's flat, er our flat? I don't know. And we brought up the bags. My other things wouldn't be here for another couple of days. We went in and Harry showed me my new room. I would have to go out shopping tomorrow to personalize it. That will be fun, but I'll make sure to ask Harry if I can change some things. I also had my own bathroom. This was really nice and I can't believe this is real. While Harry and I were folding and hanging up some clothes there was a knock on the door.

"Why don't you go greet your first guest in your new home." Harry suggested while laughing.

"Ok!" I said excited. I opened the door and smile faded away.

"What are you doing here?"

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