From a Nightmare to a Dream

Lisamarie just got out of a serious relationship. She broke up with him, he wanted her back, she didn't. But one night she found herself missing him so they hung out and she felt like she wanted him back, he didn't. She knew what it was like to be officially heart broekn. To get her mind of him she started listening to some new music. The group was so adorable, funny, attactive, 4/5 British, and 1/5 Irish. Also known as One Direction. She become obsessed. This was to get her mind of him and it was working. She was finally happy. But could she get anymore happy after a concert and meet and greet? It's very possible... Could there be any more drama in her life? That was for sure... Could one boy of her most wild fantacies take her out of her nightmare and bring her into a dream? You'll have to read and find out ;)


2. Goodnight, or Not

     It had been about a month since I broke up with Gino. I had gone to prom, thank god I already had another date, I had also graduated from high school. Gino and I talked a little still, mostly him wanting to get back together, but I wasn't feeling it. Sometimes we had like really good conversations. We would watch hockey together still and he still wanted to do something for what would have been out 1 year and 6 month because that was my birthday, finally 18. He wanted to take me to a Rangers game in New York City and get me a tattoo since I was basically addicted to them. I had a few already. And I was like wow he's a great guy and I really missed him. I wanted to be like best friends so bad, maybe a little more but I didn't want things to go back to how they were.

     One night I couldn't take and I just had to see him. So after work I did just that and showed up at his house. We went for a walk down by a lake and just sat there in silence. I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I held back. Sometimes I wish I never did, but yoou can't change the past, right? Right. After we hung out and I got home I texted him saying I had a nice night and I was glad I got to see him. He replied saying 'Goodnight Lisamarie' and with that I fell asleep.

     Over the next week our relationship got so much better as friends and we still flirted and all of that so I decided I would tell him that I think we should get together again. But I didn't know exactly how or when I should do that. Unfortunatly the same day I was thinking all of this we got into a huge fight. Actually saying it was a huge fight is an understatement. It was the most hurtful heartbreaking fight I ever had with him. We both said really nasty things to each other that couldn't be forgotten. The fight was all about people telling him I was with this other guy and how that other guy stole me from Gino. This other guy being Brandon, the ex he didn't want me to have contact with. Of course none of this was true, Brandon and I were just friends and I was so upset by this terrible rumor that was spread by idiots at a party. Gino wouldn't believe me and it was killing me so I told him to never talk to me again and how I hated him and that I was done for good. But in the back of my mind he was all I could think about. I wanted him back, no, I needed him back. I wanted to be his world again and him be mine.

     That night I sent this huge text apologizing and he said told me he didn't know if he could forgive me. I was broken with out him. A couple days went by and I still haven't heard from him and I vented to two of my best friends, Melanie and Lena. They tried telling me he just needed space and that I was probably on his mind too. Oh how wrong were they. One morning I got the same text from them. It was a screen shot from facebook. It was saying how he was in a relationship with someone else. My heart stopped and the crying started.

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