Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


3. Visiting


~Amanda's POV~  

"Ams!" Screamed the blonde with the piercing blue eyes who running towards me and Miranda. He was followed by the rest of the guys Louis right behind Niall running towards me with open arms. I normally would have ran to them and jumped into one of their arms in the most cliché way possible, but after yesterday I didn't feel like running towards them. Somehow Harry overran both Niall and Louis, who were currently only about two feet behind Harry. I planted my feet firmly on the ground as the three boys shoved and pushed each other to get to me. 

"Harry." I say with a slight hint of happiness in my voice now that my five best friends where here. 

"Ams oh! I MISSED YOU!" Harry squeals as he picks me off from the floor and twirls me around.

  "Me too Haz." I say wrapping my arms around his neck while my legs did the same thing around his waist.

"Oh! Okay I see it's all about Harry today." Louis said impatiently as I unwrap myself from Harry while he lowers me down to the floor and he gives my cheek a small peck. 

"Lou Boo!" I squealed as I ran into his arms in one of the most cliché ways possible. 

"Hey." He said while smiling down at me and kissing my forehead. At this point he was just rubbing small circles on my back. I guess he sensed that I was upset and this was his way of comforting me. We stayed like that for a good two minutes until someone very rudely interrupted us. 

"Can you guys finish raping each other in the safety of the hotel room." Liam said while looking at Miranda as she nodded her head agreeing with Liam. 

"I missed you too Li." I said sarcastically. 

"I have missed you Amanda, but I don't want to get mobbed and people are already starting to stare." He said giving my shoulder a small squeeze. I nodded at him as I unwrapped my hands from Louis's neck and settled them next to my body while turning and walking towards the entrance. After a few more feet of walking Zayn and Niall appeared by my side with small smiles on their faces. They each took one of my hands and led me towards the entrance of airport where we had two large cars actually more like large vans waiting. We piled into the first van while some of the airport security guys loaded all of the guy's luggage into the other van that Miranda had called in since we probably all wouldn't fit in one van with five guys' luggage. I sat down on my right was Louis who was currently texting his mom telling her that he landed safely. His mom was really kind and caring, I had met her at a few of the guys shows when I went on tour with them a few months ago. Liam was on my left with his arm casually around my shoulder while he used his free hand to text to someone. 

"Who you texting Li?" I asked casually leaning into his arm before being rudely yanked from Liam and into Louis. 

"No." He said while wagging his finger at me as though I was a three year old not an seventeen year old. 

"Lou, what did I do all I did was ask Liam who he was texting." I said as he places his arm around my should replacing the spot where Liam's arm had been only a few moments before. 

"You're my best friend so only I can cuddle with you not Liam or Niall or Harry or Zayn!" He exclaimed while shooting glares at the other guys who looked confused but they just shrugged it off. 

"They're my best friends too you know." I said a matter-a-factly. 

"But I am your BESTEST best friend!" He said smiling down at me since he towered a good four inches over me. 

"Whoever told you that has clearly been lying to you." I said sweetly as Lou took his free arm and slammed it into his chest as though he felt actual pain. 

"But...But...you said I was your favorite!" He said loudly while the others turned and starting throwing questions at me because of what Lou said.

  "What I thought I was your best friend?" 

"No I was!" 

"Ha-ha! She loves me more." 

"She's my best friend." I smiled to myself at this sweet funny moment that made me wish we weren't all famous and we could just step out of the van and go to the mall. The way that me and Carter used to go after school before everything happened. We used to always walk to the mall after school on Mondays as a sort of reward for not dying at school. He would always buy me something whether it would be something small a necklace or something big like a new pair of shoes or something. Carter's parents were rich one of the top earners back in my small little hometown, so he always had enough money. As all the memories of Carter flooded into my mind, I frowned at the thoughts that I could never again have memories like that. 

"Amanda are you okay?" Louis voice echoed in the now empty van. I had zoned out almost the entire ride and all the guys had already piled out. They were currently walking through the back door of the hotel leaving me and Louis alone in the van. I didn't trust my voice not to crack so I swiftly nodded my head and move to get out, but before I even set a foot outside Louis' hand grabs my arm.

"You and I are going to talk about this Missy." Lou said seriously which was a strange look on him. 

"Okay dad, and I thought Liam was bad." I mumbled that last part while climbing out behind Lou. 

"What?" He asked. 

"Nothing." I reply closing the door behind me and turning to walk towards the lobby of the massive  hotel.

  "You said something." Lou questioned me again. 


"Yes " 





"Ugh! I said and I thought Liam was bad!" I screamed at Louis who was smirking at me. 

"What did I do?" Liam asks behind me.

"You set me up!" I yell at a giggling Louis while me and Liam shoot daggers at him with our eyes. 

"Ah...see now Liam hates you so I have just eliminated one person from being your bestest best friend so that leaves Hazza, Niall, and Zayn! But they got nothing on me!!" Louis yells while smiling at me. 

"I don't hate her though!?" Liam exclaims while sliding his strong arm around my waist. "Louis...I don't hate her...I think I might love her." Liam says teasing Louis as he pulls me closer to him. 

"WHAT NO YOU CAN'T LOVE HER BECAUSE I-" Louis stops mid-rant and blushes before turning around. I stood there next to Liam as I watched Louis tall figure march down to the elevator and press the up button a good thirty times. 

"He does know that just because he presses the button a million times the elevator isn't going to come any faster?" Zayn asks materializing next to me and Liam."Why is he so angry anyways?" 

"Well...you see Liam here likes to mess with my Lou Boo's feelings." I said while poking Liam's chest with my pointer finger accusing him of the scene before us. I knew Lou liked me or as the guys called it "fancied" me, so I was actually surprised he didn't drag me along with him. Liam had a sense of humor under all his manly "I am daddy direction fear me" personality, so it didn't surprise me that he said that to Louis just to get some sort of reaction. "Well congrats Liam you pissed him off." I thought to myself. 

"Hey if he would just ask you out already I wouldn't mess with him." Liam shrugged while grinning down at me. I was short only about 5'2 so all the guys towered a good three to four inches over me. I wiggled my waist out of Liam's grasp and started to walk toward Louis who was still waiting for the elevator. 

"Oh! I see how it is Amanda I tell you I love you and you walk away into the arms of one of my best mates." Liam said with hurt in his voice. 

"I am sorry Liam we would have never worked out, you're too daddy direction and I am too childish." I says while walking toward Louis and wrapping my arms around him from behind. 

"Penny for your thoughts love." I ask mimicking Harry's flirty voice. 

"Hmm...nope my thoughts cost way more than that." Louis says while he grabs my arms and pulls them tightly into his chest. I had to admit I kinda liked Louis, he was funny, sweet, loving, compassionate, and not too bad looking, but as my feelings surfaced so did my doubts. I thought back to the boy with blue gray eyes and his dark shaggy hair and the way he broke my heart. I hadn't even heard the elevator door bing until Louis pulled me in to the elevator with him. 

"What's wrong Ams?" Louis asked me. When we had walked into the elevator he had turned around so he was now facing me. His strong large hands held a tight grip on my waist while my puny small arms were locked around him as I snuggled into his chest. 

"Hey, what's wrong." He asks again trying to make me come out of his chest, but I didn't plan on coming out anytime soon. 

"Nothing." I mumbled into his chest, but since I was buried so deep it was all jumbled and mixed into a strange new word. 

"You do know that Miranda texted me and the guys and told us what's going on right." Louis stated as I quickly unburied my face from his chest to face him. I didn't know that Miranda had texted the guys, but it actually doesn't surprise me. She knew how much I loved those guys and that they would probably thrown a million of questions at me until I told them what happened. Her telling them made this slightly easier to share with Louis. 

"I miss him." I admit to the boy whose heart I had taken without even trying. His eyes shone of sadness and defeat as he thought that the feelings he had for me where not being returned.

  "Oh." Is all he manages to say. 

"I probably sound beyond retarded for loving someone like him huh?" I ask him. 

"Yes." He answers honestly.  "Haha, I knew you were going to say that." I laugh quietly.

  "Look Amanda-" He was cut off by the ding of the elevator alerting us we finally reached the top floor. The door slowly open as the Harry and Niall barge into elevator with me and Louis pulling us along with them into our large penthouse suite that held ten large rooms , a large kitchen , a medium sized living room with a large couch and two love seats along the wall. Niall who was grabbing my arm shoots me a smile as he pulls me into the kitchen and lifts up to place me on the kitchen counter. 

"Sooooo." Niall says extending the o's. 

"What?" I asked lifting an eyebrow at him.

  "What's for lunch?" He asks placing one hand on each of my shoulders and slightly shaking me. A course he wanted me to make him food. I have been cooking since I was about eight and I was a pretty decent cook, but according to the guys I was better than decent. I usually cooked them a meal when they came to visit as my thank you for coming gift to them. 

"How about some homemade chicken tenders and mashed potatoes?" I asked raising my  eyebrow at him.

  "Yes!" He exclaims kissing my cheek and turning to walk away, but I wasn't letting him get away that easily. I usually made Harry help me out, but I couldn't find him at the moment so Niall was the best I could find.

  "But you have to help me." I compromise with him. 

"Do I have too." Niall whines at me as Liam walks into to the kitchen with a grin on his face. 

"Yes you do, now go wash your hands and if you don't hurry up I'll just not give you any." I scold at him as his eyes widen and he runs to the bathroom. 

"You got that boy scratch that you got all of us whipped." Liam states as he pulls out a water bottle from the refrigerator. 

"Hey, if you guys don't have girlfriends to do that, then someone has too." I smile at him.

“Liam can you run to the store and get me flour, panko bread crumbs, three large packets of chicken breasts, potatoes, milk, butter, and heavy whipping cream?" I ask nicely as turn to walk towards the living room which was currently occupied by Zayn. 

"Nope sorry no can do." He says sternly switching from fun Liam to daddy direction Liam. 

"And why not?" I ask sternly switching to my more adult like personality that makes his look like a child.

  "Because Miranda said she was taking us to the house in a little bit." He says shrugging his shoulders an going to sit next to Zayn while a running Niall threw himself at me. 

"READY TO GO CHEF AMANDA!" He says in a very bad American accent. 

"Umm...Niall I hate to break it to you, but Liam here won't let us make food." I say calm and slowly while glaring at Liam.  

“LIAM WHHHYYYY!!!” Niall whines loudly receiving a glare from Zayn who was trying to fall asleep. 

“Because we are going to be going to the new house in a about an hour, our luggage is on it’s way there now and Miranda said that you should start packing too.” Liam said turning to me at the end of his statement. I groan at him before turning and walking towards my room, most of my stuff was already packed the only things were left are a few outfits. I pull out the only suitcase I had left that was empty and start throwing things into it. 

“Do you need help?” I heard Zayn husky voice ask from the entrance to my room. 

“Nah, I only need to pack some clothes and all my crap that’s in the bathroom.” I respond smoothly.

“How about I pack your clothes and you can go pack up all the stuff in the bathroom?” He asked moving from the door towards my huge pile of clothes laying on the bed right now.

  “Okay, sure…ummm Zayn where’s Louis I haven’t seen him or Harry since we got here?” I ask noticing the absence of both boys. 

“Honestly I don’t know they went into one of the room and Harry started screaming that they needed to have a very important conversation and he pulled Louis into some room. I haven’t seen neither since then.” He said shrugging his shoulders and started to fold my jeans into the suitcase. I walked into the bathroom cutting off all conversation from Zayn has I pulled out a rather large tote bag and started to pile things inside it while letting my thoughts wander off to Carter and Louis. Louis was a lot like Carter from the way they always know what’s wrong, the soft eyes they look at me with. There is one big difference I keep ignoring thought the face that Louis didn’t choose his girlfriend over me, the fact he would never hurt me. 

“Who the fuck are you?” I heard Zayn exclaim from the room. 

“WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!!” I heard a high squeaky voice squeal from the room, that voice is one I will never forget. That one voice destroyed and created my life, she took my best friend, but by doing so she created my future. Mackenzie, this one girl has destroyed my life on more than one occasion and she was standing in my hotel room. 

“Mackenzie, what are you doing here?” I say as calmly as I can while walking out of the bathroom. 

“Amanda who is she?” Liam asks from the door where him and the other guys where standing. Louis was staring between me and Mackenzie pleading with his eyes for me to explain what is going on. 

“I am here to tell you to keep your stupid slutty hands away from my fiancé!!” She screamed at me. Louis is the first of the guys that moves to defend me. 

“I don’t know who you are, but you don’t have any right to call Amanda any horrible names.” Louis states calmly, but firmly. 

“I am Mackenzie Samantha Mintion, and I have complete right to call her a little slutty whore!!” She squealed at me while waving her hands at me. 

“Mackenzie I didn’t do anything.” I stated in a tone close to Louis, but mine came out a lot more shaken than his. 

“YES YOU DID YOU WENT OUT WITH HIM EVEN AFTER KNOWING THAT I’M PREGNAT AND GETTING MARRIED TO HIM!! YOU STILL TREAT HIM LIKE HE’S SINGLE!” She screams at me as the guy move from their spots and form a tight circle around me while Louis was behind me with his arms around my waist. 

“I think you need to leave.” Harry growls at her. 

“I AM NOT LEAVING TO SHE GETS IT THROUGH HER BRAIN THAT CARTER IS MINE!” She screams while moving toward me, but ended up getting blocked by the guys circle. 

“Leave now or we call the police and press charges against you.” Liam spit at her while pulling his phone out and dialing 911. He hovered his finger over the call icon on his Iphone while waiting for her reaction, but she just stares at me through the guys. 

“Still pathetic letting others fight your battle for you huh Mandy?” Mackenzie asked me while smirking at me. “I never want you near him, or I’ll make sure that you’ll never be a problem again!” She squealed while turning on her heels and walking away out of the room towards the living room. I let go of the breath that I didn’t even know I was holding into the moment I let it out, but I was interrupted by the sounds of things hitting the floor. Niall was the first to move out the door towards the living room where Mackenzie stood in the middle of the room out of breathe staring at all the broken things at the floor. I heard Liam talking on his phone to Paul, telling him what was going on. I knew that there was four body guards downstairs that were always with the guys, I just hoped they made it in time to stop Mackenzie from causing anymore damage. 

“Oops.” She says smiling while walking out of the room but being stopped by Paul who was blocking the door with two tall and buff guys behind him. 

“That’s her Paul.” Liam states pointing his finger at Mackenzie. 

“Let her go.” I command in a soft defeated voice. 

“WHAT!” I heard the guys exclaim. 

“I SAID LET HER GO!” I scream at the bodyguards who look dumbfounded as they stare at me, I nod my head letting them know it was okay to move. Mackenzie smirks at me while slamming her shoulder against mine while shoving Paul out of the way and walking out. I turn around away from the door to face six surprised, furious, and confused faces. 

  ||: A/N 

  Well…Helloooo!! There I hope you liked the chapter! And thank you to everyone who commented and read the story I hope I can live up to your guys' exception:)  Love,  FallingForYou21 xoxo

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