From a Nightmare to a Dream

Lisamarie just got out of a serious relationship. She broke up with him, he wanted her back, she didn't. But one night she found herself missing him so they hung out and she felt like she wanted him back, he didn't. She knew what it was like to be officially heart broekn. To get her mind of him she started listening to some new music. The group was so adorable, funny, attactive, 4/5 British, and 1/5 Irish. Also known as One Direction. She become obsessed. This was to get her mind of him and it was working. She was finally happy. But could she get anymore happy after a concert and meet and greet? It's very possible... Could there be any more drama in her life? That was for sure... Could one boy of her most wild fantacies take her out of her nightmare and bring her into a dream? You'll have to read and find out ;)


10. The Date

     After about 20 minutes of driving we arrived at a hotel. I was thinking maybe this was where he was staying and forgot something so I just stayed in the car when he got out. But then all of a sudden he opened my door.

"Um what...?"

"Am I going on this date alone?" He laughed.

"Oh our date is here? I thought you just forgot something in your room!" I said while getting out of the car. He just shook his head a laughed again and put his arm out and I gladly took it. We walked into a side door from where the outdoor pool was. No one was around there because it was December. I was happy we didn't go through the front because if you think about it, it must be very nerve racking having people watch you and just take like a million pictures of you at once. Plus there would be many questions as to why Niall was with me, who I was, what we were doing, and things like that.

     Once inside Paul was right at the door just in case something were to happen. And he lead us to I'm assuming Niall's room on the 7th floor. We walked in and it was so cute! It looked like a mini house. There was a kitchen/dining area, two bedrooms connected by a bathroom, and a living room with a couch and television and other little homely things. I could totally stay at a hotel like this for a week. But we weren't staying inside, I was led out to the balcony where there was a table set up. The table was set for 2 with a white table cloth, a small centerpiece of white roses and there was very faint music playing. I looked at Niall so I could show him my huge smile and he smiled right back just as big if not bigger. I kissed him on the cheek. Not something I would really do but I was just on awe and I can't believe someone would do that for me.

"Did you do all this for me?" I asked.

"Well I had a little help, but yes. I wanted this to be very memorable for you." He said while pulling a chair out for me. I sat down and smiled.

"It's perfect and there's no way I could ever forget it. Thank you so much."

"No thank you. Thank you for joining me and thank you for what you told me last night about how our music has impacted you. That was one of the best moments in my career."

"Anytime, I was just being completely honest." And I was, and now here I am. On a date with Niall Horan from One Direction. But I didn't want to be with Niall Horan from One Direction, I wanted to be with Niall Horan from Mullingar Ireland. I honestly didn't care that he was famous, although that did make me a little nervous, I just wanted to get to know him. And I intended to do so this afternoon.

"So Niall, I really want to get to know you."

"Well what would you like to know?" He said while laughing. "You can ask me anything!"

"Hmm, well how about some basic questions first, like favorite color, animal, food, and things like that!"

"Well my favorite color is green, my favorite animal are giraffes, my favorite foods are like Japanese and Italian and I love Nandos! My birthday is September 13th, and I'm from Ireland. But I'm pretty sure you knew that haha. Now your turn!"

"Umm, okay, hmm, my favorite color is also green, my favorite animal is a peacock, I love Italian food, I'm actually mostly Italian, my birthday is September 25th and I'm from Long Island New York, and I bet you didn't know any of that!" I said mocking him.

"Excellent! Peacock seems to fit your personality and green is a pretty awesome color. And I would have to say September birthdays are the best, I may be a little bias." Niall said with a wink. I just laughed.

"So what are we eating?"

"I made a sampler plate since I didn't know what you liked before. I'm sorry I should of asked."

"Oh no I love trying different things! What's on it?"

"There's some meatballs, sushi, fried potatoes, buffalo wings, Italian sausage, chicken fingers, cheese cubes, and I think a few more things!"

"Oh my god! That's a lot a food Niall!"

"Well I'm sure whatever you don't finish I'll eat!" He said with a smile.

"Oh I'm sure you will."

     After we talked and ate some more I felt like I really knew him a little better and we had a bunch of things in common. This was such a great afternoon and I really didn't want it to end. It was already 6 though so it was basically night. That means Harry and Mel were going to have their date soon. I wanted to call her to see if she needed me so I excused myself from the table and went inside to the bathroom to call Mel.


"Hey Mel how's it going? Have you started getting ready yet?"

"Yeah yeah yeah, Harry is picking me up at 7:30. He said to dress up, so I kind of took one of your dresses to borrow, I hope that's ok"

"Psh you know it's totally fine!"

"Hah I thought so, but how are things going with Niall like it's already night time. I thought you guys were having lunch together?"

"Well yeah but I think it's going really good. And Iv come to just know him as Niall, not Niall from One Direction and I think I really like him!"

"I bet! But I really have to start doing my hair, I'll text you before I leave. Bye!"

"Bye, have fun!"

     I walked out of the bathroom to bump into a person. What the? Oh, I looked up and it was Niall. But he didn't move at all. I just smiled and looked up at him. I moved to the left and he blocked me, I moved to me right and he blocked me again.

"Can I help you Mr. Horan?"

"Well there is kind of one thing that I was looking for. Do you think you could help me look for it?"

"Yeah sure what is it?"

     Then he grabbed my face with his soft hands and he kissed me. It was one of the best kisses of my life. Even better than what I felt when I kissed Gino. It was like the butterflies in my tummy had butterflies in their tummies and they were watching fireworks. This was the best feeling in the world. I slowly moved my arms around his neck and my hands in his hair. He then pushed me against the wall and the kiss became even more passionate. But nothing further because then too soon he pulled away. And he just looked into my eyes and he smiled.

"I think I found it, thanks!"

I just laughed, "Oh anytime, believe me, I can help whenever you want."

"I'll make sure to take you up on that offer. Did you have to be home at any time because I don't think I'll be able to bring you home."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I'm having too much of a good time with you."

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