Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


2. The Good Old Starbucks Runs

~Amanda's POV~

"What are you doing here!" I exclaim as I face the one person I dreaded ever seeing again.

"I was dropping Kenzie off." He says as his light eyes search for mine.

"Oh." I says as I look into his light eyes through his dark hair.

"Yeah...ummm...wanna go grab some Starbucks like old times?"

"Umm...," I thought about it while I pull my Iphone out and see it's already 10:00pm.

"Sure, I guess meet you there?" All he does is nod as he walks to his familiar white Mustang sitting about 100 feet from where we stood. I shake my head lightly and turn back towards my custom black Camaro. I step into the car and slam my head the steering wheel as the horn explodes my ear drums but I don't seem to notice. I command myself to move from my position and actually drive towards my destination.Why had I agreed to this. That is the one question running through my mind as I drive down the familiar roads towards Starbucks. After a few more minutes of driving I saw the small cafe come into view. I look around and find a parking space only a few cars down from the front entrance. I step out of my warm, safe Camaro and wrap my hoodie slightly tighter around my waist. I slowly walk towards the entrance out of the corner of my eye I see the mustang "He's inside don't freak out okay." I calmly tell myself as I step into the Starbucks and get in line not even bothering to look around.

"I hope you don't mind but I already got your order." Carter says as he hands me my drink, I stare at and noticed he remembered my usual order a cookie crumble frappuccino from our midnight trips.

"You remembered my order?" I ask taking a sip of the chocolate and coffee mixture.

"I never forgot." He plainly answers as he takes a sip of the monster in his hands he never did like Starbucks why will forever be a mystery.

"Oh." I state.

"So, how have you been Mandy?"

"I've been better." I say sipping on my drink again.

"Wow! Your international pop star and you say you have been better. I would have said I am amazing!" Carter exclaims. I had the urge to laugh at him, but I stopped myself and kept a poker face on.

"Well...Car I'm not you." I simply reply.

"So how have you been Car?"

"Ummm...well I have been okay actually." Carter explains.

"You're going to be a dad, how does that feel." I ask awkwardly.

~Carter's POV~ 

"You're going to be a dad, how does that feel." Amanda asks awkwardly while looking behind me.

"It feels weird." I reply honestly searching for her eyes but she refuses to let my look at them.

"Do you have any names yet?" She asks through semi-clenched teeth.

"I was actually thinking Jackson if it's a boy and... Amanda if it's a girl." I reply confidently as her attention is finally on me.

"I don't like that name." She says plainly as I felt a pang of hurt in my chest that she wouldn't let me name my first child after her.

"You're right," I pause as she looks at me with confusion clouding her amazing green eyes.

"I think Skyler is a lot better." I finish.

"You are going to name your child with Mackenzie after the two people she hates the most?" Amanda says. Skyler was my best friend since 7th grade, but it wasn't always that way at first we didn't get along very well, but I guess it was because I always made fun of the fact he had a girl's name. In 7th grade we were on the same lacrosse team so we were forced to get along and later we just plain got along. When I started going out with Mackenzie, they didn't get along very well. He blamed her for almost all the sudden fights we had and blamed her for taking away his "wing man".  

"Yeah why not?" I say pushing my slightly long hair from my eyes.

"Haha, I bet Mackenzie is going to love- " Amanda's phone rung as she stopped and dug it out of her bag. She pulls out her IPhone while a worried expression covers her face."Sorry, I have to answer this." I nod as she gets up and walks outside to take her call.

~Amanda's POV~

"SHIT!" is the first thing that crosses my mind as look at my IPhone and see Anda's picture pop up.

"Sorry I have to answer this." I apologize to Carter while standing up and answering the call. "Hello?" I ask quietly.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU IT'S ALMOST MIDNIGHT I SAID 11:00!! NOT MIDNIGHT!" Miranda screams through my phone.

"Umm...Starbucks?" I say as she cusses on her side of the phone.

"WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU THERE?" I swear this woman is going to make me deaf by the end of the tomorrow. "I am meeting up with an old friend."



"CARTER?!As in douchebag Carter the one that got that girl pregnant. As in Carter the asshole that broke your heart!?"


"Why the fuck are you with him?"

"Okay well.." I end up telling Manda the short story with only about a million interruptions.

"Well, I guess you'll let you go so you can talk to him." She says with a sad, worried voice

"I'll be home in an hour okay." I state.

"Okay I'll pick of the boys tomorrow so don't worry about them take your time there. I want you to finally have closure and forget about Carter. " Manda states as though this one little meeting will make me forget that he completely exists.

"Okay thanks Anda."

"No problem Kiddo but hurry up okay?"

"Yeah see you soon." I hang up the call and see that I have been outside for fifteen minutes now. I head back inside surprised to see that Carter was still here.

"Sorry, my manager called asking where I was." I state. "

It's okay." He simply says sipping on a brand new monster.

" Do you need to go?"

"No, unless you want me too?" I ask as I pick up my Frappe.

"NO!" Carter yells before blushing and talking again.

"I mean...ummm no I kinda wanted to keep talking like the good old days." He says smiling at me and causing me to smile back.

"I know what you mean...but....Carter we can never go back to the way we were." I say slightly heartbroken.

"Amanda look I know what I did was horrible and...I don't have an excuse for what I did bu-" I cut him off instead of letting him finish his thought.

"It isn't because of what happen...Carter we are from two different worlds now. I miss you and the way we used to tell each other everything. But I don't want to risk your safety or privacy or even your relationship with Mackenzie just because of me." I finish closing my eyes and placing my hands on the small table. Before I could even relax from basically telling Carter we can never be friends, I feel his hands slip over my hands and entwined his fingers over the back of my hand.

"I will be anything you want me to be as long as I can be there with you." He whispers to me his light blue grey eyes search for a response in my eyes but I keep them hidden.

"No, Carter you going to be a dad and you need to focus on that child not me." I say slowly standing up and turning away from him. "I am sorry Car, I really am." I say before walking away as tears threaten to fall from my eyes.

~The Next Day~

"AMANDA! WAKE UP!" Anda screams in my ear as I throw my covers higher over my head trying to shut out Anda.

"AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "WWHHAAATTT!!" I scream throwing the covers off my head and in the process hitting Anda in the face.

"Get up we need to go pick up the boys their flight gets here in an hour." She commands while rubbing her face.

"I thought that you would get them alone?" I ask.

"You need to get out after last night and get over that stupid douchebag Am let's go." Anda's states.

"Ugh." I groan as swing my legs off my bed and sit up facing Anda as try to rub the sleep out of my eyes.

"Just throw on something simple and comfortable." She says walking out of my room towards the small little living room in the hotel room. We were going to renting a house that was getting ready and we were going to be moving into the house in a few days after the guys get here.

"Umm? Sweats and a T-shirt?" I ask.

"SURE!" She screams back at me. I walk towards the bathroom and look in the mirror at the horror my face looks like. After Starbucks I came back to the hotel and cried my eyes out til I passed out. I washed my face of all the tear stains from my face while battling if I should wear makeup or not.

"Not, I am feeling too lazy." I mumble to myself as I walk towards my suitcase and pull out a purple pair of sweats, one of guys t-shirts, and one of their hoodies from the last time they visited. I stepped into a pair of black vans that were a few months old and had smiley faces drawn all over them in silver sharpie. I walk out of the room and grab my phone and credit card on my way out.

"Ready!" I yell as I make my way towards the living room grabbing my glasses off the table since I didnt feel like walking around like a blind bat in airport.

"Okay let's go pick of the guys." Anda said plainly. We drove towards the airport that was about twenty minutes from the hotel, but we got good traffic and made it fifteen minutes. "FLIGHT 589 LONDON ARRIVING NOW!" Said the plain voice over the speakers. I had my Ipod on and I was humming to One More Night by Maroon 5, which kind of felt like fit my life right now.

"AMY! THEY'RE HERE BRACE YOURSELF!" Miranda screamed from her spot beside. I groan in response to her as I mentally prepare myself of the craziness know as One Direction.



SUPER Sorry for any mistakes...Sometimes I wonder how I am in Honors *or Pre-Ap* English. This will forever be a mystery O_O! Haha:) Well I need some feedback so at least one vote and one comment and 10 reads on this chapter before I upload the next one that I am going to start right now:)

FallingForYou21 xoxo


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