Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


25. Finale

Author's Note:

the small part at the behinning that is italicized is a part of a dream. Just pointing that out so you guys don't get confused. And this isnt edited, I just wanted to post and as soon as I get the edited verison I will post that one...Now On to the final chapter of Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart  


Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart  

Chapter 21  

~Louis' POV~  

"Are you happy now Louis? You broke me and torn me apart! Is this what you wanted in the first place? Was I not good enough for you?" Amanda says while poking my chest with each accusation and each time she did it felt like she was stabbing me in the heart. No, I wasn't happy at all that I had to break her heart to keep her safe. And Amanda you were perfect for me, but I wasn't perfect for you.  

"You can do better Andy, you know I love you. Please just know I am so deeply in love with you." I said and she only shakes her head in disagreement.  

"No Lou, you aren't in love with me, because if you were you wouldn't have let me go." She says as she takes a step back. The happy carefree girl who I had sworn to protect was now a heartbroken, torn girl who I had destroyed.  

"Amanda, it's because I love you that I am let you. I would rather see you someone else's arms than hurt. It wasn't something you did it was management they destroyed us." I explained, but Amanda only shook her head and started to walk away. I tried my best to run after her but my legs wouldn't move. No matter how much I willed them to move towards Amanda they wouldn't even twitch.  

"I hope this makes you happy Lou." Amanda's soft melodic voice says before everything around me turns dark. It was as if I was on stage and suddenly the power went out. I was alone, just how I felt on the inside I was on the outside.  

"Lou." I heard a different voice call, but it seemed far almost miles away. "Louis." It called again and soon everything around me became white. After adjusting my eyes I was able to see I was in my hotel room. Harry was leaning over me with a sad smile on his face as he took in my appearance. "Here take these." He said before handing me some painkillers and a bottle of water.  

"What for?" I asked as I tried to sit up, but I was knocked back down by the pounding headache.  

"For that." Harry chuckled before getting the pills and water on the bed side table and helping sit up. After he got me into a sitting position he handed me over the water and pills again. This I sallow them without a word before laying back down and cuddling into my sheets. "Are you feeling better?" Harry asks suddenly while sitting down on the edge of the bed. I knew fans would kill to see this moment a lovely little Larry moment they don't get to see anymore. Honestly me and Harry are still the best mates, but only behind the camera and the public eye. Outside during interviews and performances even outings we are just two band mates nothing more.   

"I took the pills only minutes ago, Harry. It's not going to go away that quickly." I state while cuddling deeper into my sheets. I hear Harry let go of a breath before continuing.  

"I didn't mean that, I meant you know the whole thing with Amanda." He says and I hear how he is reluctant to even say her name. He probably knew how much it hurt to even hear her name mentioned.   

"No, I think I am going to go try and talk her." I said kicking the comforter off of my body and almost kicking Harry's shin in the process. After mumbling a quick sorry, I walk into the bathroom and take a quick shower. I walk out of the shower not even feeling the cold as it hit me when I step out. I change into a pair of jeans and a random t-shirt before slipping on some Vans and heading out to find Amanda.  

"Louis don't you want to at least eat breakfast?" Harry calls from the kitchen as I grab a bottle of water and shake my head. I didn't want to eat until I knew that Amanda was okay, but something told me that she wasn't. "Are you sure, it will help with your hangover." He persists, but I only shake my head again, before walking out to find Amanda. That's all I cared about at the moment I knew she didn't want to talk to me or even probably even see me, but I had to at least try. I make the short walk from my room to the door of Amanda's room. I hesitantly knock on her door and only a few seconds later I hear footsteps coming from the other side. I hear the turning of the lock and the door opens to reveal not Amanda, but Kendall. Who I was hoping to avoid for as long as possible. Kendall was the kind of friend who was very protective of her friends and although she had a very sweet aura. She can be completely deadly when it comes protecting or standing up for anymore who she cared about.  

"Hey Louis, here to pick up some clothes go Andy?" She asks sweetly before spinning on her heels and walking back into the room. I watch her pick up a stack of Amanda's clothing which had been sitting on the couch and hand them to me.  

"I am not here to pick up her clothes." I tell her solemnly while pushing the stack of clothing back at Kendall. She knew that if Amanda wasn't in her room then should usually be in my mine asleep. Every morning when she slept over I would walk over and get a fresh set of clothes. But this only happened if Amanda wasn't in her room, and she wasn't in mine. "Is Amanda here?" I ask Kendall who was staring at me suspiciously.   

"No, I cam here this morning around five and she wasn't here. I figured she had fallen asleep over at your room." She said placing the stack of clothing back on the couch while she leaned against it.  

"I was coming her to talk to her." I said not even acknowledging the fact she hadn't fallen asleep with me yesterday. Yesterday I had fallen asleep alone and broken, without her by my side.  

"Why were you coming to talk to her?" She asked eyeing with that anger and suspicion that make me squirm under her gaze.  

"Because we broke up yesterday." I mumble under my breath hoping that Kendall hadn't heard me. She had though, because next thing I know I was pinned on the floor with Kendall on top of me. The hatred and anger in her eyes seemed to make me hate myself even more.  

"You have a lot of explaining to do Tomlinson and you are going to start right now by telling me why!" She hissed angrily at me. I managed to get Kendall of me as I stood a good five feet away trying to catch my breath. "You better start talking." Kendall said while shutting the door and locking us in. After awhile I was able to catch my breath and I tell her everything. From the meeting, to the reasons, to the threats, and even to the fact I had gone out and gotten completely wasted yesterday. "They threatened to kill her?" Kendall asks stunned at the fact that management could be so heartless and cruel. "Just for some publicity?" She whispered out loud, not to me, but more towards herself.  

"I had to Kendall I didn't want anything to happen to her. I just...I wouldn't have been able to survive if I knew she had died because of me." I said and for the first time since all this happened I let the tears fall free onto my lap. I didn't care if I looked weak and pathetic, at this point I had no pride left to try and protect.  

"Louis, we'll figure something out." Kendall said while pulling me off the couch and back into my room.  

"Kendall, you can't tell anyone or her life will be in even more danger." I mumble tiredly as she leads me back into my bed with Harry watching from the door.  

"I am telling Harry, between the four of us we will work something out, I promise." She said before kissing my forehead and walking it with Harry right behind her.  

~Amanda's POV~  

"Don't leave." Carter mumbled as I tired move his arms so I could leave and head back to my hotel room. I sighed and let him pull me back into his chest for about the third time today. It was already noon and I hadn't even taken a shower yet. I still had the tear stains on my cheeks from the cry fest I had yesterday and they had been dried for the last couple of hours. Now I was only left with the stains of all the pain that I was feeling inside. I now longer felt like the happy, carefree girl that stole Hollywood's eyes. Now I felt like I had only a short time ago, when Carter first broke my heart. I silently chuckle to myself, how is that I had gone from hating him, to falling asleep in his arms. "What are you laughing about?" Carter mumbled into the crook of my neck where his head had been resting all night. He placed a soft, feathery kiss on my neck before pulling away and kissing my forehead. Instead of the light, warm,dizzy sensation I thought I would feel, I felt a cold, loneliness feeling in my body. I knew the feelings that I once cherished so much for Carter were now long gone. The same went for Zayn's lips that were now nothing more than a distant memory too. I was only left with the memories of those soft, pink lips that I had learn to love against mine. The same ones that utter the words that broke my heart last night. No, it had been this morning at three o'clock. It seemed more than a few hours ago, it felt like it was ages ago, but I guess pain does that to you. It makes things seem unrealistic and surreal, it seemed to make time move faster. Honestly I wanted time to end, at least for me I wanted my clock of life to just stop ticking. I knew I had no future, at least not without Louis. Plus why would I want want time to keep ticking? So I could see Louis move and find another girl, one who would fulfill all his desires and wishes. One that had the perfect curves, the perfect personality, and the perfect attitude? One that wouldn't just conquer Louis, or management, but the hearts of all his fans too? Why would I want to let time continue, if that's all I had to look forward too. "Amanda." Carter's voice called out to me, but I wasn't there with him, at least not mentally. "Amanda!" He said almost yelling at me, but then changing his mind since he didn't want to wake Nikki up.  

"I am really sorry, what were you saying?" I said trying to sound love lost, instead of lost in thought.  

"I was asking you if I want me to drive you to your hotel so you can get change?" He asked again, with a small, happy smile playing on his lips. The one smile I used to carve to be the cause of, now brought me pain. Was Carter really that happy with me, when I was just plain miserable?  

"Yeah, sure." I said sounding more casual, then lost. I finally escape his arms and pick up my hoodie that was laying on the floor beside me. I slip on the simple converse that I had been wearing, and pull out the small compact brush I always carried with me. I pull my hair out of the ponytail and run the brush through it a couple times. When I feel that all the knots are finally gone, I pull my hair back up into the high ponytail.  

"Come on, let's go." Carter commanded softly as I frowned at everything around me. I wasn't proud at all, although we didn't do anything and I was technically single at the time. I still felt disgusted with myself; only minutes after having broken up with Louis, I was kissing someone else. I knew it had been pure impulse to do so, but it still felt wrong. We walk out of the hotel room Carter had gotten us after he refused to sleep in same room as Mackenzie. He had gone up there and gotten his suitcases and Nikki's and they were all done in his new room. He has changed Nikki into a adorable little white sundress while I pulled her slightly long hair into a ponytail on her head. "I love you." Carter said suddenly as I put on a pair of sliver flats on Nikki. I suddenly stop all my movement, as if I was hoping that if I didn't move then I would have to reply. I knew I had to, I place a fake smile on my lips before turning to Carter and returning the four words I used to say to Louis all the time.  

"I love you too." I said and Carter's lips turn up into the world's biggest smile and he picks me up off the ground while twirling me around.   

"I LOVE YOU!" He shouts loudly enough for the entire hotel to probably hear. He finally stops spinning me and just holds on my body that was still in the air. "I love you." He whispers before placing a kiss on my lips. Nikki who had been sitting on the bed was currently clapping her hands happily at the sight in front of her.   "I love you too." I said with a soft smile before he placed me back on the ground. I instantly turn around so I wouldn't have to see the pure happiness in his face. Nikki reaches out to me and I instantly wrap my arms around her small body. We walk like that Nikki in my arms and Carter with the biggest smile ever on his face. We walk out the front door of the hotel, which thankfully had been deserted with no fans or paps around. We grab a cab and head out towards my hotel room that in only a few days I would be abandoning for a tour bus. When we finally get there we make the short trip up the penthouse suit that I had been staying at. When I get there I make sure to check if anyone more specifically if Louis was in the halls or walking about. After I see that the hallway was completely empty I make my way down the hall past Louis' room and the front door of my own. I slip the key card into the little slot and with a small click I was able to open the door. I walk in with Nikki in my arms and Carter right behind, when I see three different people sitting on my couch.  

"Where have you be-" Kendall starts but then stops when she takes notice of who I was with. "Carter!? You were with Carter?" She asked completely enraged at the fact I was with the one person she hated the most.  

"Yeah." I said as Carter wrapped an arm protectively around my waist, while glaring down the two other people on the couch.  

"Amanda have you lost your mind!?" Kendall shouts at me as I hand Nikki to Carter and whisper for him to go to the kitchen. This was my battle to fight and I didn't what either Nikki or Carter in the middle of it.  

"No, Kendall I haven't lost my mind." I said plainly while slipping my arms out of my hoodie. I place on the back of the couch where Harry and Rhia where currently sitting at. "Hey." I sadly greet them while walking over and sitting on the couch across from them as we watched Kendall pace around the living room.   

"You single for what two minutes and you get with Carter!?" She shouts suddenly at me and I stare at her wide eyed.  

"How did you know-" I start but Harry's voice cuts me off.  

"He came looking for you to apologize for having to do it over the phone and you weren't here. But Kendall was and he explained to her what happened." He explained and Rhia just nodded at me.  

"When I don't want his pity." I said crossing my arms across my chest like a stubborn five year old.  

"He isn't showing you pity! He's trying to make things somewhat right, but no! You go off and sleep with Carter not even letting him explain what happened!" She shouted at me before beginning to pace around the room again. I only stare at her in shock that y best friend had just basically called me a whore.  

"You're really going to sit here and yell at me about not giving him a chance to explain when you won't even give me a chance!? You know his side, but what about mine! What about your 'best friend's' side of the story. I hadn't done anything wrong, we had finally cleared everything up. He said he had forgiven me and yet he breaks up with me only hours later!" I shout at Kendall finally had realized what she had said. I knew Kendall and she had a bad temper, which made her unable to think. She would always blurt things out without trying, and in turn usually make things worse. I had a short temper as well and when we got into argument there was really no stopping the words we think. But today Kendall actually stopped and took a breath before continuing.  

"Amanda, I didn't mean it like that I just...just let him explain Andy please." She pleaded, but I only shook my head at her. I couldn't just go talk to him without breaking down and probably begging him to let me fix things.  

"I am done with him, Kendall." I simply say before turning and walking into my room with Harry, Kendall, and Rhia all following right behind me.  

"Amanda, just stop and think about it. You said it yourself the break up make no sense, there has to be a reason behind it." Rhia tries to reason with me, but I was long gone the point of reason. Now I was running on pure impulse, to run. That was my first thought and that was what I was going to do. I grabbed the suitcase that I always kept packed in case of emergencies.  

"Amanda, please I know him better than anyone and I know that he has an explanation. Just give him five minutes to explain." Harry tried to persuade me when trying to pull my suitcase out of my hands.  

"I can't do that Harry!, because if I do then I will breakdown and beg on my hands and knees to stay. I can't stay and make a complete idiot of myself. What's done is done." I said yanking my suitcase and meeting Carter the front of the door.  

"Amanda, just stop and think reasonable. For God fucking sakes!" Kendall shouts at as I try and walk out the door, but a familiar chest blocks my way. I turn and look up to see who I had run into, but I quickly regret looking up.  

"I am leaving call me if you need anything else." I call to Kendall who looked angry, but pleased probably since Louis has now showed up.  

"Amanda-" He starts but I shake my head at him while Carter's arm tightens around my waist.  

"Excuse me, I need to go." I said pushing past him with Carter right behind me. I expected him to at least call for me to stay and talk to him, but I got nothing. Just like the last time I had ran out, he hasn't done anything to stop me. There are nothing standing between me and moving on, and honestly that made it hurt even more. I wanted someone to fight for me, to scream at me to never leave, and I wanted nothing more than for that person to be Louis.  


Author's Note:  

This is gonna be short...I promise my longer one will be separate(:  

This is the last chapter! And I just wanted to thank you guys for all the love and support you guys have given me! And I hope that you guys will end reading the sequel that the first chapter will be up soon.

Chapter's Question: Who do you guys ship? Landy or Candy?   

Dedication: this is chapter is dedicated to all my amazing readers that are just completely amazing! I LOVE YOU! 

Anyways thank you:)  

Love you guys so much!   


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