Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


8. Do I Love Him?


~6  Months Later~   

~Amanda's POV~   

"Thank you so much for coming today." Jimmy Fallon says as I settle down in the soft arm chair next to my band mates. 

"No problem thanks for having us." I said smiling towards Jimmy. 

"We're happy to be here Fallon." My drummer Trent said flashing him one his million dollar smiles. 

"Nicknames, hmmm now I have to come up with some for you guys." Jimmy said smiling at all us. "Lets see well start with Trent, you'll be Jimmy Jr." Jimmy said as Trent laughed his head off at him. "Cassidy, you'll be Jimmy Jr. the II." We all grinned at Cassidy as she bit her lip back from laughing as she failed completely. 

"HAHA! I WON TAKE THAT LOSERS!" I scream as Cassidy falling into a huge fit of laughter. 

"Umm, won what?" Jimmy asked completely confused. 

"The bet, before the show we all betted to see when Cassidy would laugh and mine was before the first commercial break and look at I won!" I yell jumping up and doing a happy dance. 

"Now Mrs. Tomlinson please sit down and stop blinding us with your 'amazing' dance moves." Taylor my bass player laughs from beside as I blush not about what he said about my dance moves, but what he called me. 

"Mrs. Tomlinson..." Jimmy said losing himself in thought before yelling. "I LOVE THAT! Amanda that is your new nickname!" My band mates fall into huge laughs as I cover my face with my hands. "Now talking about relationships how has everyone's been doing?" Jimmy asks focusing the question around the nickname instead of away like I hoped. 

"Good." Tristan my bass player said smiling. He has been going out with my best friend Kendall for the last three months and they made the absolutely most adorable couple ever! 

"Amanda! What about Louis!?" Screamed a fan from the seats. 

"Oh! How are Louis and the boys?" Jimmy asked wiggling his eyebrows as he asked. 

"They're goooooood." I said extending the o. 

"Now I hear you'll be going on tour with One Direction in a little bit for a two year tour?" He asked. 

"Yeah, we're gonna start selling tickets in two weeks and we leave for the tour in about 9 days." I said smiling. 

"Well we look forward to seeing you and your future husband on stage! Oh! Will you guys sing a duet and dedicate it to me!?" He shouted as I blushed and nodded while biting on my bottom lip. "Great! Can't wait to hear it! So how about a song you guys?" Jimmy said smiling and waved for us to go outside where there was a stage waiting for my performance. I walk onto the stage as nerves creep up on me, but were quickly drowned back down by the adrenaline rushing through my vein that were caused by the screams of the fans. As I walk through the halls the screams got louder which seemed to fuel me as I jog next to the producer towards the dressing rooms. 

"Get ready you have 43 minutes go!" She commands gently pushing into the room with my band mates. The minute we walk through the door we were crowded with commands from my team. 

"Team T wardrobe!" Miranda yells. The three guys who consisted of Trent, Tristan, and Taylor that had inherited the nickname Team T from all of us, moved towards the wardrobe area. 

"Cassidy, Amanda, and Rhia hair and makeup." She commands us. As I sit down in the chair Lacey our stylist starts placing our outfits on the couch ready for us to grab and run. Cassidy gets her usually pin straight hair curled, Rhia gets her styled while mine was getting pulled back into a tight high pony tail getting the tips of my hair straightened making the purple dye on the tips stand out more. After that a quick sweep of soft red lipstick, a small amount of smoky grey eye shadow and a few applications of mascara and I was dubbed wardrobe worthy. I walk towards the couch while stripping into my underwear and bra on my way there. I slip on the simple rocker style studded shorts after securing them on my waist with a studded black and white belt; I throw on a simple grey spaghetti strap undershirt then, throwing on a black lace top. I reach for the floor where I see a pair of black studded heels, which completed the whole rocker bad girl look. (http://www.polyvore.com/amandas_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58902844#stream_box) 

"You look hot!" Rhia says walking towards her outfit which consisted of a white mid thigh skirt, a grey colored shirt, and a pair of grey peep toe boots. Her hair pulled up into lose bun with some curls hanging down her face. (http://www.polyvore.com/rhias_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58904546#stream_box)

"Ready to go?" Miranda said appearing with the guys who were already dressed and were currently messing around on their phones probably tweeting about the performance. Trent was wearing a simple black v-neck with a pair of charcoal grey skinny jeans, and a pair of black Nikes. To top off Trent's look he wore a simple black hoodie with grey strings hanging down landing on his chest. (http://www.polyvore.com/trents_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58909103#stream_box)   Tristan’s outfit was a little more casual with a pair of full black converes with a pair of grey cargo shorts and a simple red t-shirt and a snapback that hid most of his hair only a few strands falling on his forehead.(http://www.polyvore.com/tristans_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58910175)  Taylor who's style was a mixture of Trent's and Tristan’s style was wearing a pair of grey cargo shorts with a studded belt holding them on his waist and not at his ass like I had seen a lot which I personally thought looked stupid. Taylor wore a white t-shirt with his sliver necklace dangling down on the tip of his chest. (http://www.polyvore.com/taylors_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58908424#stream_box) "10 minutes!" Shouted someone from the door signaling we had ten minutes before show time. After about five minutes Cassidy finally shows up in a simple pair of torn skinny jeans, a crop top that showed off her belly ring which today was a heart with a small rose in the center, and a pair of shiny grey stilettos.(http://www.polyvore.com/cassidys_performance_outfit_hometown_badboy/set?id=58906751#stream_box)  "Were you guys waiting on me?" She asked dabbing on a simple coat of clear lip gloss. 

"Like always." Trent laughs and walks out the door and down the hall towards the outside stage and the thousands of people waiting for us. Slowly the nerves start to creep back into my veins as I am handed my mike while everyone else is handed their instrument. Tristin gets handed his guitar and so does Taylor, while Trent is lead onto the stage to get a quick warm up before we before they make us get on stage. Just as Trent walked up to his drum kit the fans went wild with screams and started shouting his name over and over again which made him smirk. 

“Great they are just making his ego even bigger than it already is.” I stated while shaking my head at Trent and my fans. 

“Ready!?” yelled Miranda over the screams of the fans as I nod my head and walk with the rest of my band mates on stage, although I am technically a solo artist, but I got along so well with the rest of the guys that I just referred to us as a band. 

“HEY! HOW IS EVERYONE TONIGHT?” I asked in the mike as I stand in the center of the stage looking out into the ocean people as they start to scream and cheer. I stop and listen to some of the stuff they are screaming and to read the sign that they are waving around in air to grab our attention. I was looking into the sea of people when I noticed that everyone in the first 50 rows had a sign. As I noticed that I felted all of the love and respect they had for me poured in the signs they made, I had started to drift off and enjoy the feeling; when I notice all the signs flip over. There was a helicopter flying around in the sky and it took note of the sign flipping and quickly gave us a view from the sky on the big screen behind us. 

“I hope you liked my surprise?” I heard a his husky voice ask from the other side of the fans as they all turned at started screaming. I quickly thought that if they didn’t have sore throats from me coming onto stage then they surely would after he showed up. He wore a pair of white skinny jeans, a plain black dress under a dark red hoodie with a simple grey beanie covering his head. (http://www.polyvore.com/louiss_outfit_chapter_hometown_badboy/set?id=59035793#stream_box) I feel a smile come over my features as I watch him make his way over to where I stood, then I realized I had no idea what the signs said. I quickly spun on my heels to take a look of the large screen behind me when I see what all the signs make. I stare stunned at the image in front of me; separate all the signs just looks like puzzle pieces together they form an image not just any image a picture of me and Louis. He really does love me, now I am being placed in the position where I need to prove my love to him, but that’s the thing: “Do I really love him?” After all these past six months I have been able to keep this question at bay with all the show’s and preparing for the tour. I had occupied my mind so much that I have left absolutely no time or energy to actually question my reason for still being with Louis. He had helped me out of the pain and betrayal that Carter had left when he became engaged with Mackenzie, but even now after their wedding and birth of their child, I still felt the same pain I did that day. The thoughts about my past made my eyes fill with tear which everyone around me had thought were out of happiness and love rather than out of pain. Pain, I literally felt pain to think that Louis loves me with all his heart and I couldn’t return the same amount of feeling he felt. I tried my best to try and hide my doubts about being with him with kisses and dates. Sometimes out to restaurants, the movies, concerts, award shows, or just walk to the park. I had acted so in love that even the media that doubted the stability of our relationship from the minute that they found out, even they believed I was in love. I had done so good that I had almost convinced myself or at least I had thought until Carter’s wedding invitation appeared in my mail one day. The day I saw the beautiful lace and pearl covered invitation all felt is the pain in the middle of chest, that I had now associated with heartache. His name written in the most beautiful font with her name just below, in the same font and then the date of the wedding in large dark purple font towards the bottom. That date now tattooed into my mind March 18 written so clearly in the depths of my mind, that it now haunted my dreams along with the name of his daughter. The same process as the wedding invitation had occurred when the birth of his daughter happened:   

Amanda Nicolette Darine born on September 05th , 2012 to proud parents Carter Nicholas Darine and Mackenzie Samantha Darine. Amanda weighed in at 7.2 lbs born with grey blue eyes and blonde hair. We hope to see you at the happy family’s homecoming on the seventh of this month. Love, 

The Darine Family

The same soul crushing pain had taken over my body when I read that he had named his daughter and attached to the invitation was a handwritten letter from no one else than Carter stating that I was the godmother of his young daughter. He talked how he understood if I was too busy and if I only came to visit once in and a while he would be okay with that. Not once had I gone and see my goddaughter, not once had I called, I only wrote back with a $1,500 Visa gift card stating that I wouldn’t be able to visit because of the hectic schedule. I made no promise as to when that was going to be, but I promised that it was going to be before his daughter’s first birthday.  

“I love you.” I heard Louis’s voice whisper into my ear before his lips kissed mine sweetly since we were in the eyes of everyone. His kiss had interrupted my thoughts and dragged me back into my reality. 

“I love you too Louis.” I quickly respond wiping the tears off my face and kissing his cheek while I grab my mike off the stand and greet the audience again as I focus on getting this show over. The sooner I can get out of the spotlight of performing the sooner I could go drown my sorrows in a tub of cookie crumble ice creams, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t even get that luxury. With Louis here, we would probably end up watching a movie and eating some dinner on the couch while we cuddled. Tonight I wasn’t escaping Louis or the questions he raised in my mind when he was around, because somewhere deep in me I could feel myself falling for him too. I didn’t know if was the part that had finally accepted Louis because I loved him or if it was the part of me that was just trying to get rid of my feeling for Carter by replacing them with feelings for Louis.   



||: A/N 

Soo…there’s chapter 8! It took me a while to actually write but I got it done! Whooopp!! I really hope this is story is meeting everyone’s exceptions and I so sorry that not all of One Direction is in this chapter…this is more of an update chapter…basically telling you what happened in the last six months! Talking about what happened…What do you think about Carter making Amanda his daughter’s godmother…? Well… just drop your comments in the comment box! Thank You and one last thing…I HAVE OVER 400 READS! EEEEEEEKKKKK! You guys don’t know how much this means to me! I LOVE YOU ALL!  Love <3.  FallingForYou21

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