Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


1. The Radio Interview


~Carter POV~  

"That's right, we are here with our very own local teen Amanda Nicole Fawner who has taken Hollywood by storm with her hit single Hometown Bad Boy." The Dj spoke too happily for my taste, her familiar voice so sweet and gentle flew from the radio into my ears.  

"Haha. Thanks Ryan and I haven't taken Hollywood yet." She said.  

"Oh, but I beg to differ, and talking about success what inspired you to write this song." The Dj asked her.

  "Yes, Amanda repeat the sad tragic story on how I broke your heart." I said sarcastically to the radio although no one could hear me.  

"Well...it was inspired by an experience I had with an old 'friend' and that's where all the raw emotions of the song come from."

  "Well, that's a new one." I mumbled.  

"What's a new one?" Mackenzie asked as she stepped into my car.  

"Ummm...nothing, just listening to the radio." I quickly brushed her off.

  "Wait," She paused for about five minutes as she listened to Amanda's sweet voice echoed around my car.  

"No, I had told him I loved him after about three weeks of him ignoring me. I decided to talk to him, I found out his girlfriend was pregnant with his child and he was staying with her." Her voice said.  

"Stupid jealous bitch." Mackenzie mumbled angrily as I ignored her for the sakes of my sanity.   "Well his loss right?" The Dj asked.  

"Haha. I guess, I am happy for him and his girlfriend last time I heard they were planning on getting married after graduation." She said amusingly.  

"I AM NOT!" I exclaim as I completely forgot that Mackenzie was sitting right next to me.  

"You said-"  

"No, I said I would support the baby not marry you." I said slightly coldly.

  "Does this boy know that this song that has been number one for SEVEN weeks in a row is written about him?" I chuckled at the question, since all I had to do is listen to the chorus of the song to know it was all about me.  

"Haha I don't know my friends back at home say he does, but I really don't care if he does or doesn't." Her voice said sweetly but full of hate.

  "Ah! I see so, since you can't confirm he knows or doesn't...do you want to confirm your relationship with Arek Cruz?" The Dj said as my ears tuned in to listen to Amanda's every word.  

"Relationship? Ahh! Sure! I'll confirm me and Arek are...." She dramatically paused as I sat next to Mackenzie.

"Arek is my best friend nothing more." She said as her sweet laughter filled my car and was abruptly cut off.  

"What the hell I was listening to that!" I yell at Mackenzie.  

"DRIVE!" She commanded, as I just grunted at her command and started to drive.  

~Amanda POV~  

"Arek is my best friend nothing more." I confirmed as I laughed at the wild rumors.  

"Are you sure there isn't anything more?" The Dj named Ryan pushed.  

"Nope nothing more than friends." I said as I popped the p in nope.

  "What about rumor that you're doing a collaboration with One Direction on your next song." He asked. Ryan reminded me a lot of my best friend Kendall always asking me crazy question on rumors she has heard of me. He even looked a lot like her with his bright hazel eyes and his dark brown hair to his light tan skin. I was so busy comparing him to Kendall that I completely forgot that he was waiting for response.  

"Haha! Sorry, my mind started to wander." I excused myself for taking so long. "Ummm...that rumor is actually true, I have been talking to the guys and we are meeting soon to talk about it." I stated.  

"We look forward to the release of that song!" Ryan said full of enthusiasm.  

"Hahaha! Okay, I promise you first play is that okay?" I say matching his tone. Wow, this kid knew how to brighten someone's day.

  "Wow! Really?!" He said as his eyes grew big in excitement.  

"Haha! Yes! I pinky promise!" I said as I extended my pinky and he took it.  

"Whoo!! I am going to hold you to that promise." Ryan said as he shook my hand after I pinky promised him first play.  

"Haha! I always keep my promises Ryan!" I said truthfully.  

"Good! Well that's all the time we have left! Here's Amanda's hit single Hometown Badboy enjoy!" He said as the microphones cut off and the familiar lyrics start to play.  

"Wow! Did you really mean you would let me have first play?" Ryan said as he stepped out his chair and walked towards me.

  "Yup! I promised and I never go back on my promises especially pinky promises." I say.

  "Haha, that good. Thank you so much." He said as he opens his arms for a hug.

"I seriously don't know why you're single you're too beautiful and kind." He stated we untangled from the hug.  

"Haha, awww thank you and well I guess dating isn't on the top of my list right now." I said as I blushed.

  "I would take you on a date...but...I don't think my boyfriend would approve." He said as he laughed and I stood confused.  

"Boyfriend?" I asked.  

"Yes, I am gay." He said as his laughter died down.  

"Oh! Well, do you think he would mind if you both came to dinner with me today?" I asked, Ryan was sweet and kind so I thought 'It'll be fun to get away from all the drama and stress at the hotel.'  

"No, I don't think he would mind how about at the local Steakhouse at umm..8?" He asked, as I took out my IPhone and looked at the time. A little past 11:30, and I still had another interview which would take about three hours plus I need about two hours of rest and a hour to get ready. I hadn't said a thing which made Ryan nervously move around.  

"That sounds perfect!" I said finally calculating that I would be ready around 6'ish since the studio for the next interview is about half an hour away from here and the hotel.

  "Okay, here I'll give you my number." he said as scribbled it down on a piece of paper.

"Thanks. Umm, here I'll give you mine." I paused as I looked for something to write it on."Ummm... can I see your phone?" I asked as Ryan dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out an IPhone with a red and black cover.

"Ah! I love your cover!" I say as I added my number in his contacts.

"Haha! Thanks how about I buy you one?" He asked "What are your two favorite colors?"   "Ummm...purple and black!" I proudly said.  

"WE BOTH ALSO HAVE IPHONES!!" He squeaked.  

"IPhone Buddies?" I asked.

  "Yes. "  

"Picture?" I asked as I held up my bedazzled IPhone.

  "Sure." Ryan responded as he placed his arm around my waist and I asked my manager, Miranda to take the picture. We took about three pictures as I chose the two best and uploaded them on Instagram and Twitter. I mentioned Ryan in both and with the caption "IPHONE Buddies! Hell Yeah!"   I had just pressed the Tweet Button when Miranda grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the radio station and towards the jet black SUV.  

"BYE RYAN!" I yelled as he stood and waved goodbye.  

~Four Hours Later~  

“Amanda!” Miranda screams from her room where she has been working on my schedule for the next few weeks, since she had to work in the meeting with One Direction somewhere in there.  

“Yeah, umm I am gonna go take a shower cause I have to go to dinner with Ryan and his boyfriend.” I say as I enter her messy room.  

“Okay what time do you plan on coming back?” She asks.  

“Umm..around 11?”  

“That’s fine as long you get a good sleep the boys are flying in and we need to pick them up at the airport at around 6.” She says as she shuffles through a mountain of papers.

  “Okay...WAIT! 6 in the morning?” I ask.  

“Yeah...Is that gonna be a problem?” She says looking up from her search.  

“No, not at all...yes” I mumble at the end.  

“Good, go get ready.” She commands me.  

“Yes mother.” I reply as I walk into my room and pull out my signature vanilla shampoo, conditioner, and strawberry body wash. I turn on the water while I undress and hum along to the radio that at the moment was playing the boy’s song Save You Tonight, as it hit the chorus I started belting out the lyrics.  

I I wanna save you  

Wanna save your heart tonight  

He’ll only break you  

Leave you torn apart, oh

  I can’t be no superman  

But for you I’d be superhuman  

I I wanna save you

  Save you Save you tonight.  

As the song ended I stepped into the shower and started belting the next song that came on the small radio in the corner of the bathroom. After about ten different songs and about two commercial breaks, I finally stepped out of the shower. I wrap the soft fluffy hotel towel around my body as I grabbed all my stuff and waddled my way to my room passing Miranda and few other member of my teams as I made my way there. As I entered my room I noticed that it was already 7:02 which meant I had about thirty minutes to get ready and since this was a personal outing I got to choose what I was going to wear. After throwing on a black bra and matching black panties I decided on a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a white crop top that was bedazzled with the word love on the front in black studs. My long brown hair that fell in small waves around my shoulders looked fine but I rubbed in some anti-frizz serum before grabbing my wallet and phone in my bag as I walked into Miranda’s room.  

“Anda, I am heading out.” As expected she was still on the floor trying to work out my schedule since she had moved a lot things around for this one week meeting with One Direction.

  “Hold on LACY!!” She screams to my stylist who ran into the room with a bowl of ice cream in her hands.  

“Yeah?” She asked as wiped off the ice cream on her lips.  

“Haha movie night?” I ask as I point to the bowl of ice cream still in her hands.  

“Yup! Date night?” She asks point at me.  

“Nope dinner date with Ryan and his boyfriend.” I state.

“The radio guy we meet today?”  

“Lacy does she look presentable.” Miranda asked breaking apart our gossip session.  

“No.” She stated as she frowned at me.  

“Ugh...I am not changing.” I frown at her.  

“Good cause you don't look presentable you look damn hot, but you’re missing something.” She pauses while Miranda looks up from her mess at me.  

“What is she missing?” Anda asks.  

“MAKEUP!” Lacy said as she shoves another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. I groan at the idea of sitting there for another twenty minutes while they paint me up like a clown.  

“She’ll be fine.” Miranda says.

“You can go remember what I said though...be home early.” I nod at her as I walk past a frowning Lacy and head towards the door of the hotel. I arrived at the steakhouse ten minutes later after being approved by both Lacy and Miranda.  

"Amanda over here!" I hear Ryan call over to table where he was sitting with who I assumed was his boyfriend.  

"Hey Ryan." I say as I sat down across from them.  

"Hey Amanda this is Marcus my boyfriend." He said pointing towards the guy sitting next to him.  

"Hello, my name is Amanda but you guys can call me Mandy or Ann." I say giving Ryan a quick hug and shaking Marcus's hand.  

"Well hello Amanda, it's really nice to meet you " Marcus says in a sweet voice. We sit down and order and after about half an hour of talking the food comes and we dig in.  

"I am so full!" I say patting my belly as we walk out of the Steakhouse.  

"Thank you for an amazing dinner Ann, you should have really let us pay." Ryan says swinging his and Marcus's entwined hands.  

"Nah, I offered so I should pay." I point out as I reach my car.  

"Next time we are paying okay." Marcus said speaking up for the first time since we left the restaurant.

  "Haha, okay I pinky promise." I say holding out my pinky to him while he and Ryan wrap their around mine.  

"Sounds good, do you guys need a ride?" Pointing towards my midnight black Camaro.  

"No, it's okay we don't want bother you we'll take a taxi." Ryan shyly says.

  "Ummm, get in the car now." I say unlocking the car and pointing for them to get in.  

"No we dont wan-"  

"It's nothing at all don't worry how about you pay me back by buying me that case?" I suggest.  

"Deal." Ryan says smiling as he holds open the door for Marcus as he climbs into the backseat. I walk around the front of the car and slip into the driver's seat as I insert the key into the ignition.  

"So where am I taking you guys?" My voice fills the car as I capture the attention of Ryan and Marcus.  

"Oh, right we'll you can drop us off at my apartment which is on Central and Clemens." Marcus points out from the backseat while Ryan nods.  

"Okey dokey." I cheerfully say.

  ~Twenty Minutes later~  

"BYE YOU GUYS TEXT ME!" I yell from the lobby as Ryan and Marcus wave at me. "Well, that was fun." I thought excitedly to myself as I turn around and walk back towards my Camaro that was waiting in the parking lot. I step out of the lobby and into the chilly cold air as it whips my hair all around me, I pull my hoodie on tighter around me as a response.  


"Yeah?" I turn to fully face the person who had spoken my name and I find myself facing the same blue grey eyes I left behind all those years ago.

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