Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


15. HB vs. HS News..

Okay...so i have been really thinking about this and I have finally come to a conclusion. I will be ending Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart soon. There will only be about ten more chapters...but here's where I have a problem...I dont know if I should write a sequel! I kinda want to becuase I have weird love Louis and Amanda's story...and i dont want to end it here. So if you guys want a sequel...I want to know...hit me up on Twitter, Kik, or just comment below...and I want to also know who you guys want to Amanda to end up and how you guys want the story to end...I need a couple of ideas:D Thanks for all the love and support love you all!! 

Toria xx


P.S: I am writing a new fanfic, but that won't be uploaded on here for a while...because I kinda want to update all my other stories first before I start something else. It will be a Harry Fanfic...and if you guys want me to post a quick piece I will...just comment below if I should:D 

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