Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


4. Torn Apart


~Amanda's POV~ 

  "HOW COULD YOU JUST LET HER LEAVE!" Louis screamed at me. 

"SHE THREATENED TO KILL YOU!" Harry said. I let them scream and yell at me, because they were voicing my own thoughts at the moment.

"How could I let her just leave." 

"I am going for a walk." I quietly state, walking around everyone, but before I even make it to the front door. I feel a strong hand on my wrist holding me back. 

"Let me go." I growl at Louis. 

"No, you are not leaving this room not after this stunt." He said staring at me with anger clouding his eyes. It hurt me to see him angry at me, but I deserved it. I deserved each and every anger hateful second of Louis glare. 

"I don't need you." I simply say causing me a pang of pain as a stunned Louis lets me go and turns away from me. His back tenses as he speaks, making me worry what he was going to say. 

"Then leave." Louis commands grimly.

"What?" Liam and Harry respond suddenly to his change in character. Louis was being the complete opposite of the Louis we all knew. The carefree, crazy, loud, random guy replaced with a angry, hateful, cruel monster. A monster I brought out with my words, he turned on me just like Carter did. 

"LOUIS ARE YOU CRAZY!" Zayn screamed at him.

"LET HER LEAVE! She doesn't need us." He whispers the last part loudly enough for me to hear. 

"Bye Louis." I quietly speak walking past Paul and the bodyguards as I grab my bag and phone off the couch on my way out. I stop just before walking out the door, waiting for Louis to turn around pleading me to stay, but after a minute I took the hint.  "I am sorry Lou," I pause for two seconds before even quieter than before I finish my thought. "I love you." And with that I break into run down the hall to the elevator that was open since someone had just walked out. I step into the elevator and press the garage button after pressing the close door button.  "Bye Lou." I whisper as the doors shut with finality locking me in the elevator with no one but my thoughts as a companion. 

  ~Liam's POV~   

"I love you." Amanda whispered almost silently before running away down the hall. As her footsteps fade down the hallway, Louis falls to the ground on his knees with his head in his hands. 

"Why did you let her leave." Harry asks his best mate as he squeezes his shoulder.

"Cause she doesn't need me." Louis mumbles as he lifts his head out of his hands.

  "She was testing you Boobear." Harry stated my exact thoughts. 

"And by the looks if it you failed." Zayn mumbles he walks out of the hotel room and down the hallway. 

"And where do you think you're going?" Paul shouts at him. 

"To go find Amanda, just cause Louis screwed up doesn't mean I am." He shouted as he broke into a jog towards the elevator. Zayn cared a lot about Amanda you could tell from the way he acted right now. I would go as far as saying he fancied her, maybe even loved her. 

"I didn't mean to push her away." Louis spoke quietly in between his hiccups. 

"Louis you told her leave." Niall voiced for the first time. 

"I was angry that she just let that girl leave like that after she threatened to kill her." Louis explained.

  "But we should have at least heard her side of the story." I reason.

"I know." Louis says getting up and heading towards Amanda's room and locking himself in her unpacked things. I sat down on the couch and copied Louis’s action from a few moments ago and placed my head into my hands. I sighed loudly and tried to understand what was going through all four of their minds. I knew Louis was just hurt at what Amanda said, but that shouldn’t have made him say the things he said. If he truly loved her, like how he says he does he wouldn’t have said that or at least chased after her, like Zayn did. Now there was Zayn’s mind to try to understand, he was difficult mind to understand, he had a lot of sides to him. He wasn’t two faced or anything he just is a mystery, no matter how long you have known him he still surprises you each day. Then there was the girl that came barging into the hotel room, her name was Mackenzie, I think. She came in screaming about how Amanda was stealing her fiancé and that even after knowing she was pregnant with his child Amanda was still all over him. The thing is Amanda isn’t that type of person and she’s not like Zayn with multiple sides that no one knows about. Amanda she was an open book, everything about her was there in front of you for everyone to see. What’s going through her mind right now, why didn’t she try to reason with Louis. She had said that she loved him so why hadn’t she at least stayed and tried to tell her side of the story. 

“Liam where’s Amanda?” Miranda asked as she strutted into the room.

“What the hell happened! I leave you guys for an hour alone and Amanda runs away and you guys destroy the hotel room.” She yelled. 

“DID YOU FIND HER!” Louis screams running out of Amanda’s room.

“Found who?” Miranda asked as her face twists into the thinking face she’s famous for.

“SHE DID NOT!” She screamed finally connecting the dots. 

“She ran away, but Zayn’s looking for her.” I speak calmly to her. 

“She better pray he finds her before I do.” She growled as she stalked out of the hotel room and down the same hallway both Zayn and Amanda walked down only about fifteen minutes ago. 

“Liam what do I do.” Louis shaky voice asks me as I go back to my spot on the couch. 

“Louis do you really love her.” I ask staring out of the window. 

“Why would you ask that you already know the answer.” He responded almost angrily. 

“Actually Lou I don’t know, because you see the way you’re acting it makes me think Zayn loves her and not you-” He cuts me off before I even have a chance to explain my reasons. 

“ZAYN DOESN’T LOVE HER I DO!” He screamed at me. 

“NO YOU DON’T LOVE HER BECAUSE IF YOU DID YOU WOULD BE LOOKING FOR HER NOT ZAYN!” Niall screamed back at Louis, letting his more aggressive side take control as he stalks out of the room and down that now very famous hallway. 

“WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU GOING!!” Louis screamed following him down the hall and standing in front of him. 

“Zayn can’t find her. So I am going to go help him look for her since you don’t seem to care.” He said angrily. I slightly flinch as I hear the angry in sweet, innocent Niall voice, he never acted this way unless someone really pissed him off and from the looks of it Louis had just managed that. 

“Oh.” Louis said sadly. 

“I’ll come with you.” I say standing up from the couch and pulling out my phone texting Amanda asking her if she was okay. 

“Okay come on.” Niall said stepping around Louis who was frozen in the same spot with a frown on his face and eyes glistening with tears. I patted his shoulder which seemed to pull him out of his trance and made him take in what was going on. As I walked next to Niall down to the elevator and step in, I hear Louis’s voice fill the elevator.

“I am going to find her.” He said with the same determination Zayn had in his voice when he left. 

“Not if Zayn finds him first.” Niall mumbled as I slightly elbowed his side. 

“It’s true!” He exclaimed as Louis mumbled things to himself as he pressed the lobby button.

“Has he gone crazy?” Niall whispered over to me with a small smile on his face as I elbowed him again.

“I WAS JUST ASKING!” He shouted earning us a lot of stares as the elevator door opened and Louis ran out. 

“LOUIS WE NEED TO COME UP WITH A PLAN NOT JUST RUN ALL AROUND L.A!” I screamed as I ran to catch up with him, my fatherly side taking control of me as I chase after Louis while looking around for Amanda. 


~Amanda's POV~ 

"Hello." I answer my phone for the first time since I walked out of the hotel room.

"Where are you?" Zayns panting voice fills my car since my phone was on speaker. 

  "I am fine." I simply reply not wanting to tell him where exactly I was. I wipe the fresh tears off my face as Zayn's voice fills the air again.   

"Amanda can you please tell me where you're at I promise I won't tell anyone. I just want to talk please." He pleads.   

"Zayn, I am trusting you please don't make me regret this," I pause for his response. 

  "You can trust me you know you can." He says. 

  "I am going to send you an address meet me here in 30 minutes if you're not there by the time I get there, I am leaving." I reason with him.   

"Okay." He says slightly out of breath, he must of been running probably trying to find me. 

  "Okay, talk to you later Zayn." I press end not letting him reply as I look up the address I needed and texted to him. After I sent the message I decided to look at all the messages I had. All together there was 105 unread messages. I scrolled down reading some of them; they were mostly from they guys asking me where I was and if I was okay. I was about to just turn off my phone so I wouldn't get anymore messages when two message caught my eye. The first one was from Louis:     


From: Your Lou Boo xxxx    

Amanda where are you? Please tell me where you are! I need to talk to you and explain everything and well...apologize for what I said. You know I didnt mean any of it. It was my anger talking and i dont want you to leave because Amanda...i am in love with you. Please call me or text me or come back please just let me know that you'll forgive me!     

Love  Louis xx     


I felt the tears slip down my face as I read the message and felt the emotion that Louis put into that one text, but it wasn't enough not for me. If he truly loved me he would have chased me or at least given me a chance to explain. These thoughts fueled my anger as I turned key to my Camaro and backed out of the parking lot towards the small diner that I told Zayn to meet me at. It was about a five minute drive, but when I walked into the diner I see Zayn is already there sipping on a glass on water at a table. I watch him as he stare intently out the window towards the road where all the cars are zooming by passing this small little haven in Los Angeles. His normally very neatly styled hair was sticking out in weird angles which made him look tough and unapproachable. He was still wearing the gray v-neck he was wearing in the hotel, but now he had a black leather jacket over it adding to the whole bad boy look.

  "Bad boys they're always trouble, I wouldn't go messing around with them." an woman around her late 50's said as she passed by me to go stand behind the counter. Her brown hair streaked with gray hair as her face was covered with some wrinkles. She had on a simple white dress with a black apron over it while her hair was in a tight pony tail. 

  "I know what you mean, but he's not as bad as he seems." I whisper making sure Zayn didn't hear me.    "We all want to think that honey, but in reality bad boys will always be bad boys no matter how much us little angels try to fix them. Their problems are just to complicated and difficult to fix or even understand." She said.

  "I understand, but I promised him I would talk." I whisper to the waitress.   

"That's how it always starts." She says handing me a glass a water and walking away to attend other costumers. I take it that she's done lecturing me and so I head over to Zayn's table. He's staring so intently at the cars that he doesn't even notice me walk up. 

  "I am not going back." I simply state as I sit down across from him. The sound of my voice seems to drag him out of his thoughts and into reality with me.   

"Why?" He responses brining his eyes towards mine and locking them together.   

"Because...no one cares." I say as I feel the tears start falling down my face again.  

"I care, Liam cares, Niall cares, Harry cares, and even Louis cares in his own twisted weird way." He says still looking into my eyes.   

"Then why didn't you guys at least give me a chance to explain?" I ask suddenly anger at the fact they never gave me a chance to truly explained what happened.   

"Becaue I were scared." He says speaking more for himself than for the others.   

"Why would you be scared?" I ask shocked that Zayn could even feel fear. He lowers his head down to the table suddenly really instersted in the pattern on the it. After what seemed like a lifetime of silence he spoke again.   

"I was scared that who ever that girl was would hurt you and then I would lose you forever."


||: A/N 

Helllooo!! There Reader! How's your day been so far? Hmmm? Haha:) Well there's chapter 4!! EEK! I hope you guys like it...in the next few chapters there is going to be a lot of drama and welll....yeah...soo...hope you don't abandon my story because everything is sad and depressing... LOVE YOU ALL!!  

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