From a Nightmare to a Dream

Lisamarie just got out of a serious relationship. She broke up with him, he wanted her back, she didn't. But one night she found herself missing him so they hung out and she felt like she wanted him back, he didn't. She knew what it was like to be officially heart broekn. To get her mind of him she started listening to some new music. The group was so adorable, funny, attactive, 4/5 British, and 1/5 Irish. Also known as One Direction. She become obsessed. This was to get her mind of him and it was working. She was finally happy. But could she get anymore happy after a concert and meet and greet? It's very possible... Could there be any more drama in her life? That was for sure... Could one boy of her most wild fantacies take her out of her nightmare and bring her into a dream? You'll have to read and find out ;)


56. I Love the sound you make when you Shut the Eff Up

     I started to change out of my dress and I just put on my robe. There was constant knocking on my bedroom door, and I tried to block it out, but finally gave in. I swung my door open and shouted.

"WHAT?!" I yelled right in Liam's face. "Oh sorry Liam, I thought you were Harry, or Louis, or Zayn."

"So I'm the only one you aren't mad at?" Liam said coming into my room and shutting the door behind him.

"I'm not really mad at anyone besides Niall really." I said while sighing and sitting on the bed. "That was so embarrassing."

"I'm sure Brendon understands. That was totally uncalled for, Niall was out of line. I'm so sorry that happened." Liam said putting his arm around me.

"No not even just that, like even you guys also walking in. I know my dress what just not even covering me. I'm a mess. I'm sloppy. Maybe I am a slut."

"Shh shh shh, no you're not. You just have a lot going on, you're trying to find your place here."

"I just wish he didn't hate me, you know? Like I know I wasn't the best girl friend, or even a good person to him in general but he's just so mean to me. And I'm mean to him, it's just terrible."

"Neither of you deserve it. I think you guys just need to sit down and talk it out."

"Yeah, he won't even look at me, let alone have a civil conversation with me. Honestly, he's really getting on my nerves and hurting my feelings. I feel like I sound like I'm 13 but it's true!"

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Liam."

"You're a great, beautiful, intelligent, young woman, I'm so thankful to have you as a good friend."

"Thanks Liam. You're a great guy." I said kissing his cheek.

"Lets go!"

"Where are we going?" I asked as Liam pulled me up from the bed.


     Liam literally dragged me over there, I was still in my robe. Liam banged on the door and held on to wrist so I wouldn't run away. Niall opened the door and when we made eye contact he tried to shut it but Liam stopped him.

"Liam go away." Niall said through his teeth.

"Not until you apologize to Lisamarie."

"Ok, I'm sorry you're such a slut and like to use guys then break their hearts. Happy?"

"Niall! You know that is not what I meant. This has got to stop between you two. It causes tension for everyone. It's very uncomfortable."

"Well she can go home, to America, at anytime. No one's stopping her."

"Actually we all are, except you."

"Yeah, I would buy her plane ticket if that would make her leave. Will that make you leave?" Niall said looking at me.

     Usually I would say something super mean back, but tears just started coming down my face. Why is he being to mean to me?

"Stop crying." He said.

"Don't tell her to stop crying when you made her cry!" Liam said. I just looked down and he pulled me into his arms.

"Can you guys leave now?" Niall asked rudely.

"Not until you guys talk!"

"Fine!" Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his place and slammed the door in Liam's face. "Why are you wearing your robe?" Niall mumbled.

"Because I don't have anything else on."

"Not like you were really wearing too much clothing before anyway."

"Why are you so mean to me?"

"Is that a joke?"


"You broke my heart, you've cheated on me, I saw you kiss Harry right after you kissed me, you slept with some random guy, I just saw you on top of some other guy. You really are a slut Lisamarie if you think about it." Niall said seriously.

"No I'm not Niall." I said quietly.

"Excuse me? Yes you are."

"Niall, Id admit what happened with Gino was so wrong and all my fault. And I paid for that, if you saw how I was for a month I think you would agree. I wish I kept kissing you in the club but I was pulled away and as for Harry and that other guy I was really drunk, Niall, really drunk! And now we're not together and Brendon and I might be, so that's none of your business."

"I know how you were for that month, Harry told me. I wish that never happened and you know being drunk is not an excuse. And you being with Brendon means it's really over for good, do you understand that?"

"Yes I understand that. I'm with Brendon, not you. I just want to be friends and stop being so mean to each other."

"We can't be friends."

"Why not?"

"We've been through too much together and you know it. But we can be civil."


"Ok. Well I'll be seeing you around then."

"Yep. Bye."

     I turned around quickly and left as fast as I could. That was so awkward! But it felt like closure. I wish we could be friends, I really do. But being civil is better than nothing I guess. I went home and called Brendon apologizing and asking if we could do another date soon and he agreed and totally understood. He actually apologized for not standing up for me better, he is such a sweetheart. I could really see us working out. When I got off the phone I wandered over to Harry's room.

"Hey babe."

"Hi Harry!"

"So I have some news."


"The boys and I are leaving for a month, so we can promote Take Me Home. We leave in about two weeks. Do you think you'll be able to hold the fort down while I'm gone?"

"Yeah! It will give me a chance to decorate and find fans and have them pay to see your bedroom." I said sarcastically.

"I think I would actually kill you. But I figured Mel could come and spend some time with you?"

"Sure! Does she know?"

"Yeah, I sent her a ticket so she will be here the night before we leave. Also please please please don't let anyone in here that I don't know besides Mel. I don't mean to sound controlling but it's for all our safety."

"No yeah that's understandable, Brendon is ok right?"

"Yeah he's fine. You're staying with him?"

"Sure am! He's great."

"Well if you're happy, I'm happy."

"Thank you Harry!"

"Lets eat, want me to invite the other guys?"

"I thought you guys were going out?"

"Nah, I mean I don't feel like it."

"Well I ate already today so I think I'm just going to take a bath, unpack some more, things like that."

"So you don't mind if Niall comes over?"

"Nope! We talked and we're fine."

"Oh, that's where you were?"

"Yeah, Liam dragged me over there and made us talk. Not friends but we're not going to be mean to each other anymore, and he understands I'm with Brendon."

"Well that's good. So I'm going to call them and you do you."


     I left Harry's room and went to my bathroom to start my bath. I added some salts and bubbles and lit candles. I also brought in my ipad so I could watch a movie. I put on a face mask and got in. While the movie was playing I really tried to reflect on the past few days. This was obviously not what I thought was going to happen. Life never turns out how you planned.

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