Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


12. Gone

Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart

Chapter 12

~Amanda’s POV~

“Hi, well I can’t believe I am here talking at a cause that I have always loved. Animals are one of my biggest passions. I actually own two dogs, but most of you already know that, thanks to all the pictures I post on Instagram I pause to laugh as everyone around me laughs with me. “Well, I am very thankful to accept this check on behalf all of you in donation to this amazing cause. All of you sitting here have together raised 1.6 million dollars!” I stop for a second as every claps in amazement at the amount we raised.

“Now, we are here to give Ms. Fawner the award of biggest donation.” Said Nicolette the announcer and host of the dinner. Everyone claps again as I fiddle with the sliver ring that was sitting on my finger. I shyly step back up towards the microphone as I smile more towards everyone as my table cheers and whoops for me. No matter how rich and famous I get it seems I will always be in that one loud and crazy group of people. I laugh into the microphone that makes my laugh echo throughout room.

“Well there is one person that I would like to thank, and well he has been there for me since the beginning of all this” I wave my arms around me. “He was my best friend for a long time and my crazy schedule has made it so hard to hang out with him…BUT! He is here today so I guess this is gonna be a very entertaining dinner. I would like to thank Skylar Newman!” I point to Sky who was smiling as I laugh out loud. “Okay well, that was speech and I would just want to thank my fans cause they are the ones donating I am just writing the checks.” I smile as everyone bursts into laughter. I say thank you once more and head back down off the stage where Louis was waiting for me. He takes my hand as I walk down the stair and wraps his free around my waist.

“Where was my thank you?” He asks into my ear since it was suddenly loud since we were “released” to talk freely until dinner came. I smile him before taking my lips and pressing them to his, but quickly regret it after a few moments because Zayn's image appeared in my mind. I suddenly let him go and peek his cheek in reassurance that everything was okay. He questions my actions for a few seconds before shrugging it off and leading me to our table with an arm around my waist.

"Aw, thanks superstar that was so nice of you to say." Sky said as he walked up to me and pulled me in a tight hug. "No problem, everyone probably thought I was completely crazy since I took so long!" I exclaim as I step around Sky to be able to sit down.

"You should go sit down before you get us all I trouble." Louis states angrily at Sky who only stared at him as if challenging him. "Huh? Is carrot boy jealous?" Sky replied calmly with a smirk clear on his face.

"No I am just worried. You are friends with the guy that broken her heart." Louis almost yelled at him.

"Look, I am not gonna hurt Amanda okay? I've seen her utterly broken and torn apart, do you really think i want to hurt her? And if you're jealous then you have nothing to be jealous of, me and Mandy are best friends plus I might be rich but no where compared to you!" Sky said with a large smile on his face.

"Sky!" I shrieked slapping his arm as Louis's features seem to relax somewhat, but he stays on high alert. He nods before offering Sky a warm smile as he apologizes for his outburst.

"You need to control your anger." I whisper to him as we sit back down where dinner had already been served. It was some sort of vegetarian dinner, since we were at a PETA event. I decide to only eat a small amount, since I wasn't too hunger. I turn to Louis to start a conversation with him but I saw he had a small frown on his face as he looks down at his hands and fiddles his fingers together. He only did this when he thought I was upset with him or when he was uncomfortable. I am guessing right now he felt a little of both. I sighed and stood up to go out into the hallway of the reception hall. I knew that if Louis saw me upset then he would quickly follow me out. I say absolutely nothing and just start to walk out. It took a little longer than excepted to be able to fully walk out since Ed Sheeran had stopped me to talk. We were pretty good friends since he knew the boys so well. When I would fly out to London to see them, Ed would usually be around them and when he is around the boys strange things tend to happen. They would come up with some of the weirdest things to do; it still surprises me how I am younger than all of them and I still act more mature than them. Even Kendall who had a habit of pouting and talking like a three year old was more mature than them.

"So do you plan on visiting the UK anytime soon?" He asks as Louis finally gets up to follow me. I shake my head at Ed before explaining.

"No, but I think I will soon since I have to fly out with the boys to help them promote the tour." I said flatting out the ruffles in my dress, that had started to fold up.

"Oh! That's right how many months are you guys touring?" He asked taking a glass of champagne from one of the waiters. He gestures for me to take one, but I simply shake my head.

"Underaged." I said shrugging as Louis finally reaches us."And the final count was two years?" I said turning to Louis who only nodded his head at Ed. 

"So Louis how is life for you, I bet it's pretty amazing?" Ed asks as he takes other sip of his champagne. "It's good we need to all get together some time though." Louis responds before turning to me.

"Ed do you mind if I steal Amanda for a little bit?" He asks to Ed who only shrugs.

"She's your girlfriend I really don't mind." He said before smiling and going to probably talk to the rest of the boys. I watch him walk off before turning to Louis who only motioned for me to follow him. I don't argue, but simply just follow him out and down the hallway. We walk the hallway in an awkward silence, before Louis stops at a door. He pulls on it slightly which causes the door to open, and reveal a large ballroom. I step into it without a word before stopping in the middle and turning to face Louis. He was locking the door to the ballroom with his back towards me. Something was seriously up, he was acting very strange.

"Louis, what did you need to talk about?" I ask starting the conversation since if it was up to Louis we would probably stand her and stare at each other all night.

"I was just wondering why you were upset with me." He mumbled down at the ground determined to avoid my eyes.

"Louis, I am not upset with you!" I said slightly agitated which made me sound angry at him.

"Then why do you sound so angry with me? What did I do wrong Amanda!? Is it cause I don't like the fact you were out there hugging and being all buddy buddy with the guy who is best friends with Carter? Or maybe it's just Carter all together, are you mad cause I kicked him out of the hotel room?!" Louis shouts at me as I stand their silent; his accusations still hanging in the air around us.

"I don't care about Car-" I start, but Louis quickly cuts me off.

"YOU DON'T CARE? PLEASE AMANDA DON'T LIE TO ME! I KNOW YOU STILL CARE ABOUT HIM! I thought you were had moved on, that you had left him behind. A part of your past and nothing more, BUT CLEARLY I WAS WRONG! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A COWARDLY SLUT WHOSE HIDING LIES!" I stare at him completely stunned at his words, I take a step forward and soon the scent of alcohol hits my nose. He has been drinking, but that didn't soften the blow of his words. He didn't even realize what he had said, but that was what hurt the most that even in this state the words flew so easily out of his mouth.

"Okay, Lou you know what I am not gonna fight with you. I am going back to the hotel, have fun getting drunk." I said walking past him with a no emotion on my face. "Oh, and today Lou, you get to do all you want with the girls who endlessly flirt with you cause congrats you're now officially single." I state with a small amount of anger in my voice before walking back into the reception hall to grab my purse, but before I make it too far Louis's catches up to me.

"Where are you going!?" He angrily demands with a right hold on my wrist. I glare at him with anger and even a small bit of hatred in my eyes. His usual bright, welcoming, blue ,grey orbs now dark and menacing with anger.

"Away from you clearly since I am nothing but a useless slut who hides behind her boy-no sorry her EX-boyfriend." I said placing extra emphasis on ex. Finally Louis's mind seems to grasp what is going on since his eyes go wide and quickly fill with regret.

"Wait Amanda I didn't mean-" I cut him off this time.

"Don't give me excuses Louis, I don't care for them and you did mean it. Haven't you ever heard the truth comes out when you're drunk and you my love are drunk." I said ripping my wrist out of his hand and stalking towards the table. I grab my clutch off my seat and turn to everyone to see their worried and surprised expressions. I put on a poker face, before letting my eyes wander around the table.

"Amanda, wait you can't just leave." Louis said grabbing my arm and turning me towards him. I simply shake my head and let a cold laugh leave my lips.

"Normally Lou I would stop and listen to you, but you see my shift at the corner of the street starts in an hour and I have to go. You know can't keep my fellow sluts waiting now can I?" I ask looking straight into his eyes which were slowly turning red.

"Amanda please just...I didn't mean what I said, it slipped out and-" "And now you regret letting your true opinion of me out?" I said with a raised eyebrow at him. I shake my head before turning around with no other words an heading out.

"Wait Amanda." Zayn's voice catches me off guard as him and Sky both move around the waiters to get to me.

"Did you really believe I was going to let you leave all alone?" Sky asked with a smirk on his face. "Plus Zaynie here told me you have no ride, lucky for you I happen to know a guy with a very fancy Camaro waiting outside." Sky smiled at me before pulling his keys out his pocket. I just shake me head at him as I walk down the steps of the building into the waiting cold. It was the close to fall and the nights had been getting colder and colder by the day. I rub my hands against my arms signaling that I was cold, but both guys stayed oblivious to me. Louis would have immediately taken off his jacket and placed around my arms. I stop suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk and let a thought cross through my mind. I had just broken up with Louis, I had finished any kind of relationship we had. Zayn is the first to take notice of my sudden stop and turns back and stops in front of me.

"What's wrong Andy?" He asks as he rubs his hand up and down my arms to warm them up. "I broke up with him." I said almost silently.

"We kinda saw that." Sky said walking back towards me while slipping off his black suit jacket. He slips it around my shoulders and almost instantly my skin sucks in all it's warmth.

"I broke up him." I repeat again before looking at the ground with a broken expression on my face. Suddenly my knees get weak and crash into the ground with a thud. My sobs start steady and loud as my heart starts racing along with my thoughts. I didn't understand why the sudden piercing pain in my chest started again. The pain I felt was what I would compare to get your hear squeezed and broken. It hurt to even think of the mistake I had just made, I knew it wasn't because of the words that Louis has said. No, it had been because of Louis himself. I had let him go, because of my own stubborn, childish behavior and now there was no going back. I had once again lost the very person who and yes I am admitting this,the very person who I was love in with.



||: A/N

So this chapter absolutely sucks! I am so sorry!! I was just...yeah there are no excuse this chapter just plain sucks. And I didn't edit it so there are probably like a million mistakes -_- But anyways what do you think about Amanda breaking up with Louis? Do you think she overreacted by breaking up with Lou??

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