Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


18. Truth and Lies

Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart   

Chapter 16  

~Amanda's POV~      


I was sitting in the hotel room with both Carter and Louis at my side. After Disneyland we decided to come back to the hotel and watch a movie. My mini me had fallen asleep in my arms, so she was currently in my room sleeping very peacefully I might add. We were currently watching Thor, since Carter and Louis kept arguing about what movie to watch, so while they argued I went and slipped Thor into the DVD player. We were at the part when Thor rushes into the tent thingy to go and try to get his hammer back. I felt both Carter's and Louis's eyes on me as I kept my head forward looking at the sex god I like to call Chris Hemsworth. I was currently cheering him on as he ran and kicked all the people who got in his way's asses.  

"I think you're enjoying this movie way too much." Louis laughed as I ignored him and kept my eyes on the screen. "Amanda did you even hear me?" He asks placing his arms around my waist and pulling me towards him, only to get my elbow in his chest.  

"Louis, shut up Chris is trying to save the world here." I said without even taking a peek at his facial expression, but knowing Louis he was probably pouting.  

"I learned to not mess with her when she is engulfed with this movie after I almost got stabbed with a pencil." Carter said as he leaned back onto the couch and rested his arms on the back of the couch.  

"I remember that, we were doing homework and you decided to keep bothering me even after I warned you about a million times to stop. Yeah you're lucky that pencil was dull." I said as I laugh at the memory. Louis only sat beside me awkwardly as me and Carter reminisce over our past memories. I suddenly stop laughing as Louis's phone starts vibrating in his pocket.  

"Hello?" He asked he stares at me before mouthing that he had to go, he pecked my lips and grabbed his coat before sending me a quick smile as he left. I stayed silent as his voice floated through the door as he spoke into his phone urgently. "No, a course I'll be there in a little bit I am only about ten minutes away. Yeah, uhuh. Bye.' He said before his footsteps start walking away from my front door and down the hallway. He didn't seem to stop at his hotel room because I never heard the door open or close at all. I finally take a deep breath and turn to Carter who was staring at we with concern and something else in his eyes. I couldn't place my fingers on it, but it seemed familiar. It was the same look Louis sometimes gave me, but I could never figure out what it was.  

"And then there were two." I said awkwardly to Carter who only shook his head and turned to look back at the screen. I continue to stare at him as he tries to pay no attention to me at all. His once long shaggy dark hair, now was cut and looked a lot like Louis's hair, when it was styled. It was all sweeped to the side which made him look a lot more mature and older. Carter's once bright eyes now held a dull, almost dead color to them. He also had bags under his eyes, which I quickly dismissed from all the nights he must have stayed up taking care of his daughter. I also heard from Kendall that he had started working at his parents new record label, so the bags under his eyes probably also had to do with that too.  

"It's not nice to stare." Carter suddenly says taking in the fact that I had been staring at him for the last five minutes. I mumble a sorry as my cheeks turn to a light shade of pink, thankfully it was so dark that Carter couldn't see me blushing. We stayed silent for a good ten minutes before, Carter decided to break the silence. "I miss this Mandy." He said suddenly gesturing to everything around us.   

"Miss what?" I ask suddenly really confused on what he was talking about.  

"This us, just sitting on the couch watching a movie." He said as he scooted close and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I still was trying to process what made Louis leave me here alone with Carter. He hated Carter with a burning passion so, whatever it was must have been really important. It had literally taken me about an hour of pouting and bribing to let him let Carter come back with us. We had been having so much fun at Disneyland even with the constant glares they sent each other. It was still some of the happiest moments of the last couple years.  

"This?" I said gesturing around me like he had. "You destroyed this." I said finally setting my hands back on top of my lap. I know I shouldn't completely blame Carter I mean it was partly my fault too, but he had listened to Mackenzie, that's why we're here. I heard him take a deep breath and release it before turning to look at me.  

"Look at me." He commanded softly as he brushed his finger under my chin, the same way Louis did when he wanted my attention. I didn't fight against it and soon I was staring into the same blue eyes I had fallen in love with only a few years ago.    

"What?" I asked a bit impatiently.    

"I never wanted to abandon you, Mackenzie made me. She told me if I didn't get rid you from my life, then she would get rid of you permanently. I would much rather want you in arms of other guy then hurt." Carter quietly confessed as he caressed my cheek softly.  

"Stop." I whispered quietly as his fingers suddenly froze on top of my cheek. "Just stop, Carter you honestly expect me to believe that you decided to ignore me for so long because Mackenzie threatened to kill me?" I asked laughing humorlessly at him as I stood up.  

"Amanda, you don't believe me!?" He asked shocked as he stood up from the couch and copied my actions.  

"I am sorry, Carter I know Mackenzie isn't the nicest person but she would never kill anyone." I said still in shock that he could make up an excuse that bad. "You know Carter I would much rather you tell me the truth that you just got tired of me, then to make up a bunch of lies." I said angrily as turned towards the kitchen away form Carter.  

"Amanda explain to me why I would lie to you, if I love you!" He yelled as I stood stunned in front of the doorway towards the kitchen his words lingering in the air around us.  

"You what!?" I said angrily through my clenched jaw as I fought back all urge to scream at him.  

"I love you." He said more softly this time as he took a step towards me.  

"Stop, don't walk any closer to me." I commanded him sharply as he stopped in the exactly stop he stood at.  

"Amanda." He spoke my name softly.  

"Don't you dare Amanda me. Two years. TWO FUCKING YEARS! I spent two fucking years head over heels in love with you and when I finally told you what I felt what did you do. You ignore me for two months and then suddenly surprise me with the fact that Mackenzie was pregnant. Do you know that I did the math, you guys would have had to have sex around the days I told I loved you, for her to get knocked up." I said as calmly as I could while trying to fight back the urge to scream my lungs out.  

"I got drunk, I wasn't thinking-" I cut him off before he says anything else.  

"You were drunk that's your excuse!?" I softly screamed at him, so I didn't wake Nikki up.  

"Amanda, I love you! I know I made mistakes, but your the one I love, not Mackenzie." Carter said suddenly rushing to stand in front of me, his blue eyes no longer dull but frightened and slightly annoyed.  

"You may love me but I don't love you." I said slowly allowing my words to fill the air that had currently been filled with our heavy breathing.  

"I doubt that." He said before lowering his head and smashing his lips on mine. I stand frozen as his lips moved over mine. After a few moments my lips start to move with his, but without my permission, and soon my arms crawl up his shoulder and around his neck too. I try to gain control of my body, but at this point it seemed to have a mind of it's own; after a few more minutes Carter pulls away leaving me breathlessly. "Now, tell me you don't love me." He said still panting as he tried to regain his breath.  

"I don't love you." I said automatically causing Carter to crashing his lips over mine again, this time I was in control of my body and placed my hands on his chest. I give him a hard shove, but he didn't even move a muscle, so instead I brought my hand up and slapped him across the face. The loud echo of the impact could have probably been heard about a mile away.  

"Amanda, what the hell was that for." He said rubbing his cheek as he tried to get rid of the pain he probably felt.  

"Get out, you can leave Nikki here, but get out." I said grabbing his arm and dragging him across the room towards the door.  

"Amanda-" he starts but I open the door and push him out before he has a chance to say anything. I lock the door and grab my phone off the coffee table before dialing the familiar number.  

"Hello?" His voice was husky probably from sleep.  

"Niall?" I asked running a hand through my messy hair as I paced around my living room while Carter pounded on my door.  

"Yeah, what's up Andy?" He asked suddenly more awake since he probably heard the panic in my voice.  

"Do you mind coming over with a tub of ice cream, I kinda need someone to talk to." I asked him shyly as the banging on my door continued.  

"Is that Louis banging on your door?" He asked as I heard him shuffling around on his end of the phone probably trying to find his clothes.  

"No, that's Carter. Do mind slipping in through the fire escape so you don't have to deal with him?" I asked as I picked up some of the stuff that had been thrown on the floor during the movie.  

"Are you sure I can get rid-" Niall starts, but I cut him off.  

"Niall, can you just come trough the fire escape?" I whined to him probably making him really annoyed with me. I head him let out a loud sigh before responding to me.  

"Yeah, what flavor of ice cream do you want?" He asked me as I finish cleaning up the living room.  

"Chocolate or Cookie dough?" I asked as I sat down on the couch with my phone on speaker.  

"Okay, be there in a little bit." He said before bidding me goodbye and hanging up. I walked into my bedroom and sat next to Nikki who was currently still sleeping. How an almost one year old little baby slept through all the screaming and pounding was beyond me. Her soft blond curls feel around her chubby face, as her small chest fell up and down. I had been so busy watching Nikki sleep that I hadn't even noticed Niall try to get in through the window, only to fail and land on the floor. I bit my lip to stifle my laughter as he turned his head towards me to send me a glare.  

"Shhh." I whisper to him as I point down towards Nikki's small sleeping body, she was currently wrapped into a tight little ball.  

"Who is she?" Niall whispered in my ear as I grab a blanket and wrap it around her small body to keep her from freezing.  

"Carter's daughter and my goddaughter." I said before pushing him out of the room and towards the living room, that was now clean.  

"Why is his daughter here?" Niall asked in his normal voice now that we were seated in the living room. He pulled out a tub of ice cream and handed me a spoon that he had probably stolen from Harry and Louis's room since he was rooming with Liam who had a tendency of hiding all the spoons. Strange phobia that boy had.  

"Niall, I don't want you to judge me just listen and listen to my reasons before you judge me. Okay?" I asked him as he nodded his head and stuck his spoon in my tub of ice cream. I take a deep breath before starting with my story and this time I started from the beginning.      


||: A/N    

Ahh! There it is, chapter 16! So after a lot of thinking, I decided that there will be a sequel and that this story will be ending soon, I don't know when but it will...and before anyone starts shooting me... NO NIALL DOES NOT LIKE AMANDA "romantically" they are only friends! Okay! Good! Now...   First comment gets a dedication! Just saying!!  


Toria xxx

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