Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


6. In This Forever


  ~Carter's POV~   

"Teen superstar Amanda was seen out on a date with none other than Zayn Malik. It seems the two have been cuddling up a lot lately, after concerts, interviews and even the weekends! And although the pair has a very large majority of supporters; the question running through every Directioner's mind is: 'What about Louis?' It's no secret that the One Direction band member has 'fancied' the Hometown Badboy singer. Will Amanda tear the band apart or has Louis moved on?" The woman on the TV announces as my doorbell rings. 

"CARTER GET THE DOOR!" My dad screams from the kitchen. 

"Ugh." I groan as I turn off the volume to television and head towards the front door, but before I even make it to the door someone pushes it open. 

"WHY DIDN'T YOU OPEN THE DOOR!" Mackenzie screams walking into the living room pulling out a small shard of glass out of her palm. 

"Where did you get that?" I ask pointing to the bloody shard that was out her palm now. 

"I accidentally broke a vase at Elena's house." She said shrugging her shoulders as I let it slide by. I drew my attention back to the news who were currently talking about an attack on a local hotel. I turn on the sound back on while the news reporter talks about the attack. 

"Witnesses say that a young teen stormed into the hotel and into the hotel room that Amanda and One Direction were staying at-" I turn the volume up making sure I capture every word the reporter says. "Both Amanda and One Direction have left the hotel, but it is said that they were inside the room at the time of the attack. This is a rather blurry picture of the young woman who attacked the young superstars." They cut to the promised blurry picture, but although the picture was blurry. I could still see the perfect shape and features on the culprit's face. The same long blonde hair, over confident stance and the smirk that was once drove me wild now makes me sick to my stomach. 

"MACKENZIE!!" I scream letting all my frustration and allowing anger to take control of my body as I storm into my room to find Mackenzie cleaning the wound in my sink.

"What?" She asks completely clueless what I was accusing her of. She went into Amanda's hotel room and attacked her, but a least I know she's okay. They saw her on the date with that guy from that crappy boy band. "She was on a date." SHE WAS ON A DATE! The day after see her, she's already on a date with some douche bag! I can't believe I let that slip my mind so easily. I notice Mackenzie's impatient glaring at me with a frown on her face, probably because I was bothering her. 

"How could you?!" I yell at her starting the argument that could cost me absolutely everything. I wouldn't mind getting rid of Mackenzie, she was starting to get on my nerves, but getting into this fight with Mackenzie could cost me my child. "Ugh! Why did you have to go and get her pregnant!" I recall Sky's voice when I told him what happened. 

  ~Flashback~ (About Two months before)   

"Ugh!! Why did you have to go and get her pregnant!" Sky scolded me as I sat across from him on the island in his kitchen. 

"You just had to go stick your dick where it didn't belong!" My other friend Christian joked as Sky laughed at his joke. 

"If it was any other girl, I would actually be happy for you, but-" I cut Sky off finishing his thought for him.

  "But it's Mackenzie I know I know! Is the part where you tell me all the reasons, I should have tried to get Amanda?" I ask sarcastically, knowing they will take me serious and start ranting on how much better Amanda is. 

"Nope today we're making a list!" Christian said getting up and running into my mom's office.

"HEY OTHER MOM CAN I HAVE A TWO SHEETS OF PAPER AND A PEN!?" He asked really loudly as I heard my mom laugh at him. 

"I thought he was kidding." I said laughing at Christian. 

"Same here, but when it comes to Chris you just never know." Sky said shrugging his shoulders. 

"OKAY! Now Sky help me come up with this list and since you have the neatest handwriting you can write." Christian says throwing a notebook and pen his way. 

"Okay so I already got one!" Sky said laughing and writing his reason next to a small neat one he wrote. I look over his shoulder and see him write something before Christian grabs my shoulder pushing me out of the way. 

"No peeking until we're completely done with the list!" Chris states as Sky laughs and keeps writing. I wander away into the living room where my younger sister sat with her friend watching TV. 

"So heard you knocked up that bitch, Mackenzie?" My sister's friend Allison expresses making a face as she mentions Mackenzie's name. No one in my family really liked her that included my younger sister Baylee, who hated her with a burning passion.

  "News travels fast huh? " I asked Allison, as I sat down across from them on the love seat. They were only a grade younger than me and if Baylee hadn't told her that means everyone already knows. 

"When you find out the popular and amazing Mackenzie seemed to forgot that birth control existed news spreads pretty fast." Baylee answers earning a laugh from me. 

"Why are you laughing?" Sky says walking into the living room with the notebook in hand. 

"Cause Bay is hilarious," I say smiling

"Okay then." Christian says awkwardly from the doorway. 

"Haha, let's see the 'list' now." I said putting air quotes around list. 

"What list?" Allison asks. 

“This list!” Sky says throwing the notebook at the two girls as they start laughing at what was written.

“Have you read this?” Bay asked. 

“Nope, I wasn’t  allowed.,” I said as I glared at my two best friends.

“So do you mind sharing what you’re reading?” I ask impatiently. 

“Okay I am just going to read them down the list, and some of these are slightly disturbing so yeah.” Bay warns me.

“Let us start with the reading of reasons Amanda is a million times better than Mackenzie. Number one: She isn’t a bitch.” 

“AMEN! To that!” My mom says walking into the living room.

  “Haha! So it’s not just us that don’t like her?” Bay asked.

  “No, Carter to tell you the truth no one in this family really like her we all think she’s snotty, rude, and well a plain…witch.” My mom voices as everyone including me laughs at the fact that no one seemed to even remotely like Mackenzie. “Plus, Carter I know you’re in love with Amanda you can see it in your eyes when someone mentions her name or she’s around. It’s been that way for a couple of years now, but you are just like your father stubborn as a mule!” She says sighing and walking out the front door to her car. I slowly let all the words she just said sink in as I finally let myself realize I am in love with my best friend. 

  ~End Flashback~ 

  I was to this very day in love with her and since I saw her the other day all my emotions have been heightened to the point where I could barely spend a minute without thinking about her.

  “What are you talking about!” Mackenzie shouts pulling me back into the present.  “You went and threatened Amanda didn’t you?” I question her.

“Why would I do that!?” She demanded. 


“I knew it!” She growls as she takes a band-aid as places it on her hand and stalks out of my room.

“Where are you going!” I shout following her.

“I am giving you some time to cool down, you say stupid things when you get angry. We can talk when you come to your senses.” She says strutting down the hallway like she owned everything in my rather large house. That’s when it clicked in my brain why Mackenzie kept insisting we get married, it’s not because she loves me or for the baby. No, Mackenzie wanted the money, the pride, the label of being part of my family and my wife. My family is one of the richest in all of California and even the entire country, my dad worked as a lawyer with celebrities and other high paying clients while my mom worked as a one of the most recommended female lawyer beside my dad. They owned over 4 million dollars worth of money with shares all over the world and property everywhere too. We owned summer house, winter houses, buildings, and even had a share in an up and coming record company. 

“I am being completely serious about loving Amanda! And Mackenzie I am onto your little plan, it’s a good one honestly, but if you ever think you are going to own any of my families money, property, or even our name you are insane.” I spat out at her with venom covering my words. As her eyes turn dark and deadly as her lips turn into a frown while her hand close into fists.

  “I don’t care what you think Carter because like it or not I will be owning your money, property, and your families last name! And you want to know why?” She asks switching into her actual personality rather than the one she puts on for show. 

“Why I would never marry you.” I growl at her with angry and hate. 

“ Oh Carter how wrong you are, you will be marrying me and really soon unless you want me make sure that Amanda stops breathing.” Mackenzie whispers her threat into my ear.

“Now, call me when you are calm and ready to talk okay babe.” She smiles plastering her mask back and kissing me cheek as she walks out the door.   

~Amanda’s POV~ 

  “I think we should go back to the hotel and just talk to the guys.” Zayn reasons with me as we walk across the street while about fifteen paparazzi trailing behind us taking pictures. I smiled up at Zayn to make it at least look like we were happy, I wasn’t really in the mood for answering questions about the sudden depressed mood. 

“I don’t think they really want to talk to me right now did you see how pissed off Louis was?” I whisper at him.

“He was just confused and angry we all were, we just have different ways of expressing our anger. Louis just was worried about you nothing more, he didn’t know how to respond to what happen you should have at least let him calm before you left.” He whispers into my ear as I genuinely smile for the first time since yesterday. 

“Okay, but if things start getting out of hand again I am not gonna deal with it.” I compromise with him.

  “And if you leave at least let me leave with you.” Zayn whispers into my ear while he leaves a small kiss on my cheek causing all the paparazzi to go completely nuts and they started screaming questions at us. We didn’t answer any we just walked back to my car and got in, since Zayn took a cab I offered him a ride back to the house. Zayn had told me Miranda texted him saying that all our stuff was now at the house we were going to be staying at so we could head there. I was surprised she hadn’t found me let, sometimes I swear she stalks me because everything I hid from her she seems to find me. I turn the key and the Camaro comes to life scaring some of the photographers out of the way as I slowly back out of the parking lot.  

“Aren’t you ever scared you’re going to run someone over?” Zayn asks from beside me. 

“Every single time I drive.” I reply with a small smirk on my face as Zayn laughs at my fear of running over someone. We laugh and just mess around the entire ride to the house which was about thirty minutes drive to. Somehow with Zayn the time flew by as pull into the house that was being guarded with two security guards a huge fence. As I pull up they instantly recognize my car and open the doors to the huge fence as I drive into the driveway. 

“I guess we’re here than?” Zayn says frowning slightly knowing that our fun bonding time was over. 

“You do know you’re staying here with me too right?” I say laughing at the small frown on his face.

  “Yeah, but you’re so busy so I never get to see you!” He exclaims stepping out of the car as Harry comes out of the house in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. 

“HEY! Everyone is looking for you Amanda.” He says while pulling me close to him for a hug. 

“Oh!? So no one but you is here?” I ask the curly haired guy.

“Yeah! I was so lonely but now you and Zayn are here, I should probably call the other guys and tell them that you’re alright.” He says pulling his phone and dialing one of the guys. 

“Hey Boobear!” He only greets one person like that so he must be talking to Louis. “Yeah, umm…she’s here at the house with Zayn.” He’s silent for a second while Louis talks on the other end. 

“Just tell them the truth.” Zayn says from next to me apparently I seemed nervous, truthfully I was just scared of what Louis would say. 

“CALM DOWN!” Harry yelled into the phone, making all the worst thought come to mind of what Louis could be screaming at Harry. I turn and walk into the house having enough of listening to Harry and Louis phone call, when al of sudden my phone bings with a text.   


From: LouBoo xx;)  

I am coming home in a little bit, do you think we could talk?    


I almost drop my phone when I read the text; I thought he was going to pissed after finding out that I was at home while he, Liam, and Niall we’re out looking for me.   


To: LouBoo xx;)   

If you’re not to mad at me to talk then yes.   


About a minute later my phone binged signaling I had gotten a text from Louis or at least that’s what I thought.   


From: (854)  214-2284  

If you like it than you should put a ring on it. ;)  -Kenzie Darnie  Attch: img 495


Attached to the text was a image of Mackenzie’s hand with a big shiny ring that I knew from anywhere. It was Carter’s grandmother’s ring who before she died had told him to give it to the girl he wanted to marry. As I reread the text over and over tears clouded my vision and my knees weakened not being able to support my own weight causing me to fall crashing down to the ground.   


||: A/N    Helloo!! I hope you all like the chapterJ It took me a couple days to finish but I got it done!! ^_^!! BAM BOOM POW! Remember to fan, comment, and voteJ Love you guys thank youJ    Love,  FallingForYou21 xoxo 

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