Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


11. SKY!

Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart   

Chapter 11:   

~Amanda's POV~ 

"Who is this?" I ask into the phone, which was currently silent on the other end. 

"It's Sky? Carter's best friend, while his other best friend since you pretty much take up the entire title of best friend." He laughed at his own joke while I stood silent until the elevator binged announcing I had arrived. "Hello? Amanda are you there?" He asked while I tell the receptionist of the hotel that we were all heading out. 

"Yeah, sorry so Mr. Skylar Markus Newman nice to hear from you after what...almost a year and a half?" I said sarcastically as I walk out of the hotel and leans against the waiting limo. Everyone else still hadn't arrived and they probably wouldn't for the next ten or five minutes; might as well kill some time and talk to Sky. Who I hadn't heard from since I left my small little hometown of Salinas, California. 

"Well, Ms. Amanda Nicole Fawner it seems like the big Holly- scratch that the big international superstar had no time for the little people anymore. It's sad a real tragedy to know I am not even mentioned in the accepting speeches." He said melodramatically as he sobbed into the phone. 

"Oh, come on babe please don't be that why. I'll make it up it up to you somehow, plus I have a dinner today for PETA and I need to speak so I promise to mention you in my speech tonight.” I said sweetly before giggling at one of my old best friends. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my lack of contact me and Sky would probably still be friends up to this day. If anyone were to listen to my conversation with him right now, they would think that we were still best friends and we see each other everyday. But truth be told the last time I saw or even heard of Sky was about two years ago. 

“Wait the PETA Fundraiser dinner today in L.A?” He asked shuffling around on his end of the phone. 

“Yeah…why? OH MY GOD! SKY ARE YOU GOING?” I scream grabbing the attention of some of the people who were walking on the sidewalk. 

“Umm…Amanda can I have your autograph and a picture with you.” A young girl with shoulder length brown hair asked timidly.

“Hold on Sky, duty calls.” I joke as I hear Sky’s loud laughter from the other side of phone since I had said duty. “Not that kind of duty you immature little brat.” I tease him and smile sheepishly at the young girl who’s mother had her phone out. I place my arm over the young girl’s shoulder and manage a big, bright smile into the camera, afterwards I sign her phone, and American Eagle t-shirt she had on. 

“Thank you ssssoooooo much!” She said extending the s’s and o’s in so.  “

No problem, it really makes my day to make you guys happy.” I said throwing her another bright smile before excusing myself to talk to Sky again. 

“So is Ms. International Superstar done taking what a million pictures with her adoring fans and followers.” He said sarcastically while laughing towards the end. 

“Haha,” I laugh dryly at him. “Has anyone ever told you what an amazing comedian?” I asked him as I heard everyone else’s laughter in the lobby. 

“Oh, yes actually I was offered a contract to perform a few shows to open for Carrot Top out in Las Vegas.” He joked as the everyone else came out of the hotel laughing and joking around. 

"Hey, babe." Louis whispered into the ear that I had my phone on. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist which in reaction I leaned my back against his chest. 

"Amanda? Ummm...who was that?" Sky asks causing me to laugh since he had completely no clue who Louis was. After a few minutes of laughing at him, I finally calm down enough to be able to explain. 

"Sorry, that was Louis." I said still slightly giggling. 

"Ah! The famous boyfriend Mr. British Superstar, I have heard many things of him some very weird, strange things." Sky confessed as I burst into a other fit of laughter at his tone. 

"Andy, we gotta go, we still need to pick up Zayn and Niall." Louis said leading me into the sleek black limo, I ha been leaning against for the last ten minutes. I nod towards him still on the phone with Sky as I jump into the backseat of the limo and everyone else arranges themselves around me. 

"Oh, does the big Superstar have to go get worshiped or is she going to pick up her new Ferrari?" He over exaggerates as I giggle which cause Louis to slightly glare at my phone. 

"Actually! Mister Comedian I have to go because I am on my way to the charity dinner, I'll see you there in a little bit right?" I ask as everyone around me except Louis were deep in random conversations. 

"Actually, I am already here but it is extremely boring so I think I am just gonna wait until you get here to get the party started." He said with amusement in his words. 

"Awww...Sky that's so nice of you to think of me." I said giggling earning some weird stares from everyone in the limo. "Ummm...Skylar gotta go I am getting those weird stares that killers give you before they kill you." I said trying to hide my face from everyone's view.  

"Kay, text me when you get here. Bye Mandy." Sky said laughing at my current situation. After a few more stupid things said between us I finally hang up on him as we pull up to arena where Liam and Zayn where at. 

"Someone what to explain what the hell we were doing here?" I ask looking through the window at the huge arena that was surrounded by a couple fans. 

"Zayn was ordered to practice for the concert on Thursday and Liam stayed to help him out." Harry shrugged while going back to texting probably Liam or Zayn that we were outside. My lips form a "o" as we park and wait for the last two member of One Direction to come out. I place my hands on my lap and start fiddling my fingers, before soon a strong hand takes my hands and wraps his fingers around me. I look up from my lap and see Louis talking to Harry with a wide smile on his face. I allow a small smile fall on my lips and give Louis's hand a small squeeze before going back to my thoughts. I was currently really nervous since I had to be around Zayn, who I still haven't talked to since a couple days ago when he had kissed me. I had told Kendall about it and all she did was laugh at me while I sat in the chair pouting at her. After little giggle fest she had calmed down enough to finally give me some advice.   



"Well are you gonna tell Louis?" Kendall asked me still slightly giggling at me. 

"I don't know should I?" I ask throwing myself back onto the bed so I was faced up looking at the ceiling. She said silent for a few seconds, before Kendall's soft, calm voice surrounded me. 

"Okay time for a little role switch let's say that I kissed Louis. Would you want him to tell you when it happened or would you want him keep it a secret from you?" She asked grabbing my attention from the patterns on the ceiling. She smirks a me before patting my head and walking out of my room.  

~End Flashback~   


I had always hated keeping secrets and I was no good at lying. I would always end up letting it slip out when I least expect it or when it was the worst time at all. 

"They aren't answering...Andy do you mind going and grabbing them they should be in the dressing rooms." Harry's voice says pulling me out of my deep train of thought. 

"Me?" I ask looking around as everyone except Louis is slowly nodding their heads at me. 

"Yeah...You Andy?" Harry asks almost like a question as I sigh loudly enough to grab everyone's attention. I haul myself up from my seat and walk out to the door and step out of the limo. The still lightly bright sun blinds me for about ten seconds before my vision finally clears up. I take a step forward and shut the door behind me before walking into the performer's entrance of arena. I finally step into the view of the line of view of the some of the fans who start yelling at me as I smile shyly at them. I wave and smile as the paparazzi take notice of me and start snapping pictures. 

"AMANDA AMANDA OVER HERE AMANDA!" The paparazzi screamed as I reach the entrance of the arena. Security lets me through and I start to wander through the empty halls of the arena. I stay alert as I walk, since I have never been backstage to this particular stadium I had no clue what lurked behind the corner. I had taken a few small steps into a hallway before two strong hands pull on my waist pull me backwards into someone chest.

"Ah!" I scream as the person turns me around with a bored expression on his face. His brown eyes dancing with boredom and amusement at the same time. How this is possible is beyond me completely.

"Liam! You scared the fu-" He glared and me almost challenging me to finish the sentence. I decide to let him win this one time as I reluctantly finish my sentence. "The fudge nuggets out of me." I said smiling as his bright smile shows up on his newly shaved face. 

"Hey, Andy have you seen Zayn on your little self tour around?" He asks as I shake in head at him while he sighs loudly and running his hand through his freshly styled hair. "I can't find him do you mind going and checking the dressing room again and I'll go check around here?" He asks.

"Sure, ummm...how do I get there?" I ask mentally jotting down his directions. I nod my head before setting off on my very fun adventure in search of Za-Zayn!!

"LIAM!" I yell but get nothing in response which causes me to slightly panic. "LEEYYUUMM!" I yell as loud and obnoxiously as I can possibly can, but still get only silence in return. I groan in the irony of my situation and decide to keep walking towards the dressing room, since the chances that Zayn was there were pretty slim. My sliver heels clicking and clanking against the floor as my fancy, grey dress hit my thigh with each movement of my legs. With each step that I took my nerves start to grow more and more, I turn around the corner and if I followed the directions Liam gave me right. Then the dressing room should be only a few rooms down the hallway. I unsurely walk down the hall to the dressing room that Liam had directed me to I listen for a second. As I listen to the air around me I hear Zayn voice singing softly to a song that I faintly recognize. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before stepping into the doorway with my eyes still close.  

“ARE YOU DECENT?” I yell trying to push the thoughts of the kiss me and Zayn shared far into the back of my mind. But every time I did it seemed to bounce back almost as if I had a trampoline in my mind where all my thoughts bounced right off of. I kept my thoughts somewhat at bay with the thoughts of what Louis would do if he were to catch me thinking of Zayn. His angry, betrayed expression seemed to keep my thoughts away, but that didn’t stop some of them from slipping through my wall. Zayn’s low chuckle snaps me out of my thoughts as I reluctantly open my eyes to see Zayn fully dressed. He wore lose pair of black skinny jeans with a white dress shirt, which he wore a black blazer over. I finally find Zayn’s amused brown eyes as a small smile finds it’s way onto his face. 

“So do I look decent?” He asks smirking at me as I blush and look to the ground with a small mumble of whatever. “Hey, ummm…can we umm…talk?” Zayn asks trying to grab my attention from the ground. .

“We should probably go everyone is waiting for us, and yeah they’ll start to worry.” I said trying to think of an excuse to put this conversation off to probably the last day on earth. 

“Andy, please.” He pleads. I take a deep breath and slowly release it before nodding my head. I walk over to smaller of the two couches that was in dressing room as Zayn follows me and sits beside me.

“Look, I am sorry for what happened a few days ago I wasn’t thinking…I just don’t know what came over me and I am sorry…and thank you for not telling Louis.” He said slowly pausing in some of the most random moments in his small rant. 

“Look, Zayn I am gonna be truthful with you…and this is taking a lot of courage on my part and I am hoping that you don’t think I am completely crazy, but every since we kissed I can’t seemed to get you out of my mind. And before you say anything I know that it’s wrong of me to do so since I am with Louis, but I can’t help myself.” I say taking another deep breath and shielding my face from Zayn as I prayed that he didn’t say anything that would make me cry, since I had makeup on. 

“Are you serious?” Is all he said and I quickly responded with a nod of my head that was still hidden in my hands. I hear him take a deep breath before talking again, but this time wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him. “Well, at least now you know how I have felt for a long time now.” He said chuckling at himself as I felt my head and glare at him for two seconds before softening my stare. 

“But you didn’t have the whole world worrying about you breaking poor Louis’s heart. Zayn if he finds out then EVERYONE will hate me! Louis, Harry, Liam, and probably Niall, and then there is all your guys fans!” I said huffing and pouting like a two year old who was tired of being treated like a baby. 

“And that is why I have kept my distance from you Amanda, I didn’t want you going through this. Well….actually I was more worried about you rejecting me and then completely hating me for even thinking about in any way except as a friend.” He said burying his head into my shoulder blade. 

“Well…now you should be scared about what Louis will do if he ever finds out.” I said before realizing what I just said. “Oh my God I sound like such a whore!” I exclaim as Zayn laughs onto my neck causing me to slightly shiver at his soft breath. 

“No, you just sound like a very confused girl.” He said laughing at the end but abruptly stopping and motioning me to be quiet. Then without warning he got up and running into the bathroom and locking the door silently behind him. A few seconds later Louis walks in with a frown on his face as I sit on the couch staring innocently at the wall. 

“Where’s Zayn?” He ask and I just point towards the bathroom where Zayn was currently making a lot of noise. With all the sounds Zayn was making it sounded very convincing that he was running late and was trying to get ready quickly. Louis just nods his head and sits next to and placing his arm around my waist in the same way Zayn had just only a few minutes ago. I sat still next to Louis as he leaned in and kissed my collar bone which caused the same tingles it had since he first started dating about six months ago. 

“Why did you take so long?” He asked against my skin as he lead his kisses up to my jaw line. 

“I had to wait for Zayn since I didn’t know how to get back alone.” I said which caused Louis to laugh against my skin the same way Zayn had. 

“Sometimes you make me wonder how you find your way around in the stadiums when you perform and never get lost.” He asks leaning his forehead against mine. I close my eyes and take in his cool and calming aura which relaxing me slightly. 

“I usually use the buddy system.” I shrug as Zayn walks out of the bathroom laughing at me while I glare at him. He picks up a handle full of Skittles out of a bowl and walks out of the room with me and Louis right behind him. I look in between Zayn and Louis and I suddenly feel a strong force closing in around me that causes me to run towards the entrance where I came in from. 

“ANDY!” Zayn and Louis before yell from behind me as my heels clomp down against the cement. A small laugh escapes my lips at the two boys chase me down the hallway and out into the park lot where the limo still stood. I finally open the door and quickly jump in earning a few strange stares. Suddenly both Louis and Zayn climbed into the limo both out of breath and panting like they just ran a marathon. 

“Really? I ran that in heels beat you guys and I am not panting like a dog.” I joke with the boys as everyone just laughs at them while they glare at me with revenge clear in their eyes. 

“We are going to get you back you know that right?” Zayn said looking at Louis who only nodded in agreement with his dark haired friend. I just shrug my shoulder and pull out my mirror to fix some of the loose strands of hair that had been falling on my face. We drove for about twenty minutes before stopping in front of the cream carpet that we had to walk to get into the dinner that was being held in some huge reception hall. 

“Ready?” I ask to everyone in the limo as they all just kind of look at each other for a response. “Wimps.” I mumble before climbing over Niall, Harry, and Liam and grabbing Louis hand as the door opens allowing the flashes of the cameras invade my vision. 

“AMANDA! LOUIS!!” Suddenly the screams make me head start to hurt so I tug on Louis’s hand slightly signaling that I was not very comfortable with the noise. He looks up from signing a phone for a fan before smiling at me and leading in front of the background that we had to stand in front of to get our pictures taken. Kendall and Tristan were right beside us most of times during most of the pair and solo shoots, but soon we spilt into our two groups and took our group pictures. At the end of the carpet we all mob together and form almost an a large group that looked almost like a class picture. We finally finish with the red carpet and are lead towards the front of the stage where we had a large table to fit all of us together. The seating started off in boy then girl order with me, then Louis, Kendall, Tristan, Rhia, Liam, Cassidy, Harry, and that’s where the pattern stopped since after Harry all the other guys were clumped together. It was Trent next to Harry then Zayn, Taylor, Niall who sat next to me since the table was round. As soon as we sat down we all separated into our own little sub-conversations, which I listened into at some bits but then would get weirded out. I was talking to Louis, Kendall, Tristan, and Niall about having a movie night at my hotel room afterwards.  

“WAIT MOVIE NIGHT?” Harry yelled from across the rather large table. I nod my head at him as he starts to fist pump in his chair. “I PICKING THE MOVIE!” He screams causing me to slightly flinch at how loud his voice was since my migraines were starting to kick in. 

“Do you need any medication?” Louis asks while grabbing my hand and giving it a tight squeeze. 

“Wait, Mandy are you doing drugs?” A deep voice asks from behind me causes me to involuntarily to smile. 

“Sky, I am a good girl I don’t do drugs.” I said standing up and looking at the tall, blonde, green eyed weirdo I once called my best friend. 

“I know Mandy.” He laughed while pulling me into a tight hug where he lifted me up and spun me around. 

“SKYLAR!” Kendall exclaimed from next to Louis who only seemed to glare at Sky slightly but kept a friendly smile on his face.   

“Hey Kennedy.” He said smirking at my best friend who slightly winced at the use of her full name. She got up and pulled him into a hug, but he only hugged her since they were never as close as we were.   

“Oh, Sky this is my boyfriend Louis and my friends.” I said naming off each person who smiled or nodded at Sky who kept his “I am too cool for you” attitude up.   

“Hey, I am Sky.” He said giving them a small wave they all nodded at him even Louis and Zayn who were currently glaring at him.

“So Mand-”   

“PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS WE ARE GONNA BEGIN SOON!” A tall, brunette who was gonna be the announcer commanded as Sky just glared at the lady and then turned to me.   

“Talk to you in a little bit kay?” He asks as I nod my head at him which causes him to smile and walk back to his table. Where Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift sat at joking around with a familiar face who I couldn’t place from so far away. I stared at their table for a little bit before the mystery person turned and locked eyes with me. It was Carter.       








||: A/N 

WOW! I wrote a lot, I am so proud of myself right now, but my fingers are super tired from typing for the last two hours!! I know!! Well I did not check this chapter for spelling, grammar, and etc. I’ll go back and check that later…so what did you think? Huh? What about Amanda’s confession to Zayn? Or Sky?? Hmmm…well there it is. I am gonna try to update sooner, but I got so much homework it’s starting to get hard to! I am so SSOOOORRRYY!! I LOVE YOU ALL :D     



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