Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


9. Mistakes


Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart  

Chapter 9  

~Amanda’s POV~

  "You did amazing tonight." Miranda congratulated me as we walked into the hotel room that we were going to be staying at until we left on the tour in a couple of days.

"WHOO! ANDY YOU DID AMAZING!" Niall screamed as I walked into the living room throwing myself onto the couch while Louis stood beside me staring at me with admiration clear in his eyes. "Andy you think you could make me dinner I’m super hungry!" The Irish blonde asked me as I stare at the TV that was turned on to NBC where I had just performed five songs for.

"Niall she just came back from a five song performance you really think she wants to make you dinner? By the way you were amazing out there!" Zayn greeted me with as he walked into the living room in a pair of grey sweats and a white t-shirt on.

"I don’t mind making him dinner as long he helps me." I stated getting off the couch and walking towards my room.

"WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" Niall exclaimed following me down the hall into my room.

"I am just gonna change Niall, how about you go ask the guys what they want me to make for dinner?" I ask kicking off my heel into the corner of my room. He nodded his head and walked back to the living room screaming at the guys asking what they wanted me to make. I heard about sixteen different answers some from the rest of the guys, my band and team. I loved them so much the way they make up for my missing family that had to say home in California, since my brother and sister were still in school. If I wasn't here right now where would I be right now would I be crying over Carter, would I be with Kendall walking around Wal-Mart, or would I be happy with my simple little life. I honesty didn't believe I could be happier than I could be right now, there might have had about a million bumps in the road, but what good adventure doesn't have any bumps?

"Hey." I heard a husky voice from my doorway. I finished throwing Louis's shirt on before I turned around to face the owner of the shirt. 

"Hey Lou, are you okay?" I asked walking towards him wrapping my arms around his neck while his hands gripped onto my waist. 

"Yeah, look Andy I am sorry if I embarrassed you with the whole thing today. I just really wanted to show you how much I love you!" Louis quickly spoke as I stare at him in disbelief. I stopped and thought what I had done to make him think I was embarrassed at his display at my mini concert today, then it clicked in my head. I hadn't even said thank you, we hadn't talked about it at all and apparently my silence on the situation has made him think I was embarrassed. 

"Lou, why would I ever be embarrassed about you? You know your starting to sound like Kendall!" I laugh at him and pull him a little closer towards me and give him a quick kiss on the lips then his cheek.

"I thought it was the most romantic thing that any guy has ever done!" 

"Really?" He asked gripping tighter onto my waist and pulling me closer to him. I giggle at him while pulling him closer to me to until there is barely any room in between us.

"Amanda, I really truly do love you." Louis states while kissing my cheek and moving down to my neck while I giggled at him. "If you ever leave me I would die, without you I am nothing without your kisses or your laugh or your hugs I am nothing." He declared as lifted me up making me wrap my legs around his waist as he held firmly onto me. We stood there for about five minutes wrapped around each other with Louis's lips still on my neck. 

"Louis..." I start but get cut off by his lips that had suddenly made their way to my lips. I smiled into the kiss because for the first time in the last six month I felt a small butterfly flutter in my stomach, and I knew that Louis was the one who caused it to stir. He warm sweet lips moved over mine never asking for entrance until I opened my lips to let him and even then he paused but only for a second.

"ANDY!! I AM HUNGRY!!!" Niall said yelling into my room when he realized I was a little busy. "LIAM!!! ANDY IS EATING LOUIS'S FACE! AHH!! I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE." Niall screamed as he ran out if the room still screaming for Liam. Louis seemed to not even notice Niall's scream as he kept his lips on mine until I pulled away. 

"No." Louis said with a husky breathless voice while tightening his grip on my legs that where still wrapped around his waist. 

"Louis I have to go make dinner." I whined making me sound like a four year old. Louis seemed to find my whining as a joke and started to walk out of my room still carrying me around his waist. 

"Andy, I was just coming to check on you cause Niall said you were eating Louis's face, and apparently you were." He said pointing out the fact that I still had my legs wrapped around Louis’s waist. 

“We weren’t doing anything too bad!” Louis exclaimed winking and walking into the kitchen where my best friend Kendall stood with Tristan’s arms wrapped around her waist. 

“KENDALL!!!!!!!!” I scream jumping off of Louis and into the arms of my best friend that I hadn’t seen in two days. Me and Kendall have been friends since freshmen year, and since then we were inseparable so to us two days away from each other was like years apart. 

“AMANDA!” Screamed as we stood there hugging each other while our boyfriend just looked at each other and starting imitating our hugs screaming how much they missed each other. 

“OH! TRISTAN I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” Louis screamed over me and Kendall as we stopped hugging and watch our boyfriend hug each other. 

“I MISSED YOU TOO LOUBOO!” Tristan yelled taking my nickname for Louis. 

“Andy, I think our boyfriends have replaced us with each other.” Kendall stated earning a glares from Tristan and Louis and laughter from everyone else. Everyone had decided that they wanted to have tacos for some random reason so me and Kendall took control of the kitchen with the help of Niall and Harry. Louis, Tristan and everyone else went into the living room. I was in charge of all the major cooking and Kendall become my assistant and I let her have control over what Niall and Harry did. Since we didn’t have a dessert, Kendall decided to make them make cupcakes and cookies which we later found out was not a good idea, since they ended up eating most of the cookie dough. At the end we finally had most of the stuff ready for the tacos so I decided to send Niall to go clean himself up since he had random floor stains on his face, while I sent Harry to go fix up the table. Zayn and Liam came into the kitchen a little after we sent the other two guys out. 

“I am guessing you guys need help with the dessert since Harry and Niall seem to be wearing most of it?” Liam asked as he settled down next to Kendall and helped her make some cookies. 

“I guess I am on cupcake duty?” Zayn asked taking a icing bag and frosting some of the cupcakes that I had left. 

“It’s not that bad…unless you really suck at frosting like me.” I said frowning at my deformed cupcake. 

“It’s not that…no I take it back it’s actually pretty awful.” Zayn said taking my deformed cupcake and taking a huge bite out of it. 

“WHY DID YOU EAT IT!” I scream at the smiling boy who had frosting on his cheek from the awkward angle he bit the cupcake. 

“I was putting it out of it’s misery, you know from being a mutant cupcake and all.” He said shrugging and started frosting other cupcake almost perfectly. 

“Showoff.” I muttered under my breath as I stole back my mutant/deformed cupcake and finish eating it. It took Zayn about an hour to finish frosting all the 80 cupcakes, how he did will forever be a mystery to me. 

"How is it that I am the chef and I can't frost one FUCKING cupcake!" I yell in frustration at my ruined cupcake as Louis's laughter travels through the kitchen. His arms found my waist and he hugged me from behind as I sat in front of Zayn glaring at my mutant cupcake. 

"Maybe we can save that for Halloween and use it to scare off all the little kids?" Suggested Zayn as a smirk played on his lips.

"OI!...that might actually work yes! Then I can eat all the candy! WHOOOPP!" I yell as Tristan walks in. 

"Whoever gives you candy I will personally find them and deliver you to them until you come down from your sugar high." He states as he steals a cupcake, but before he walks back out he noticed my mutant cupcake. 

"Zayn...ummm why are the rest all neat and pretty and then that one a really really ugly and fucked up?" He asks as Louis and Zayn laugh at him.  "I didn't frost that one Andy did." He said waving his frosting bag at me. 

"HEY! I made amazing true MEXICAN tacos be thankful I didn't fuck that up too!" I state pouting which earns me a kiss on the cheek from Louis as he laughs at me. 

"Tristan, it's not Andy's fault that she has absolutely no talent when it comes to decorating pastries." Louis says to Tristan who only laughs at me and walks out to cuddle with Kendall who had finished her job and was waiting for the cookies to finish. 

"And you guys wonder why you are all single." I mumble, but Louis whisper in my ear signaling he heard exactly what I said. 

"I am not single." He whisper into my ear making a shiver run through my spine. A shiver did I feel that right, I SHIVERED TO LOUIS? 

"Not yet." I said hopping off the stool and heading into the dinning room to set up all the stuff for dinner. I grab a huge stack of plates, napkins, and try to balance a bowl of salsa in between my arms. 

"Here I'll help you." Zayn said as he grabbed the bowl in my arms and other one off the table before walking towards the dinning room. Zayn and me had become best friends, but for some reason ever since I started dating Louis he stopped talking to me so much and slowly we stopped talking almost all together. 

"Zayn?" I ask him as he comes back from the dinning room with two more bowls of my awesome homemade salsa, yes I might suck at frosting but coming from a Mexican family that loved food I was an amazing cook. 

"Huh?" He replied sitting down in next to me at the table. 

"Why did we stop being best friends?" I ask him randomly his jaw seemed to tense at my question. We sat there for a good two minutes with a blanket of awkwardness over us until I spoke again. "Never mind, it's cool I understand well...I am gonna go get everyone so we can finally have dinner." I said standing up and turning towards the door before Zayn's strong hand clamps down on my wrist making it almost impossible to move from where I stood. 

"Because I didn't trust myself." He whispered.   



~Zayn’s POV~   


“Why wouldn’t you be able to trust yourself around me?” She said knitting her eyebrows which was a sign that she was really had no clue what I meant. 

“I didn’t trust myself…to be around you because I was afraid I was going to do something reckless…like I am right now.” I said as I leaned into her and crashed my lips on her’s. Amanda was stunned but she still reach over to me and pulled me closer to her, but then suddenly pushed me away as footsteps and voices came from the door. As she pulls away she wipes away all emotion from her face and starts to laugh as if I had just said something funny. 

“Cookies are done so I am gonna call everyone in for dinner.” Kendall told Amanda who only nodded her head and smiled at her best friend before going back to setting up everything. She moved around me trying to avoid touching or even looking at me as she fixed everything and was about to leave when I grab her wrist again stopping her from walking out. Even with my hand clamped tightly on her wrist she refused to look at me as if she was afraid I was going to hurt her. 

“I told you didn’t trust myself…I am sorry…” I got off and left the dinning room almost running into my room, but I managed to stay calm enough to actually walk and not cause any suspicion towards me. When I finally reach my room I quietly shut the door and slump down against it, I had totally utterly fucked up. There was nothing I could do to fix this, Amanda would hate me and when Louis found out he would hate me too. WHY DID I KISS HER, I had held down the urge to do so for over six months now why did I all of a sudden give in today. I sat there by the door for at least ten minutes until I hear a knock at my door which forces me to get up and open the door. 

“You okay?” Niall asked stepping into my room without permission. His question threw me off from usual calm relaxed nature, did Amanda tell him or Louis or anyone actually about what I did. “Zayn?” Niall said staring at me worryingly.  

“No.” I walking towards the window that over looked the entire city the first rays of today’s sun seeping in between the building.

“What did you do?” Niall asked walking up and standing next to me. 

“I kissed Amanda.” I confess to him as I lean my head against the cool glass of the window allowing the coldness relax me. 

“I am not surprised.” Niall says walking away from the window and sitting down on the couch I had against the wall. “We all know you love her…even Louis knows that’s why he doesn’t like leaving you alone with her.” He said waving his hands around as he spoke.  

“Even if he did know I was stupid for kissing her, but at the same time I don’t regret a thing.” I said smiling remember the way her arms found their way around my neck pulling me closer to her. If it we hadn't been interrupted how far and how long would have that one kissed gone on for? 

“How did she react?” Niall said raising his eyebrows. 

“She was stunned at first and then she started to kiss me back while she pulled me closer to her…” I trailed off thinking of the way her sweet pink lips fit perfectly on mine. 

“Do you think she even likes Louis?” He asked questioning me. “I mean she seem like she does just look at they way are always on each other and they are just so cute…and I should probably stop talking.” 

“I don’t know what to think anymore Niall…the way she kissed me made me wonder if she likes me or…WHY ARE GIRLS SO COMPLICATED!” I yell in frustration making Niall jump off the couch and cover my mouth with his hand while telling me to be quiet. 

“Zayn! SHUT UP! Someone is going to hear you an-” He was cut off by Louis walking into the room with a huge smile of his face.

“So Amanda didn’t tell him or maybe she waiting for the perfect moment to tell him.” I think as he walks up to Niall and pinches his cheek as if Niall was a two year old.  “Awww!! Does little Nialler have a little crush on someone!?” He shouts in a baby voice. 

“NO!” He shouts walking out of my room leaving me alone with a laughing Louis who seemed so oblivious to what I had done with his girlfriend only an hour ago. 

“Soooo….Zayn did Niall happen to mention who his little crush is?” He asked quirking his eyebrows up. 

“Nope he didn’t mention a name or at least not one I recognized.” I stated walking around Louis and heading to my bed who had been calling to me since I walked into my room. 

“OH! NO SLEEPING! Amanda told me to tell you to come down for dinner.” He said smiling at me. Oh poor poor Louis why can’t you stop smiling at me, it only makes me feel guiltier for what I did. 

“I’ll be there in a few minute Lou thanks.” I said walking into my bathroom instead into my soft comfy bed. 

“Okay, but I would hurry up Niall has been down there for about five minutes now I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t any food left when I get there.” He said laughing as he walked out of my room and skipped yeah he skipped down the stairs. Soon he won’t be skipping just jumping up them to kill me for kissing Amanda. I had to forget about the fact I ruined everything and accept the consequences to my actions and if that meant having to deal with a pissed off Louis then so be it. 






  ||: A/N    Well…dear readers it has been a while since I updated so here you go…A NEW CHAPTER: ) all I have to say is well…MY MOVELLA HAS BECOME THE CLICHÉ FANFIC I WAS TRYING TO AVOID! don’t get me wrong I absolutely love reading all the cliché fanfics…but I was trying to break that pattern…and instead well…yeah…So! Please bare with me and my clichéness!     P.S  can someone please tell me that all the rumors of Danielle  and Liam breaking up is complete bullpoopy cause me and my directioner buddy have been so sad since we hear the rumors…wahh.. Okay on a happier note! I CANT WAIT FOR LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG IS FINALLY RELASED!! EEEK: ) I plan on downloading it as soon as it comes out! Eek! Well…yeah…Thank You to my amazing readers thanks to you I have over 600 reads!! WOW! Keep reading thanks to all of you make sure you leave me some feed back!    Love,  FallingForYou21 xoxo

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