Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


14. New Beginnings


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Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart   

Chapter 14   

~Amanda's POV~   

"Soo...someone want to explain what the hell is going on?" Liam asked looking around the room at all of us then landing on me. These were the moments I longed to avoid although I performed in front of hundred thousands of people before, being put on the spot like this freaked me out. I stare at Liam not responding at all to him, as both Louis and Zayn wait for my response. I stand clueless how to respond as my throat goes dry. I open my mouth to respond, but no words come out of my mouth. I turn to Miranda who only is frowning at me as she waits for the entire story. She had too noticed all the bruises on both of the guys who were glaring at each other hatred in each of their eyes. 

"Oh my God Andy!" Miranda shouts before pulling into Zayn's bedroom and locking the door.

"Explain to me what happened and I'll tell them cause clearly your phobia is preventing that." She said plopping down on the bed with her legs crossed at the ankle. 

"Well...yesterday at the dinner..." I start telling the entire story from the beginning when Carter showed up at the hotel room with Mackenzie at his side. The way she had acted towards Louis and as I told her how he shut her down a smile creeped on my lips. I went on to tell her, about the kiss between and Zayn which made her eyes go wide with surprise. 

"AND YOU TOLD HIM WHAT!" She yelled in surprise when I told her my confession towards Zayn and what he had told me last night. 

"I was just being truthful with what I felt Anda, I didn't mean to create this complicated mess." I said falling to my knees not only of distress, but at this point exhaustion. "And last night he told me that he was going to be at my side no matter what...he said me loved me and well my emotions where everyone and well...I kinda kissed him." I said looking down at the cream carpet that covered the ground of Zayn's room. 

"Come on, we are going and explain this right now." She said getting up and picking me up from the floor. I knew that she was going to explain everything and I was hoping that neither of the guys hated me afterwards. I nodded and wiped away the years that had been silently falling from my eyes. We walk back down the hall as the whispering that had been going suddenly ceased when they heard our footsteps. As we walk back into the living room I notice that the rest of the guys were sitting in the living room, staring at me as I walked in. Is this what criminals felted like when they were been put on trial? Because that is what I felt like at that moment, I was been trial and my crime was coming between these two friends. How bad is my punishment going to be, what I had done disgusted even me. I had single handily destroyed a friendship between Zayn and Louis and in the process made the rest of the boys chose sides. Harry was Louis side trying to get him to stop glaring at Zayn while Niall did the same. They were my victims, I was the criminal, and in my mind Liam was the judge. He hadn't or would pick a side he believed in what was right, which allowed him to be calm and collected. 

“Hey Andy!” Niall said getting up and pulling me into a tight hug, before he pulls away from me. He kisses my cheek and pats the stop next to him, but I simply shake my head and sit on the very spot I was sitting in. I cross my legs so that I am sitting criss cross applesauce style, like I used to when I was in kindergarten. Harry catches my eyes and stares for a few seconds before shaking his head and looking towards the ground. He already hated me, there goes one of my best friends. I thought and quickly drop my head and look at the ground as I play with the carpet. 

“Okay, so Miranda are you telling us what happened?” Liam asked making Miranda clap her hands as she begins to tell everything that happened from the very beginning. The beginning which many people believed to be hours ago actually goes back to almost two years. When I was signed back when me and Carter parted ways, after I had confessed that I had been in love with him. She said everything left no detail out; she had asked me if I wanted her to leave out the certain details. After a while of considering it I went against leaving anything out. It was time to come clean with everything, no more lies or secrets. This was my clean start and if the guys didn’t want to stand by me, well I knew it would hurt at first, but soon I would learn to forgive and forget them. I look up which is a mistake, because the first person to catch my eyes was Louis who sat there staring at me with disappointment and sadness. I had no clue where in the story Miranda was at, because I had zoned out her voice. I let a sad, broken expression float onto my features as I look back down at the ground. 

“Okay, and that’s the end of the story.” Miranda says slightly tired as she finishes telling all I told her. As she looks at me sympathy and concern was sketched on her usual bright, cheerful face. I shake my head at her, signaling that she had no reason to feel pity for me. I had made my own bed and like the saying goes now I had to lay in it, and I knew that this was karma coming back at me.

“I have something to say though.” Anda captures their attention, I only look back down at the ground because I knew exactly what she was going to say.

“I talked to your guy's management and they want Louis and Amanda to continue dating.” She says as Louis and Zayn quickly snap their heads in her direction as she smiles slightly at Louis. His eyes looked happy, but he kept a poker face on; if you didn’t know him as much as I did then you would have missed the look in his eyes. 

“DID YOU NOT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAID! ALL THE PAIN HE HAS CAUSED HER!” Zayn screams standing up from the couch staring at Miranda as she shakes her head at the dark haired boy. 

“Zayn, you need to understand that this isn’t me choosing sides in your guys little petty fight, this is me being Amanda’s manger and doing what is best for her career.” She says while staying somehow calm even under Zayn’s glares. 

“DO YOU NOT UND-” Zayn starts but this time it’s Liam who talks. 

“Zayn, this isn’t up for discussion if you aren’t happy with the decision then go take it up with management not Miranda, Louis, or even Amanda.” He says pulling out the fatherly figure that he was so famous for. 

“Thank you, Liam.” Miranda thanks Liam before turning to me.

“Now go get changed into something a little bit more colorful.” She commanded me before pulling out her iPhone and started to call someone. 

“Why do I need to change I am not going out anywhere?” I asked her following her out the door before she stops and turns around searching for Louis’s eyes. When they finally lock with him and shoots him a small smile.

“Because you have a date.” She states before walking out of the door with me right behind her. 

“A date!? What are you talking about?” I ask her angrily as her hells click down the hall and into my room. 

“Some of the fans found out about your ‘break up’ with Louis.” She said placing break up in air quotes. “And we need to set all the rumors to rest, now this is where your hidden talent of acting comes in quite in handy.” She said turning into the kitchen of the room and grabbing a bottle of water. I just stare at her as she takes a long gulp of the clear, cold liquid. “WHY HAVENT YOU GONE TO CHANGE! You need to leave in fifteen minutes!” She said looking at her phone and smiling at it before getting off the counter which she had been leaning on. 

“MIRANDA!” I shout at her, but she just waves her hand at me and sends me off to go get ready. I decide that there is no point fighting this, so I decided to and get ready. I take a quick shower which seemed to relax my nerves a bit, so I was a little bit more relaxed. I was told to dress a little bit more colorful, but I couldn’t help but pick dull boring colors. To please Miranda I pull on a pair of blue skinny jeans, and throw a black Rolling Stones t-shirt. This wasn’t my first date with Louis and the fans knew that, so there was no point in trying to be all fancy. I let my hair dry naturally which leaves it slight waves, which I place a grey beanie over. I find my favorite pair of red heels, a rose necklace, and a random red bracelet that matched my shoes. There was a knock on the door, I slip a love ring on my finger and grab my purse. I throw all my phone into my bag and slip my sunglasses on the top of my head, before I open the door. As expected Louis was standing there with two orders of Starbucks in his hands. He had on a long sleeve shirt that covered his bruises and a pair of sunglasses covering his light colored eyes, that I learned to love. 

“Hey.” I said as I pick up my room key and slip into one of the small pockets of my bag. Louis doesn’t answer me, but instead places one of the cups that he had been holding in my hands.

“Thank you.” I says taking a sip of the drink as the cold liquid hits my tongue. 

“It’s no problem.” He said walking a few feet in front of me sipping on his own drink. 

“You know you can’t act this cold towards me when we step out of the elevator.” I said as we reach the elevator. His back tenses a little before turning towards me and taking my hand. He entwines our fingers which cause a small warm shiver to run up my spine as he makes contact with me. I look up at his face quickly enough to see a small smirk on his lips. I shake my head at the childish man in front of me and take other sip of my white chocolate mocha that was in my hands. 

“Do you know why I went and got you Starbucks?” He asked stepping into the empty elevator when the doors opened. I shook my head at him as my lips stay closed around the green straw.“Because I remember during one of your twitcams they had asked you what your idea of the perfect boyfriend was. You responded by saying that all you truly wanted was a guy that would randomly show up for a date with a order of Starbucks in his hands. You had said that it was one of the only thing beside music that seemed to calm your nerves.” He explained to me   





“OKAY! So it’s time for some questions from the fans.” Kendall announced to no one is particular as she stared at the screen of my laptop trying to keep up with all the questions pouring in. It had been about a month since I had seen Kendall and we had a deal that we would always do any twitcams together and…well here we are now talking to about 400,000 different people around the world. Somehow Kendall wasn’t too bothered at the amount of people that were watching this. Which was strange since she had a horrible fear of speaking to a big group of people.

“THAT IS NOT VERY NICE NOW!” She shouts out loud grabbing my attention from my phone to her. 

“What’s not nice.” I ask her only to receive a wave of the hand in return. I pout at her which makes her laugh, before going to look at the questions again. 

“Okay well…I LIKE THIS QUESTION! I bet all the guys watching this out there want to know this.” She announces and turns towards me with a stupid smile on her face. I reach my hand over and slap her cheek lightly causing her to pout at me. I just smile and shrug my shoulders. 

“Now, what is this amazing question you have to ask me.” I said trying to get her to ask me the question. 

“Oh right! What is your idea of the perfect boyfriend and this was asked by someone random person on twitter whose username I can’t pronounce.” She says making me laugh before calming down and putting on a serious thinking face on. 

“You know all I truly want is a guy that will randomly show up for a date with Starbucks, because that is the only thing besides music that seems to calm my nerves.” I say with my smile. 

“Okay, this is my own personal question…What is your favorite drink from Starbucks?” Angelica my other best friend shouts to me from the kitchen. 

“WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA! COLD OR HOT I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT!” I shout loudly as Kendall bursts out laughing next to me.   




Louis had watched that twit cam? I had only met them once back them, we had followed each other, but he was Louis Tomlinson for God sakes. How had he found the time to watch my two hour long twit cam? 

“You watched that?” I voice my questions as the doors open and we step into the empty lobby of the hotel. He smiles at the sky as we walk out before responding to me as he stared at the slightly cloudy sky. 

“I might have.” He says more to the sky then to me; this causes an involuntary smile to form on my lips. Soon he walks me down to where a dark blue Cadillac sat waiting for someone to drive it. 

“I didn’t know you watched my twitcams even before we were friends.” I said to him as a young girl walks passes and then slowing down and realizing who we were. 

“OH! MY! GOD! Your Louis Tomlinson and AMANDA!” She shouts my name earning us a couple strange stares from the other people on the streets. Luckily all of them were older than 25 and didn’t seem to know how we were. 

“Hello, love.” Louis greets her with a smile which I quickly copy and wave at her. 

“HI! Umm… can I have a picture and an autograph?” She asks digging through her bag looking for a pen, but instead she pulls out a sharpie and her phone. I take them and hand them to Louis who signs them with a bright smile on his lips. I stand a few steps away from them, not wanting to interrupt this special moment for the girl. “Can I have your autograph too?” She asks holding out her phone to me. 

“Mine?” I ask which causes her to viciously shake her head at me, causing a small laugh to escape my lips.

“Sure, babe.” I said and neatly try to sign my name. 

“I hate to be a bother but can I have a picture of you two together?” I raise an eyebrow at her before looking at Louis who simply nodded his head. 

“Do you mind me asking why?” I ask her. 

“So all those stupid ass hoes will stop saying that you guys broke up! I mean honestly nothing can break you guys apart and they need to remember that you two are humans and disagree, BUT that doesn’t mean you guys aren’t in love.” She rants on, before blushing realizing what she had been doing. “I am super sorry! Um can I have a picture with both of you?” She asks and I nod my head at her. Louis comes over to me and wraps his strong arms around my waist. I pull the young girl near me and take her phone, I raise it high in the sky and snap a quick picture of all three of us. I smile at the screen when I see the loving look in Louis’s eyes as he looks down at me, who was looking at the camera. I had been completely oblivious to the his facial expression. 

“Do you mind if I steal that off of you when you post it?” I ask pulling out my phone and going to Twitter so I could follow her. She gives me her Twitter name I follow her and soon Louis copies my actions. We wave goodbye to her and I step into the passenger seat of the car as Louis held the door open for me. He jogs over to the driver side and slips into the car and turns to me. 

“You have no clue where we are going do you?” He asks me. 

“Nope, I really hope you do?” I ask him in return. He only smiles at me and says nothing before pulling away from the curb and onto the road. I stare at him for a while and let it all sink in. This was my second chance, to make things right between me and Lou. I might have not loved him at the beginning of our relationship, but I was really close to being head over heels in love with him now. He smiles at the road and I turn my attention to the passing scenery around me since he had noticed my eyes on him. I sneak one more peek at the stunning boy-no man sitting next me, but I knew he was much too calm right now. I knew that as soon as we had a private moment I was going to have to talk to him about everything. He knew now that when I had yes to dating him, it was only to fall out of love with Carter. He knows about the two kisses that me and Zayn shared. He knew everything and I knew that his calm, composed attitude was soon going to fall once we were alone. I knew it and I was prepared for it, because that was my punishment. Hearing all that Louis was going to say and how he felt betrayed and angry. That was going to be my sentence, and honestly I would much rather want to spend the next ten years in jail. Then to see Louis’s sad, broken expression telling me how bad I had messed up.     


||: A/N 

Soo…SURPISE! I started typing the beginning to this chapter…and well… I couldn’t stop! It was like I was possessed!! Just Kidding I just had so many ideas and I knew that if I was to stop I would lose all my ideas…but again this chapter sucks too…and it’s not edited…lately my chapters are missing that…umm charisma? That they usually have…I don’t know how to explain…well yeah…   


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