Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


21. Permanently

Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart

Chapter 18

~Amanda's POV~

"Hello?" I asked into the phone as I walked around trying to find the elevator in the hotel. It was so complicated I didn't even know where the lobby was, but I am pretty sure I am not anywhere near it. 

"Amanda?" I hear the voice that I had been looking for ask me from the other side of the phone, pretty loudly I might add. 

"Oh, hi Carter do you need something?" I ask while giving the, what looked like the cafeteria, another sweep for the elevator. 

"Yeah, are you lost?" He asks suddenly. 

"Wait how did you know I was lost?" I ask doing another sweep of the room looking for the familiar dark colored hair. 

"Because I am standing right behind you." He says and I instantly feel a warm hand on my shoulder, which causes me to instantly turn around. 

"I-I wa-was looking for you.” I stutter. All the things that I had set in my mind to say instantly disappeared and I was left a stuttering mess. Carter's lips turn upwards in a soft smile as he watches me make a complete fool of myself. 

"Oh, well I am having a cup of coffee. Care to join me?" He asked almost formally as I stood there only nodding my head at him. Carter only chuckles at me before grabbing Nikki out of my hands and leading me towards what I assume was the table he had been sitting at. 

“So what are you doing here? Why aren't you up in your hotel room?" I ask suddenly getting a good deal of my confidence back. Carter sighs as he looks down at the little girl in his arms, he looked almost ashamed to say whatever it is in front of her. 

"She is up there with, erm, another guy and kicked me out the suite." He said before kissing Nikki's forehead which causes her to giggle and grab his nose in her tiny hands. 

"I am sorry." I apologize quickly, because for some reason I felt horrible that he had to come home to that. 

"It's not your fault, anyways what did you need?" He asks me as he calls one of the waitresses over so I could order something. 

"I just wanted to talk to you." I say before ordering a cup of black coffee because I knew that I wasn't going to sleep at all today. Might as well stay awake with a nice caffeine rush. 

"About what?" Carter asked me after he ordered a small slice of banana bread for Nikki. 

"About us." 

~Louis's POV~ 

I had been walking for about the last hour trying to find the stupid office that management wanted us to meet up at. I had absolutely no clue what they had to talk to us about since it was late and last time I checked we were on break. Unless one of the other boys did something and now we were all getting either punished or scolded for one of their actions. I finally reach the large skyscraper that easily had about 100 different floors, and this one building was home to the devils’ spawn itself. A very large controlling group I would like to call…Management; the very group that has turned us from the happy cheerful group of friends to the stiff, monotone group you see now. The last time I had been here it had been to tell them that Amanda and I had broken up, and that was only about two days ago. 

“Hello Lewis, management is waiting for in the conference room.” The red headed secretary told me the second I take foot in the building. 

“It’s Louis.” I mumble as I pass by her, but she was too busy typing away on her computer to even notice me. I painfully make my way to the elevator which sadly doesn’t take as long as it usually does and I am up on the 26th floor in only a few minutes. When I got there the hallways that were usually never empty or silent today held a cold, almost deadly silence and was completely abandoned. 

“Umm, hello?” I call as I walk through the doors of the conference room, which we always use for these big meetings. I was expecting to see the rest of the boys there just awkwardly sitting there as the people from management frowned at them in either boredom or disappointment, but instead I found the usual faces of management, but no boys. It was eerie quiet that I swear they could probably hear the thumping of my heart as it beat against my chest.

“I guess I am early, since the other boys aren’t here yet?” I ask while taking a seat in my usual seat that is between Niall and Harry’s seats. 

“No, actually you’re late.” A stiff young woman announces as I try to not squirm under her gaze. I was late? That’s not possible, I was late then the other boys would have at least called me demanding to know why I wasn’t here or wait for me in the lobby. 

“Did the other boys already leave?” I ask everyone as I take a quick sweep of the different faces in the room, until I land on a very familiar one. “Hello, Simon.” I greet him before turning my eyes away from him in fear. If Simon was here then that means that whatever had happened was serious! He was never in the meetings and I really doubt he was here on good news. 

“Hello, Louis.” He formally greeted before placing his hand on top of the table and look at me in the eyes. I only nod at him since I was scared that if I said anything else then I would probably just get myself in more trouble. 

“Are the others on their way here?” I ask hoping they say yes, since I was about ready to run out after only being in the same room with them for about five minutes. The head leader of management gives Simon a look and he nods and turns to me. 

“The other boys aren’t coming, they aren’t needed at today’s meeting.” He pauses before taking in my expression of pure and utter fear. It was me. I had done something to piss off management and now I was going to get punished for it. The last time one of us had screwed up, they made all of us work for one whole week with only about an hour of sleep each day. All of that just because Harry had decided he didn’t want to work with management with a new publicity stunt that they had planned. “This meeting is all about you today.” Simon said before leaning back against his chair. 

“I haven’t done anything wrong though. I follow through with my commitments, I go to the practices, I am always on time, and I am haven’t done anything scandalous. So what can this entire meeting be about that only I have to be here?” I ask them and one of the uptight business woman leans over to me with a sickly sweet smile. 

“You and Amanda.” She said venomously before returning to her seat with the boring look plastered again on her face.  “We broke and got back together nothing really different from most teen relationships.” I said somewhat nervously. I knew that this one meeting was going to change my life, I could sense it. Call it a sixth sense or intuition, but I knew this meeting was not going to go like I thought it would. 

“You two need to break up again.” The man next to Simon announced. “Permanently.”   



There you go, Louis' birthday update and yes I am very much aware that in some countries it's already the 25th, but yeah...it's still the 24th here in America! 

So this chapter's question is:  Favorite Artist?   

Mine is personally Ed Sheeran, he is just amazing I am in love with him and his voice! And my favorite band would be...none other than ONE DIRECTION! cause they are One Direction duh!   

This chapter is dedicated to: Usacait for taking the very large task of being my editor! This girl is amazing you guys should seriously go fan her and read her stories Two Minds, and One Direction!  

Anyways I hope you guys have fun these next few weeks since it's the holiday season you know with Christmas and then we have New Year's coming too! 2013! PEOPLE!   

Okay that's all I am out of here people going to go finish up the Christmas One Shot for Cover Up, which you guys should defintely go read! Which reminds me if any of you guys want One Shots, I am accepting request for them:) just saying...   

Happy Holidays! and if i dont update before new years...HAPPY NEW YEARS:)   


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